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From the Road Trip Planner, simply enter your start and end points on the left hand side of the screen. Start planning a trip from one of our Scenic Drives or Places of Interest, or add them to your existing route.
Previously created road trips or trips someone has shared with you can be opened by clicking Open on the first page or by selecting File in the top-left corner of the map and selecting Open Trip from the menu.A dialog box will appear with a list of your road trips, the most-recently-updated at the top. The Road Trip Planner outlines the places and attractions you want to visit, where to spend the night, etc. Even with the best technology, there’s nothing like a printed copy of your directions.
If you want to return using the same path, select File from the top-left corner of the map and then select Save As. Our Distance Circle feature surrounds your mouse pointer with a circle whose radius is a configured distance.
Use Add Destination to type in an address, find places of interests or nearby stops, or add custom activities.
Most modern web browsers have the ability to detect your location based on your IP address.
If you have booked your hotel on myscenicdrives, you can add it to your road trip by selecting Add from the menu bar above the map and choosing Add Travel Accommodations. Adding Day MarkersFor multi-day trips, Day Markers will display an icon on the map at the end location of the day’s drive.
Create, update, and track your road trip on the go, using your smartphone’s web browser.
We have worked hard to make the mobile version of the Road Trip Planner friendly and easy to use.
Table of ContentsInstalling to your Home Screen on IPhone, IPod Touch, and IPadTo install to your IPhone, IPod Touch, or IPad Home Screen, tap the icon and then tap the Add to Home Screen.
The most obvious change is our spiffy new home page … where the search for all things pet friendly begins.
The more insights and tips people have, the better – so we’ve made it easier for you to share your experience and advice! Get started right now by guessing this week’s Friday Photo Challenge location and don’t forget to come back on Friday to play again! Now our latest feature, the Road Trip Planner, makes travel even simpler with the ability to create personalized and detailed travel itineraries. You can enter this in any of these forms: City, State Zip Code Street Address Geocode of your location Or you can select your location from the map. By default, the road trips are named with the towns you entered when you first created your road trip (you may change this under the Trip Settings). You can find Directions above the Road Trip Plan or by clicking Map and selecting Directions.Whenever you change your road trip plan, you will need to update your itinerary by clicking Update Directions. We use a standard Google Map layout so you will feel right at home with the panning and zooming tools.Each stop appears as a yellow, numbered box. Activities are similar to your regular stops, except they are not scheduled and directions are not provided to them. Most stops include a Schedule Tab allowing you to set the length of time at a stop, whether the time is part of your driving time or not, and whether you’d like to drive non-stop to that destination. Your selection includes Car, Electric Car, Motorcycle, RV (Class A, B, or C), Vehicle with trailer, SUV, Truck, and Van.Set Start DateSelect a Trip Start Date so your itinerary keeps track of calendar dates.
Creating variations in separate Road Trip files allows you to keep all the detail and information safe while exploring other options.
This is especially handy for planning trips in which a certain distance must be covered per day and for finding activities nearby your route.To configure the Distance Circle, select the Map menu above the map and choose Distance Circle.
You can access this from the Add menu above the map or below the Road Trip Plan or Activities.Under the Address Editor, enter as much of the address as you can.
Results will vary, but you can try it by selecting Add from the menu bar above the map and choose Add Browser GPS Location. Once loaded, select the reservation(s) for this trip and they will be added to your itinerary. While the Finder searches everywhere, this feature will highlight only the stops within 60 miles along your route.From the Add menu above the map, select the type of stops you would like shown. You can do this simply by clicking the Update Directions from the To Do List.Next, we recommend that you configure your driving time parameters. Update Directions If you have made a change to your itinerary, you may need to update your directions. Hover your mouse above the icons for specific details.Table of ContentsAdding Charging RangesFor Electric Vehicles, selecting the Charging Ranges will show an icon on the map where your vehicle may need to be recharged based on your Trip Settings. Our mobile-friendly website offers a single, full-screen, touch-friendly interface that requires no software installation or updates.Similar to our desktop version, you can start by entering your start and ending locations, or by opening an existing road trip.
Please let us know if you need any assistance.NoteThe Mobile Road Trip Planner is currently only supported on IPhone, IPod Touch, Android, and Windows Phone devices. This year, rather than tinkering, we’ve completely re-thought the site and made some big changes.
If you visited a city and want to pass along what you learned, or if you received great (or not great) service at a hotel, campground, or other business – now you can leave a note here to benefit other pet travelers.
In addition to a more intuitive design, we’ve added the ability to save and manage multiple road trips in your profile. We’ll be working out the bugs and tweaking things over the next couple weeks and we appreciate your patience while we continue to make improvements.
