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According to a Discover Student Loans survey, most parents are worried about the long-term impact of students loan debt. Although 77% of parents said that they were willing to help their child pay for college compared to 81% who felt that way last year. College students who have debt after they graduate number 70% and the average debt is about $30,000, according to CNBC. Only 52% of parents say they will assist their children in repaying their student loans, down from 58% who said they were likely to help in 2013. At the same time, 85% of parents are worried that student loan debt will limit their children’s ability to buy a home or car after graduation says Kate Rogers, writer for Fox Business. The numbers speak for themselves as far as education and earning potential,” says Danny Ray, president of Discover Student Loans. Ray, who has a high school senior himself, says he can understand why parents do not want to limit their children’s options. He does suggest that the family sit down early on and become familiar with the financial implications of attending the college of your child’s choice.
Pre-Approval of a home loan is the process in which a borrower gets an in-principal approval for the sanction based upon his income levels, financial obligations and credit worthiness. Know Your Limits: The most important advantage of a pre-approved loan is that you get an estimate of the loan amount which can be sanctioned to you.
Pre-Approved Borrower is considered a Serious Buyer: Sellers and developers always prefer negotiations with a serious buyer. Although, on the face of it, pre-approved home loans look like a win-win situation they do have their inherent disadvantages. Please remember that even in case you finalize the deal within the validity period but the bank refuses to sanction the loan for the property chosen by you, in that case also you run the risk of forfeiture of the processing charges charged for the pre-approval of the loan. Variation in the loan amount:You must understand that the pre-– approval is only an in-principle understanding that the bank is ready to finance a project in case it needs it requirements. Variation in the interest rate: Almost all lenders allow floating rate home loans on pre-approved or pre-qualified home loans. When you first start your hunt for purchase of your dream home through home finance, you speak with your banker and provide some basic details – may be through telephone or Internet, about your incomes and spending.
Please also bear in mind that pre-qualification is a term, which is not commonly used in Indian context.
DisclaimerLots of approximations and assumptions have been made while developing the calculators.
In New York City, the landlords require that you must have an annual salary (before taxes are taken out) of 40 times your monthly rent.A  The chart below is based on NYC rent guidelines. The budgeting guidelines below only cover expenses that pretty much everyone living on their own will have. You will need a hefty amount of cash in your bank account when you are ready to sign the lease. We agree that you will not find places renting for $500-750 in NYC, unless you go to pretty far into the outer boroughs (think Staten Island, North Bronx or the Easternmost areas of Queens).
As to Obamacare as an expense, since health insurance costs vary so much we just used the Obamacare amounts because they are more uniform around the country. I think this is an amazing and very thorough description on what needs to be done to secure a great financial plan and be able to supply ones self with enough money to make it through the lease at their new apartment.

Through this process, a prospective buyer gets to know, how much money he might expect to get as loan, on what interest rate and on what terms and conditions. This will help you to understand your spending limits and help a great deal to finanlize the property. It is a common saying that actual negotiations take place only when the buyer sits with his cheque book in hand. In realty sectors, often people find the deals, which simple go away within a matter of days. You are expected to finalise your property within this period otherwise the pre- approval expires and you have to go through the process again. But, in practice, at the time after you finally identified the property, the bank may refuse or finance the property or it may also reduce the sanctioned amount for financing that particular property. By the time zero in on a particular property, the prevailing interest rate in the market may change and you might be asked to sign the actual loan agreement on revised interest rates. The banker make calculations and tells you about the approximate amount, which you can expect to get as home loan. It allows you to know the exact amount, applicable interest rates and terms and conditions, which you can expect from the lender. But even if you don’t, you can use the chart below to get a rough idea of what types of expenses you need to cover from your salary when you are living on your own.
Landlords in some other cities are more lenient and use a smaller multiplier, for example 36 in Boston. A quick rule-of-thumb is to have at least 3 times your expected monthly rent in bank before moving out on your own.A  Many MFA readers save that money by moving back home after college for several months to a year. At that level you’ll be looking for a roommate share and even that could be hard to find.
Obviously, you’ll know how much your employer deducts from each paycheck for your health insurance premiums and you can budget accordingly. The thing is that not most people care enough to sit and go through all of this and then the apartment managers suffer by running after irresponsible tenants.
It helps to fasten the process of actual process of loan disbursal after the borrower zeroes down on a particular property for the purchase. Sellers and developers often have to circulate the money on daily basis and for them liquidity is of utmost importance. Even further, depending upon the viability or riskiness of a particular property, the bank may decide to charge a higher interest rate. After the pre-approval, no further check on the credir-worthiness of the borrower is required.
Even some of the Indian banks and lending institutions tag an altogether different meaning of term pre-qualified loans.
However, you would be surprised what $500-750 can get you elsewhere in the country, where most of our readers live. I know that if someone had the time to sit and really read this they most likely have the type of personality that will lead them to making their budgeting sheet next.
The developers are always ready to give preferential treatment and extend discounts to potential buyers with pre-approved loans. Please remember that pre-qualification process does not involve checking your credit history and credit reports.

In such fluid situations, the process of pre-approval saves you lot of time and increases your bargaining power to close the best deal. It is not a comprehensive check in which detailed analysis has been carried out by an loan underwriter.
Maybe it's a student loan that funded your four-year education and has enabled you to get the job you're in today.
Maybe it's a credit card debt you accrued over your college career to help you make it through those four years. In case the deal is finalized and you actually are dispersed the loan, you help to pay the processing fees again in most of the cases. Or maybe it's a medical bill or a car repair that surprised you and now you're struggling to pay it off and get past it.To pay it off, it's not just about getting the money. It's also about making the payments and sticking with it because it won't be a process that takes just one day.
It may take months and years, so half of the battle is psychological.Here are some debt payoff tricks that will help you overcome that debt. Negotiate a Lower Interest RateNegotiating a lower interest rate is as simple as calling up the credit card company and asking. To make the most of your time, you need to do a little research to know how much of a break to ask for. Do some research on the types of credit card offers available to people with similar credit. It's important you tell the card company that you've been a member for X years, you've been a loyal customer, and that you'd like a lower interest rate – those are the three boxes to check.It's as simple as that. Be polite and persistent, it may mean trying different customer service representatives until you get one willing to give you a break.2. You can use that period to make aggressive payments on your debt without it growing because of interest. When you retire that smallest balance, you add that minimum payment to the payment on the new smallest balance.It's called a snowball because as your debts are paid off, the minimum payments are added to the other payments. Your monthly payment amount remains the same but it's now more aggressively paying off your debts.This method works, despite not being mathematically optimal, because it gives you wins along the way.
Those small wins keep you motivated so you're more likely to continue the payments and not relapse.4.
Create a 'Debt Avalanche'The debt avalanche follows a similar idea to the debt snowball except you order your debts in descending order by interest rate.
You make extra payments towards the debt with the highest interest rate, which makes the avalanche the mathematically optimal strategy.
The challenge is keeping motivated, especially if your highest interest debt is your largest balance.
It may be quite some time before you pay it off.At its core, paying off your debt is about paying down your debt as much as you can afford.

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