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Hello Ross: I did a consumer proposal in December 2011 (after much deliberation and struggling with my conscience). The company that did my consumer proposal did not inform me of this and, in fact, when I was struggling to get a loan they informed me that they have never had any other client have such difficulties with securing a loan or credit card even ones that were still in a bankruptcy. Finally, you can go to Money Mart and get an instant prepaid credit card called Titanium Visa – it will do NO BENEFIT to your credit history, but if you need a card immediately for the convenience aspect (parking, paying online etc.
Join the 2,000+ people who subscribe to my Facebook personal finance community  for frequent news and interesting updates from the world of personal finance. When to buy your first home The sooner you go from being a renter to an owner, the sooner you can begin to increase your personal wealth. This is perhaps the only legitimate, safe way to parlay a relatively small amount of money into an amount many times larger – and tax free to boot!
Rebuild your credit well before buying a home Because we are credit specialists as well as mortgage agents, at Ross Taylor & Associates we help many clients who are trying to improve their credit history. When will I be ready for a mortgage Alexander wrote me a few days ago to ask if he can qualify for a new mortgage, given he completed a consumer proposal a few months ago.

What type of mortgage is right for you Sorry to rain on your parade folks, but there is a lot more to choosing your mortgage than simply hammering your banker into submission and nailing the lowest interest rate possible. What Type of Mortgage Customer Are You First you considered what type of mortgage is right for you. However, even with a co-signer I could not get a (small) loan in an attempt to rebuild my credit. A chartered bank would be my first choice – since later on their name on your credit report will carry more weight than say Peoples Trust or HomeTrust or even Capital One.
If you don’t do that, you may end up with an untidy mess that is not doing the work you require on your credit report. If it is leased, you could consider asking for a personal loan to buy the car off lease – the rate would be high, but it would also help your credit rating. If you have bad credit, too many debts, are self-employed, own a rental property, or are recently separated, we can help!

Neither my mortgage nor vehicle were included in the proposal and I have not defaulted on them. If you have any other suggestions or know of any other way of securing a loan I would certainly appreciate the advice.
In a perfect world, you would end up with two credit cards of at least $1,000 limit – ideally $2,000 after two years. I would like to know however, why I (and I can only assume others in my situation) are not informed that we will not be able to rebuild credit until we are discharged.

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