One lucky winner will receive a two-night stay at this stunning, pet friendly resort with their dog! This contest is open only to US and Canadian residents over the age of 18, except where prohibited. Some of the highlights are: Build your routes and plan your trip easily using our comprehensive database of scenic roads and Places of Interest. Once selected, a dialog box will open and ask you for the file type, which file, and if you have a trip open, whether you would like to import the file into the current trip or as a new trip. Other tabs are dependent on the type of stop: Destinations and Activities Destinations are the towns and cities you will be visiting. Duplicate your trip by selecting File from the top-left corner of the map and select Save As to create a new road trip with the same information.
The application will then ask you to confirm.NoteThis results in all data being deleted and non-recoverable. If the email recipients do not already have access to your road trip, you will be asked to give them permission when adding their e-mail address.To share on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks, your trip must be publicly readable, meaning that anyone who has the link can see your full itinerary. An overview of the drive indicates all of the stops, mileage, approximate driving time and approximate fuel costs. For many trips, this will be sufficient but as we do not reorder the other stops, you sometimes may need to optimize the trip.To optimize the stops, choose the Map menu above the map and select Optimize Stops for Distance to minimize the distance traveled or select Optimize Stops for Time for the least time. In the upper right corner of the map, a dialog will appear where you can enter the distance and click Add. Your web browser will ask you if it is OK to share the information with us, and if you choose to, your location will be added to your plan.If you are on the road with mobile browser or a computer with a hardware GPS and are using a browser that supports it, you can also use enable the Follow Me feature by selecting Map above the map and choosing Follow Me.

In the Day tab of the Trip Settings, you can start by configuring your average daily driving time. The Undo and Redo menus are located under the Edit menu.Table of ContentsHot KeysIf you are a keyboard user, you may appreciate these hotkeys from within the Road Trip Planner. Once in the editor, choose from four sections at the bottom of the screen: Road Trip Plan, The Finder, Directions, and Map. That gives you the ability to do a little planning today and come back tomorrow or next week to fine-tune your trip.
Perfect for pet travelers, guests with pets stay at the resort’s cottages, which are conveniently surrounded by large grassy expanses. Get the location right all four weeks during this contest, and we’ll double your entries – giving you eight chances to win! Select one of the addresses or zoom into the area to get more specific.If you are using a web browser released within the last year, you may also see a button that says Use GPS. After entering in this information, click Import and the file will be processed.If the selected file is a trace of a trip you have taken, the imported route may have too many points to be practically usable.
You may click on the stop and drag it to where you’d like it to be or type in the number you wish the stop to be in the plan. The listed streets, towns, and cities are based on the location you have selected.Add a waypoint to make our directions pass a particular stop. In the General Tab, you will have a Label (a brief description of the stop), Address (which will be geocoded), and Notes (any information you’d like to include).
You can either download one file with the entire route or have it divided into per day itineraries. Keeping your security in mind, we recommend removing specific addresses and reservations to ensure that your privacy is maintained.
Depending on how many stops and how complicated your trip is, this may take a few moments to calculate. You can change the distance again by updating the value and clicking Update.To remove the Distance Circle, simply click Remove in that dialog box.
Campgrounds and their basic information will be highlighted and a simple click adds them to your road trip. The default is 8 hours of driving per day, which does not account for stops for breaks, meals, and fueling.
You can use the layers feature to avoid traveling the same roads as a previous road trip, planning different routes in the case of weather changes, or just visualizing all of your trips on one map.To do so, select the Layers menu above the map and select the Add Trip as Layer. And, for those of you who road trip with us vicariously, this is where you’ll get your daily dose of pet travel.
Just remember, you need to be a registered user of the site to retain your plans – so be sure to sign up before you start mapping your next trip. And, with eight swimming pools, four restaurants, a spa and fitness center, tennis courts, and the adjacent golf course, there’s no end of things to do. This button will use your computer’s IP address and your ISP information to guess where you are located.
If you leave the Cost of Fuel empty, the Road Trip Planner will use a default amount which is automatically updated weekly.
Below the overview is a large map and the directions divided by day, along with any notes that you have for each stop.Above the Overview is the Print Options menu. When planning your trip, think of some of your previous driving experiences and choose a reasonable amount of time here that allows you ample time to reach your destinations but also reach it safely.
