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Growing signs that airbags can begin to fail -- to possibly deadly consequences -- as they age.
Airbags are intended to protect you in a crash, but as the Takata case shows, they can be deadly if they don't work right. If that scenario sounds familiar, it echoes the situation touched off by more than a dozen deaths in vehicles using defective airbags provided by Japanese auto supplier Takata Corp. Both the Takata and ARC airbags may over-inflate during a crash, sending deadly shrapnel spewing into the passenger compartment.
Tags: Takata recall, airbag problems, airbag recall, airbag recalls, airbag replacement, airbags, auto news, auto safety, car news, mark rosekind, nhtsa airbag, paul a. With the most recent allegation of a collision while a Tesla Model S was in Autopilot mode, the California-based automaker is hustling up a new version of the semi-autonomous technology that is bolstered with more technology. Autopilot 2.0 features a new front-facing three-camera array as well as additional radar sensors around the car, according to multiple reports. The suburban Detroit maker will share the grant with the Los Alamos National Laboratory as part of the latest push to bring hydrogen technology into the mainstream. Tags: Toyota Mirai, auto news, car news, ford fuel cell, ford hydrogen, ford hydrogen fuel-cell grant, ford news, fuel cell vehicle, honda clarity, hyundai tuscon fuel cell vehicle, paul a. The Karma Revero carries over the design of the original Fisker Karma with but a few tweaks. This time, however, it will go by a new name, the Karma Revero, reflecting the fact that there’s also a new owner, the Chinese start-up that purchased what was left of Fisker out of bankruptcy.
The new owners have polished up a few exterior details, but, “The vehicle, externally, is largely the same” as the original Fisker Karma, noted Jim Taylor, the long-time General Motors executive who last year joined Karma as its chief revenue officer.
Uber has already started testing autonomous vehicles with an eye toward using them in their regular ride-sharing fleet someday.
During the next two decades, autonomous vehicles will grow into $560 billion industry, according to a new report from a prominent consulting firm. AT Kearney interviewed 150 executives from the automotive, tech and communications industry in preparing the study, which estimates that it will take up to two decades for fully autonomous driving to emerge. Cyber security is growing into a major issue for the automobile industry as new technology proliferates in cars and on roadways. Concerns about car hacking have already caught the attention of the Department of Transportation and the U.S.
It’s better known as the ultimate classic car show, but the annual Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance is bringing out something new from the folks at Mercedes-Benz this month.
Not much has happened since Mercedes folded up the tent on its standalone Maybach brand a few years ago.
The pic released through Mercedes’s social media channel reveals a low and impossibly long coupe with a fastback rear that apparently measures six meters, or nearly 20 feet, nose-to-tail. With the auto industry still on track to set a new single-year sales record for the second consecutive year, it may seem like automakers won’t be looking to make great deals.
It is true that the makers are selling vehicles for an average transaction price that is higher than ever and exceeds $31,000, there are always a few deals to be had and August may be a good month to get behind the wheel of a new vehicle, according to Kelley Blue Book analysts.

