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Rest areas are provided by the Department of Transportation to offer a stopping place for travelers to take a short break from driving, relax, have a snack, or use the restroom.
To supplement the Department's rest areas, arrangements have been made with other entities to provide additional rest opportunities for travelers.
The rest areas managed by Oregon Travel Experience and the entity that provides the other rest opportunities are noted below. TripCheck now features traffic and road conditions information reported by users of the Waze app.
UNITED STATES PRINTABLE MAP WITH RIVERSpersuasion paragraph samples, how do you and asian europe, united states, mar for eurasia map map, printable map east asias rivers quiz eurasia to oct 5, 2010 can you draw and label the major rivers and lakes? Hotels, Restaurants, and Attractions in the Cascades including the cities of Antelope, Detroit, Estacada, and Welches. Hotels, Restaurants, and Attractions for the West Columbia Gorge including the cities of Corbett, Hood River, and The Dalles.

Hotels, Restaurants, and Attractions for Northern Oregon including the cities of John Day, Pendleton, and Sumpter. Hotels, Restaurants, and Attractions for Northern Oregon including the cities of Hermiston, Pendleton, and Umatilla. Hotels, Restaurants, and Attractions for Northeast Oregon including the cities of Joseph, LaGrande, and Pendleton. ErrorSorry!This page is currently unavailable while we undergo routine maintenance.We apologize for any inconvenience.
Many of these rest areas are managed by Travel Information Council (aka Oregon Travel Experience). The features of these other rest opportunities vary based on the site however they all have restrooms. This list is organized by highway; the number to the left refers back to the map for location reference.

All of the Department's Interstate rest areas and most of our rest areas on other highways are ADA accessible.
Other features may include picnic tables, drinking water, traveler information and vending machines.
Please help keep these rest areas available to all by using them as they are intended, and by following the posted rest area rules.

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