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In most cases, the largest purchase these people ever made was their home, and in many cases homes are sinking people’s financial aspirations into the ground.
What if there was a way to pay cash, or finance a very minimal amount for their home that didn’t involve trickery or fudging numbers or borrowing more than they are really qualified for? There is a downsizing movement underway in the United States, Canada and elsewhere in the world. Tiny houses are gaining steam because of the many benefits they offer to those living in them.
I challenge you to look into Tiny Houses and decide if doing some major downsizing if right for you and your family.

This modern castle is located in Sedro Woolley, Washington and has been on the market since 2008. The price is now down to $895,000 and that is a pretty swell deal because not only do you get a lovely 3,000 square foot castle, but also 20 acres of lush, west coast rain forest including a year-round creek.
The price is probably a little steep for most kings and queens, but give it a couple more years and it will come down! House Crazy has curated hundreds of the best house-related products EVER that you will LOVE.
People are realizing that maybe they didn’t need as much home as they thought they did.

They are realizing that there is a much bigger world out there and owning a small home brings families together (think little house on the prairie). Upkeep is less, less cleaning, heating and cooling is less, the benefit on the environment is greater, more money for retirement, freedom to leave a dead-end job, and so on.

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