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Two groups from Sydney's St George Hospital are set to implement agile technology developed by clinician-led design specialists iCIMS to manage clinical workflows for oncology multi-disciplinary team meetings (MDM). St George's peritonectomy oncology group and its breast cancer group have chosen to implement slightly differing versions of the MDM technology, with the breast cancer group also opting for a new oncology clinical information system from iCIMS.
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FEATURE — If managing stress is a challenge for you, take heed: More and more research is pointing to stress as a contributor to heart attack and other forms of heart disease.
From natural disasters to the death of a sibling to the daily grind of modern-day life, stress can have a big impact on your heart. Click on the "Follow" button on resort pages you wish to bookmark for viewing on a regular basis. As part of the program, members will receive reward points for participation and qualify for prize drawings. There is no difference in the number of points rewarded based on a positive or negative review.
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In fact, some studies show it harms your heart as much as smoking at least five cigarettes a day. Although you can’t control all the stressors in your life, you can take steps to better manage your responses to stress.
Get enough sleep, don’t forget to laugh, exercise, slow down, and accept what you can’t change. He graduated from Roseman University in 2004 and specializes in navigating the pharmacy and prescription challenges.

For example, you pump out more adrenaline, which can make your blood pressure rise and your heart race.
Cultivating a positive, optimistic frame of mind has even been linked to better levels of cholesterol and other markers of heart health. Maybe it’s taking a bubble bath, strolling in the park, or listening to your favorite music.
George News to provide feature articles focused on fitness, nutrition, health, mind and body, and family wellness.
As members reach specific point thresholds they move up to the next level and earn more points per activity than the lower levels of membership. You might be amazed at how much this can turn around a day that feels like it’s gone all wrong. George Health and Wellness magazine is distributed to hundreds of locations every other month throughout St.

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