When the dialog opens, select the Add Layer button, select a trip and a color, then select Apply. Route planning is easy and efficient with the ability to add your addresses to any trip, search your secure locations by name, city, or state, or simply click on the map to find your nearby locations. From this page you can connect with us through social media, get a fix on our location on the map, see what we’ve been posting on Facebook, and get the latest updates from the blog! Click and your web browser will ask you if it is OK to share the information with us, and if you choose to, a geocode for your location will appear.All details previously entered can be changed anytime. By default though, we do not alter your imported trip.The file formats are usually standard, but glitches may happen. For trips longer than a day of driving, this will allow you to see the overview and a quick summary of the stops at a glance.Segments separate driving days. Or you can have all per day files downloaded in a ZIP file format, which will include an Activities and Stops file for your trip.If you are using a program which needs access to a link, you can enable the Direct Link option. When you accept, for either Facebook or Twitter, the appropriate window will open with the link to your trip. From here, you can select which items to print: Drive Overview The Drive Overview indicates all of the stops (divided by day), mileage, approximate driving time and approximate fuel costs.
Then enter the Starting and Destination Airport codes and enter in an approximate travel time. For road trips less than 1 day of driving, the directions follow from each stop to the next. This also includes the airport code and name to make it easy to find great deals.Center Map Here will recenter the map at the location you have indicated, maintaining the current zoom parameter. If your distance units is in Miles, the fuel efficiency is measured in Miles per Gallon and the Price is in Gallons. RoadPreview drives your selected route in Google Earth using satelite imagery, allowing you to feel like you are already there.
If the prize is not claimed by the winner within 3 days, an alternate winner will be chosen from the pool of entries. You can use this feature for collaborating your trip planning with friends, fine tuning specific days, or alternate plans.To use this feature, simply click the Import Road Trip from the File menu above the map.
Select Zoom In To Here to zoom right into the selected location, or zoom out to show the entire drive by clicking Show the Entire Drive. If your distance units is in Kilometers, the fuel efficiency is measured in Liters per 100 Kilometers and the Price is in Liters. You will be prompted to enable it if you do not have it enabled or you can change it in the Permissions Tab of the Trip Settings. For the From and To addresses, enter in the entire address of where you will be leaving and arriving, in the form of Address, City, State. Of course, you can always play it by ear and reserve on the road using our mobile website or by calling 1-866-358-9134. To enjoy, select the Experience in RoadPreview from the File menu.This feature is a great way to share your road trip experience with your family and friends. The winner of the prize is responsible for any and all travel expenses and applicable taxes on the prize. You can easily change this by re-entering it.Return DirectionsIf you want return directions, select the Round Trip option. For each day, if you have not pre-scheduled an overnight stop, the Road Trip Planner will automatically recommend towns where you can find Hotels.Not satisfied with the route?
For electric vehicles, see Electric Vehicles.Adjust the Vehicle Speed If you are traveling in an RV or pulling a trailer, you may prefer to take a little more time and get there safely. Once enabled, you will have the link to the raw data which can then be copied and pasted into the application.Specific instructions for how to use the file format is available in the Export Maps Help Section.

Begin under the Trip Settings and change your vehicle type to an Electric Car, and then on the Directions tab, enter the average distance on a full charge, the average cost for a charge, and the amount of time that a charge typically takes. To do this, please first grant permissions to your family and friends under the Trip Settings and then send them the link.NoteRoadPreview requires the Google Earth Plugin which can be downloaded from here for free.
Under the Directions tab, you can adjust the travel speed by a percentage by changing the Vehicle Speed. This will enable all of our Electric Vehicle features.We assume that you are starting off each day with a fully-charged vehicle.
The plug-in is available for desktop machines and is not currently available on mobile or tablet devices.
The easiest way to do that is to zoom in on the map, click a road, and select Add Waypoint (Routing).
If you choose the One File Per Day option, it will automatically load all the files onto your device. Using the above information, we will add a To Do reminder for recharging your vehicle based on the settings you have configured. For best results, avoid placing waypoints at intersections and on the opposite direction of traffic flow.The more information that you provide, the more accurate your road trip plan will be. This feature may not be compatible with all devices.For CSV and TSV files, you can configure which columns are displayed.