With the launch of the big G90 sedan, the all-new Genesis brand plans to take on some of the world’s toughest luxury competitors, products like the BMW 7-Series and Mercedes-Benz S-Class. The luxury arm of Korea’s Hyundai Motor Co., Genesis is nothing if not ambitious, with a total of six products scheduled to fill its line-up over the next five years. The Genesis name has been around for almost a decade, making its original debut as the first luxury model from Hyundai itself. Tags: auto news, car news, dave zuchowski, erwin raphael, genesis brand, genesis g80, genesis g90, genesis news, hyundai luxury, hyundai news, luxury cars, new luxury brand, paul a.
Canadian auto workers will strike if GM doesn't make a commitment to invest in two plants, said Unifor President Jerry Dias.
Jerry Dias, Unifor president, said during a press conference after the formal opening of discussions with GM that new investment in Canadian operations is critical to outcome of the negotiations. When subprime mortgage lending was booming from 2003 to 2006, so were purchases of home-related goods. However, i noticed yesterday, that car sales as a share of total spending is not back to pre-recession levels. This data point is interesting, but it begs the questions of why subprime lenders lend and borrowers borrow. But of course the criminals, I mean bankers who bribe, I mean fund politicians wouldn’t like that. I think another important feature related to auto loans is the fast increasing average length of car loans. If we want sustainable economic growth, we need to make sure that median wage growth tracks increases in productivity. Atif Mian is professor of economics and director of the Julis-Rabinowitz Center for Public Policy and Finance at Princeton University. Amir Sufi is the Chicago Board of Trade Professor of Finance at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and co-director of the Initiative on Global Markets. Specializing In Bad Credit Auto LoansWe specialize in auto loans for people with bad credit.
Need Help With An Auto Loan?Good credit, bad credit, no credit, bankruptcy, repossession, divorce, child support, self-employed, Tax Liens, Disability, Retired, Social Sec. But a series pf separate recalls announced just since April of this year, targeted more than 4.5 million other vehicles whose airbags may not function at all during a crash. Three Asian automakers are currently selling fuel-cell vehicles, or FCVs, in Southern California, but demand is limited due to the high cost of the technology and the lack of a broad refueling infrastructure. More than four years after its original debut – and three years after Fisker Automotive went belly-up – the Karma plug-in hybrid is making its return. Eventually, a version of the Revero is expected to be produced in China but, for now, it will be rolling out of a new plant near Newport Beach, California. Right now, the super-premium Double-M logo simply adorns some tarted-up versions of the latest Mercedes-Benz S-Class. To put that into perspective, the Maybach show car is three feet longer than a Mercedes S-Class Coupe and has four feet on the Bentley Continental GT.

Those range from a compact sports coupe to a large SUV and tackle some of the luxury markets best-known entries, including the classic BMW 3-Series. But after years of resisting plans to create a separate luxury division, Hyundai reversed course, last year announcing it would spin off Genesis and turn it into a brand of its own. But as soon as subprime auto lending heated up in 2011 and afterward, so did purchases of new auto vehicles. One dismaying aspect of Great Recession punditry is the tendency to pre-judge categories of activity prima facie, or by relying upon ex post data to characterize ex ante decisions. That way, households wouldn’t need to borrow so much in order to spend (as pointed out by Keynes nearly a century ago, and as advocates of Modern Monetary Theory keep pointing out). So they’ll pay megabucks to politicians to ensure that households are permanently short of cash. Then, they’ll use them as collateral to leverage themselves into something big, collect tens of millions of dollars in bonuses, then someone will miss a car payment and we taxpayers and working stiffs will have to bail out the billionaires again. Growth financed through rising wages is sustainable, because wages don’t need to be paid back. Market indices are shown in real time, except for the DJIA, which is delayed by two minutes. We have been helping consumers secure auto financing online for years and we have set ourselves apart by not only getting you approved, but by obtaining the largest loan amounts at the lowest interest rates available nationwide! And that could be just hint of an even bigger issue that could eventually pose a safety risk for virtually every vehicle on the road. Catherine’s engine plant, warned the head of Unifor, the union that represents 23,000 Canadian workers employed by GM, Ford Motor Co.
The financial system was lending against homes before the Great Recession, and now it has moved to lending against cars. Subprime lending growth may be a proximate mover, but something happened to expectations to motivate such money transactions.
I’ll bet all the cars will get repossessed and junked lest someone who works for a living gets a piece of a break.
So once again, spending in a particular market is strongest when subprime lending in that market is strongest. Moreover, with many loans having 70-80 months duration nowadays, this situation is going to force many to hang on to vehicles longer than they otherwise would, thus putting a drag on future new car sales. Chicago Mercantile Association: Certain market data is the property of Chicago Mercantile Exchange Inc.
And, historically, borrowers tend to make car payments a higher priority than mortgage payments or credit card bills.

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