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10 percent is comprised of very recent history and whether the borrower has been actively seeking loans or credit lines in the past months.
All information and advice on this website applies specifically for the Florida Real Estate market. The most common use for a Bill of Sale is to document the transfer of ownership of a car, vehicle, or automobile from the seller to the buyer [1]. This free car Bill of Sale Template is a very simple form that may be used when you are selling or buying a vehicle. While we normally create spreadsheet templates, this bill of sale form contains blocks of text defining specific sale conditions that are more easily edited using Word. Warning: Only use this bill of sale template if your state does not already provide or require the use of a specific Bill of Sale form (see below for State-specific forms).
Vehicles, boats, planes, and other assets may involve the use of a Title: a formal legal document that is used to show evidence of ownership.
In most cases, you need to do more than complete a car bill of sale to transfer ownership of a vehicle. A Bill of Sale form is a simple legal document that transfers ownership or title of an asset from a Seller to a Buyer2.
Wording that states that the Seller is transferring title or ownership of the asset to the Buyer.
A guarantee that the Seller is the legal owner, that there are no claims, liens, or encumbrances on the asset. Name and signature of a witness, or possibly notarization, depending on local laws and the type of asset. Important: You may or may not need to have a bill of sale form notarized or witnessed (see this page). If you like our free bill of sale form, please link to this page from your website or blog. Disclaimer: The information on this page is for educational use only and is not intended as legal advice.
On this site, you'll find information, lessons, advice, and tutorials on everything you need to know about conducting a real estate transaction - from finding the property of your dreams to what to expect at the closing and everything in between.

It may or may not be appropriate for your location or area of interest as each state has it's own set of rules, laws, and procedures. In addition to this, used cars are more affordable, many of them are in good condition, and used cars can last you for many years to come. While a car bill of sale is the most commonly needed bill of sale form, you would generally use one for any large transaction (e.g. If your state does not require the bill of sale to be notarized, you can remove the Notary section. It acts as a sales receipt and provides some legal protection for both the buyer and the seller. For a car or other vehicle, this would include the make, model, year, color, VIN number, and Odometer reading.
Please consult a local real estate rep in your area for verification and specific information pertaining to your state. It is especially useful for preventing disputes, but if a legal dispute does arise, the bill of sale can be used as evidence in court. For other items, this would include serial numbers and any other identifying numbers or marks. You can preview the forms, so if you are patient, you can see exactly what you need to do to create your own from scratch. You should first check with your state DMV regarding requirements for completing a bill of sale for a car or vehicle. If you do decide to purchase a used car warranty, there are a few things that you should know before you buy.Used Car Warranty Overview When the car is in good condition, purchasing a used car is a sound decision.
However, it isn’t uncommon for many used car buyers to be hesitant regarding the quality of the car.
Because used cars are older and already have miles on them, used car buyers tend to be unsure about when the car may face mechanical issues. Used car warranties protect car buyers in the case that problems do arise with the car by covering certain problems. Below are a few things that you should know before you choose to buy a warranty:Check What the Warranty CoversThe first and most important factor when deciding upon a used car warranty is to clarify what the warranty covers.

For example, the most common types of warranties are basic-used, extended-length, and certified pre-owned. Basic-used warranties are warranties that cover a small percentage of any repairs that the car may need in a certain span of time. Extended-length warranties are a better option because they will cover the cost of major mechanical problems associated with the vehicle. Lastly, certified pre-owned warranties are good for a short length of time and will cover certain components that require repair.Length of the WarrantyAs mentioned above, the length of the warranty can vary.
The length will usually depend upon either a set time frame or when a certain amount of miles are met.
When considering purchase of a used car warranty, you want to consider how long you will keep the car. If you plan on keeping the car for the long term, then the used car warranty can be very useful.
Car warranty companies try to sell you warranties on the premise that your car is bound to have problems. The best thing for you to do is to do your due diligence and research the car’s history. However, if your car is in mint condition, then a warranty could be a waste of money.Never at Face ValueLastly, when you choose a car warranty, do not simply pick the first warranty that is offered to you. The best resources are other dealerships and online.Overall, the usefulness of a used car warranty wholly depends on your car and the plans you have for keeping your car.
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