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ANSWER: Your picture is illegible and reading that is critical to answering your question properly. You might also fill in some sample results in the last column so I'm sure I'm getting the results you want. This topic answers questions related to Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (or workbook) stand-alone or Mircrosoft Office Excel including Excel 2003, Excel 2007, Office 2000, and Office XP.
Anuradha has a passion for helping people reach their potential and always seeks breakthrough thinking of new possibilities for her clients. Nonetheless, how we manage key relationships with even the most difficult people will determine our level of success. Work environments are becoming increasingly complex and require greater skill to navigate corporate cultures. You can get Excel help on Excel formulas(or functions), Excell macros, charting in Excel, advanced features, and the general use of Excel.
Building strong relationships with others heightens our ability to gain support for our work and manage barriers that will inevitably come up along the way.

Without effective relationships, we risk poor results, not reaching our full potential and overall job dissatisfaction.
These are people that enable the success of your work or could potentially be a barrier and stand in our way.
For the relationships that need work, spend more time learning more about these stakeholders goals and business challenges. For the relationship to be mutually beneficial, there should be balance between asking for and giving support. Most of us can see right through a fake, we all know those people that reach out simply because they want something.
This forum will resize the picture to a specific size and you've include so much data it's getting shrunk down and I cannot read any of the labels.
For most of us though, we probably work with a few people we would not have hired ourselves. There is also a personal perk with effective relationships in that they can make us feel more engaged with our work which can lead to greater job satisfaction.

Our boss is just one of many stakeholders, others include our peers, direct reports, internal and external customers and any opinion leaders.
Make a list of these key stakeholders and assess the level of your relationship with each of them.
Some of us listen just enough to respond to the other person; listening to truly understand is a deeper level of listening. If we have listened well, we can often find ways to support people who may have common goals. Pensions are just icing on the cake: good to have them, but who knows what will be there in 30-40 years.

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