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As a TD Direct Investing client, you can make informed and confident investment decisions with our industry leading Markets and Research centre. A TD Auto Loan is secured by your vehicle, that will provideyou with a lower interest rate than if it was unsecured. Get access to the specific amount you need to purchase the car you want within your budget, whether it’s new or used. We’ll help you create a repayment schedule with a term and amortization period that works for you. If interest rates increase, more of your regular payment goes towards interest, and your amortization period will increase.
Amortization period is the length of time it takes to pay your loan in full, assuming the same interest rate and payment amount throughout.Shortening your amortization period can help you reduce interest cost over the period but it will also increase your payments.
Secured loans and lines of credit are secured against your assets (home, investments, etc.), to protect the lender against any failure by you to meet your obligations. Unsecured loans and lines of credit means the bank has not taken any security for the credit. After seeing Tim speak out to us, we decided to reach out to learn more about Tim Hockey and what his vision of TD Canada Trust was all about. On a personal note, I’m married and have two terrific sons [Editors note: my father never mentioned me in an interview before. In the time that I’ve been with TD, I’ve also had the opportunity to see the organization go through a tremendous amount of growth on both sides of the border. We’ve worked hard to create an open and transparent culture and we’re now at the stage where employees will tell us if we make decisions that aren’t great decisions.

I wish to join your bank someday and hopefully if given a chance to work with your winning team…. Comments Bissy: The TD travel center has been replaced by a 3rd party and the prices are not as good.
When I first started out in banking, I joined Canada Trust which was acquired by TD in 1999. For example, strategic acquisitions like Chrysler Financial or most recently, MBNA Canada’s credit card portfolio (deal expected to close in our fiscal Q1 2012).
When you’ve been fortunate to win awards multiple times it naturally puts a target on your back in terms of the competition.
What does TD Canada Trust have in store for the coming year to improve its already great customer satisfaction? Employees can share “wow moments” and we encourage them to post stories about great customer service experiences…and learn from the bad ones. I use it to cut my chicken during dinner, cut my hair and periodically carve my name into stone when I am bored. They really do an excellent job especially with the 4ps of marketing: Place being my Favorite. Typically, terms range from 1 to 5 years.When a term ends, any balance you still owe can be repaid in full, or you may be offered a renewal term at current interest rate.
The article had been out for almost a week, and we got our first comment from none other than Tim Hockey, Group Head Canadian Banking and TD Auto Finance, TD Bank Group President and CEO, TD Canada Trust. In my 28 years with TD I’ve held positions in a variety of areas including mutual funds, retail distribution, information technology, core and small business, credit cards and personal lending.

But our incredible team of employees take a lot of pride in what they’ve accomplished and work hard to keep raising the bar. If they aren’t proud of working here and aren’t treated well, how can we expect them to treat our customers well? We’re about to launch an internal social media capability inside the bank [Editors Note: you had me at social media. I love meditating on top of a 15ft high pole and eating those sushi’s with smoked salmon on top. I currently lead Canadian Personal and Commercial banking (known by most as simply TD Canada Trust), and also one of TD’s North American businesses – TD Auto Finance.
A proud dad moment for me was having one of my sons work as a TD teller in a branch this past summer.
We might need to send spies a reporter to view this amazing inistiative]– and I think that will only enhance how we collaborate and share…and drive even better customer experiences.
I’m an active supporter of the Hospital for Sick Children and sit on the Board of Directors for SickKids Foundation and Chair the Hospital for Sick Children’s Research and Learning Tower Campaign. The simple strategy that we laid out then hasn’t changed to this day – we’re centered on service and convenience. We’re obviously focused on offering our customers great products too but our main game is to stand out when it comes to service and convenience.

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