If we found more than one, arrows to the top right of the box will indicate how many we found and allow you to navigate from address to address. In the Day Overview section, you will see how many miles and hours you will be driving for that day, and it will estimate where you will be spending the night. After you have selected your file and have clicked upload, you will be redirected to a new page that allows you to see the data you have uploaded.On this page, you will need to indicate which columns have which type of information. For each stop which you plan to spend time at, enter that information into the Schedule by clicking the Edit button either within the Road Trip Plan or on the Map. To be used, we require a minimum of a Latitude and Longitude or the components of an address to that we can geocode the information. You can define how you want to divide your trip into days by selecting Time (Default), Distance, or Disable this feature. You can change the order of the columns and add new columns as you need.NoteWhile we strive to make our maps and directions as accurate as possible, it is possible that there are flaws in the data or that road conditions, traffic, weather, and other events may result in changes to the planned route. When you add the charging station to your road trip, we will automatically schedule the stop based on your charging time. You may have the choice of stopping earlier in your trip, or forcing the drive to the next stop, or you can find nearby cities and towns for better selections of Hotels, Campgrounds, Restaurants, and Entertainment. If the Destination Settings has a General Tab, you can enter in specific costs associated with the stop in the Cost field. Please use our GPS directions with common sense, obey the law, and please keep your eyes on the road.Table of ContentsPath CompressionSimplify the routes that are exported to your GPS. In addition to using our To Do list, you can also click on the Map to find nearby charging stations.You can also mark stops as a Charging Station under the Schedule Tab.
Unless otherwise specified, if you set two columns to be the same type, they will be appended together. Be conservative as you want to enjoy the scenery and take breaks, keeping in mind physical limits. This feature delegates more of the routing to your GPS device which sometimes provides a smoother GPS experience. While the default assumes a full charge, you can override the new available distance for your vehicle after the charge.To aid in planning, you may also use the Charging Ranges from the Layers menu. If you are stopping there for a couple hours, you will also have the option of selecting whether or not to subtract the stopped time from the driving time.If you have configured Start Times under Trip Settings, you will also be able to schedule when you wish to arrive at a particular stop or depart from that stop. If you have never driven more than 6 hours in a day, don’t try to plan a 12 hour driving day.
This will show an icon on the map where your vehicle will require recharging.NoteThe estimates are provided for informational purposes based on your entered information and may not account for delays, weather, and other conditions beyond our control. Our Road Trip Planner will use your configured properties to adapt the time to the best options for your settings.
While some days can incorporate more driving time leaving other days for exploring, we don’t recommend you plan your entire trip with long days of driving. In addition to providing an estimated fuel cost automatically, you can also configure the Road Trip Planner to provide you with per-stop costs and daily costs.To configure a per stop cost, click on the Settings link for the stop and select the General tab where you will be able to enter in the cost associated with that stop. When selected, unless you have manually configured the stop’s stop time, it will automatically become a day. This will generate an iCalendar file format which is usable by most popular calendaring applications.When your web browser prompts you, you can either open it with your calendar on your desktop or you can save it.
If this is not enough, you can also adjust the driving time per day or under the destination’s settings, you can mark the stop as a Non-Stop Drive which will force our planner to drive to that destination within a day regardless of your other parameters. You can either specify them via the Latitude and Longitude fields, or make an address via these fields. If the driving time between the stops is longer than your driving preferences, it will still be divided over as many days as required of driving.Use Start TimesYou can have your directions have the approximate time that they will occur based on your start time.
The default budget per day is the amount of money that will be spent for each day on the trip for things such as meals, lodging, entertainment, etc. To choose hotels near your chosen location, the easiest way to selecting one is to select the Zoom button near the stop, and then on the map, click near the middle and select Find Nearby Hotels.
This time will be displayed in your directions so that you can have a better notion of when you will arrive and where to plan certain activities.
If you are not yet sure where you want to stay, you can always add a Potential Hotel to your Road Trip Plan. If you have a couple hotels which you are interested in for a particular area, we recommend that you add have your list of Potential Hotels as Activities so that you can continue to plan your trip.Be sure to recheck your information after each change. If you have updated your directions, you will also be able to update your budget per day by clicking the Advanced button.Should you want to drive longer or shorter on a particular day, you can change the parameters here after updating the directions by selecting the Advanced button.
For each day of your trip, you will be able to override the daily default for time or distance, start times, and budget.Legs TabUnder the Legs Tab, you can set the road preferences. You can change the default road preferences by checking the Avoid Highways or Avoid Tolls checkboxes.To change roads for specific sections of the road trip plan, press the Advanced button (if present) then navigate to the leg of the trip you wish to change. If you e-mail or post a link to your road trip, anyone will be allowed to read all of the information associated with your road trip. For the times where you can type in the map URL but do not have a browser within the application, enable this feature to allow the downloading of your GPS files anonymously. To Add Permission, type in the e-mail address, select whether you are granting them Read or Read and Modify Permission, and click Add. NoteIf you share your road trip with others, please keep in mind that information regarding your hotel reservations and other personal information could be exposed, so use this feature sparingly.

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