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Now not only did they extend my last payment to August on my last statement but the payoff amount is close to 2000.00. How is this possible if my payments were originally 252.00 and the car was to be paid off in May. Also, I have been sending them anywhere from 200-300 every month.I tried calling customer service and they person I spoke with was not helpful, she just talked in circles.

I recently called to make a payment for December and I was told I would only owe $200 more but my account was fine.
A few days later I receive a call stating that I now owe $600 because 1 payment was not received months back. I have all of my payments and recorded conversations that I am sure will prove I do not owe any money for missed months.

These scammers have no intention on trying to assist me in resolving this matter so I will be doing various internet reviews in addition to reporting you to the Federal Trade commission.

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