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Vehicle Financed offers the opportunity to apply for a loan at your own speed, in your own time. We have the key to get you that new or used car* and give you the convenience and reliability of your own transportation. We also finance the purchase of mini buses, trucks, pick up vans and other commercial vehicles.

You can LOWER your payment and keep the extra money for yourself!* If you want more CASH, stop by one of our three convenient locations and talk to one of our loan officers about REFINANCING your titled vehicle loan. If we can't help lower your payment, Shoreline will thank you for your time by giving you $10 in Chamber Bucks.
If Shoreline Credit Union is unable to assist you in lowering your titled vehicle loan payment, we will pay you $10 in Manitowoc County Chamber Bucks.

Two Rivers   Karen Bauknecht 920-794-2121 NMLS ID 460820 3131 Mishicot Rd.

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