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Balance inquiry of different types of accounts including Public Provident Fund (PPF), National Savings Certificate (NSC), Time deposits (TD), Recurring deposits(RD) etc. Among all these facilities, Mobile Money Transfer Service (MMTS) seems to be the most useful and hence most popular one. To know details of the MMTS and to get the list of post offices offering this service, check India Post Website. If you are a savings account holder and your account is registered in a Core Banking Solution (CBS) post office, you can apply to use the Mobile Banking service of India Post. Step 1: Fill the Mobile Banking application form and attach the required Know Your Customer (KYC) documents, if needed. Step 4: India Post Mobile Banking application is Android supported and you have to download it from Google Play store. For DoP customers, Mobile Banking is the opportunity to use banking facilities anytime, anywhere; for the Department, it is a great way to improve its operational efficiency. Mortgage Glossary - Best Choice MortgagesAgreement of Purchase and Sales The legal contract a purchaser and a seller go into.

Toronto Mortgage Broker RefinancingThe Mortgage Coach offers the best mortgage rates in Toronto and across . TD Canada Trust – Mortgages – Switch my mortgageReasons why home owners might consider transferring their mortgage to TD . On Thursday, when Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi postulated himself unconditional powers that put him above slip. Air Indias debt restructuring has hit a hurdle as banks say they want seats on the airlines board after they agreed. Some wonderfully bleak and moody designs in there, love Scherf and Garner in particular, quite a relief as half. Introducing Mobile Banking facilities is definitely a big leap enhancing its competitiveness among the other players in the banking industry.
People who don’t have bank accounts but need to send money to others can make use of this facility very easily. If you have opted for only Mobile Banking and not for Internet Banking, you should login to the system within 48 working hours from the time of submitting the application.

Once you download the app, simply enter the Customer Information File (CIF) number that you have got from your post office. Compare current Canadian mortgage rates with CanEquity's mortgage rate comparison charts. After scheduled verification, you will be asked to give a Mobile Banking PIN (MPIN) of your choice. Researched reports about types of Investments including Deposits, Gold, Real Estate and Other types of Investments. After the sender completes the transfer procedure, the receiver is informed of the transaction per SMS and is given a secret code. Let’s wait and see when India Post includes further services in the coverage of Mobile Banking.

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