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I thought at around this time, I’d be waking up in my bed in the hotel that we booked for the night in Halifax upon our arrival.
Brendan, laid over a series of chairs beside me, trying to catch some more sleep amidst the now busier airport and a large gang of kids under 5 years old playing around this waiting area. My question why we had to start boarding 40 minutes earlier (20 minutes earlier than usual) was answered pretty much as we reached our departure gate.
Side story: I always find it interesting when I encounter other Pinoys while travelling or attending events here in Canada.
To read all my Tales of Pinoyness, please click this link and it’ll lead you to all the tales I’ve had the chance to record.
I watched the plane on the integrated map go past Halifax, turned around… and around… and around… After a few more rounds, the Pilot announced that we were on standby at approximately 6- to 7,000 feet above ground along with two other airplanes below us.
As soon as the pilot turned off the seat belt signal, which was on for about 40 minutes, I decided to go to the washroom – an excuse to stretch and go for a bit of a walk as well. I was definitely glad by this decision because all I could think of were those plane crashes described by Malcolm Gladwell in his book. As soon as we landed, the flight attendants announced that our connecting flight had been scheduled for 10amthe following day (or I guess that morning as we arrived at past midnight already).
When we got in the boarding area, we found a rather empty waiting area where a few people had already occupied the benches.
Halifax Stanfield International Airport (airport code: YHZ) is Atlantic Canada’s principal full-service airport providing passengers and cargo clients with access to markets across the globe.
Enjoy living lakeside in this large executive home with 5 bedrooms, 3 full baths and 1 ? bath. Canada is the second largest country in the world (by land area) and is visited by millions of people every year. Spend an overnight in Kingston, the first capital of Canada, and explore the old world charm of this university town. In Kingston and Gananoque (a little further down the river) you’ll find a selection of Thousand Island boat tours to choose from. Wolfe Island is home to a thriving artists community and has several galleries within walking distance of the boat dock. Stay at one of the many auberges, walk the narrow streets around the Chateau Frontenac and order crepes made fresh at one of the street side cafes. Visit the most bilingual province in Canada and relax at one of the many provincial parks in the area. There are lots of ways to get there: for the time challenged, you can fly into Charlottetown and rent a car. Stay in one of the many B&Bs dotting the island and savor the unique fusion of green sea, blue sky and red earth that is PEI. If you don’t arrive by boat from PEI, or drive in from another province then the airport you want to fly into is Halifax. You can rent a car and make a figure eight loop through Cape Breton and Antigonish before looping back around the misty, rocky coast of the Bay of Fundy, through Digby and Yarmouth before arriving back in Halifax for your flight out. You absolutely may NOT leave Nova Scotia without eating Digby scallops (they’re huge and totally worth the drive to eat them IN the actual town of Digby at low tide, overlooking the bay. If you really want a once in a lifetime and experience that can be had no where else in the world, go tidal bore rafting… like white water rafting, only the rapids are standing waves created by the massive rush of the tide entering the narrow mouth of the Minas Basin. When you make your way back to Halifax visit the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic and relive the tragedy of the Titanic.
My family has roots in Nova Scotia, like a lot of Scottish families that came across the Atlantic, and we visited a lot when I was young.
September 4, 2013 By admin 8 Comments Kudos to Air Canada on the excellent service they provided today to my 76-year-old Mother!

The whole gang of kids disappeared, along with their parents, who seemed to know each other. Glad I didn’t hesitate because as soon as I got up, a few more people followed creating a bit of a long lineup to the washrooms. We arrived at around 12:30pm ADT and got to the hotel, which was just a few minutes away thankfully, at around 1pm.
It turned out that the Halifax Scotia Speedworld was apparently located close to the hotel. An internationally recognized leader in customer service, Halifax Stanfield International Airport is certified as Airport Service Quality Assured – an industry gold standard for service excellence.
The main floor features a large open concept family room and kitchen with working stone fireplace, large dining room and sunken formal living room.
They flock, en masse to the southeastern rim of the country, guidebooks in hand, and “see the sights.” They stand in long lines to climb the CN tower in Toronto, clog the crepe cafes in Quebec City and leave a trail of lobster shells through the Maritime Provinces as they eat their way from fishing town to fishing town. Sure, it’s great to hit the major high points of any place you visit, but in southeastern Canada there is so much to see and experience that doesn’t make Frommer’s or Lonely Planet. Most people either fly into Toronto (home to the biggest international airport in the province) or drive in from the USA. Start in Toronto and, of course, do the obvious guidebook things: the CN Tower is impressive, the Sky Dome is a landmark, the museums are fabulous. Be sure to stop into Cookes Fine Foods, on Queen Street, two blocks up from the water and inhale the ambiance as well as the aroma of their world renowned, fresh roasted coffee.
There are lovely cycle paths among the 86 windmills that have been erected as part of the area’s effort to become the most “green” region of Canada. The Route Verte (Green Way) of cycle paths in Quebec is the most extensive in North America. However, for joy in the journey and to increase the diversity of your travels, why not drive your car across Confederation Bridge, the longest bridge in the world ever built over ice covered waters, and then circle the island before taking the ferry from Wood Islands, PEI, to Nova Scotia. Of course you’ll visit the Anne of Green Gables house, everyone does, but why not ride your motorcycle over the rolling hills, stopping at little fishing villages (don’t miss Souris or Cymbria) to buy fresh lobster right off of the boat?
Montgomery based Bright River on in her Anne books and have lunch at Dayboat Restaurant, members of Slow Food Canada, their cuisine has a distinctively local feel and focus and provides the perfect pause in your island day.
Explore the back roads and savor all of the many ways you can combine potatoes and fish… the two major industries of the island. There are lots of companies to choose from, but hands down, the BEST is Shubenacadie Adventure Tours, run by the every hospitable Johnson Family. To go beyond the usual “tourist” experience, make a pilgrimage to Mount Olivet Cemetery, and pay your respects at the final resting place of the victims.
Check out flights to Canada, read our Canada travel guide, or discover 10 reasons to visit Canada now.
Being Canadian (I grew up on Wolfe Island, mostly!) I’m kinda partial to my homeland!
My husband, my elderly mother and I traveled on Air Canada today from Montreal to Sydney, Nova Scotia.A  What that means is a first flight from Montreal to Halifax and then a connecting flight from Halifax to Sydney.
Instead, I sat in the waiting area of the Pierre Elliot Trudeau International Airport in Montreal, having napped for about 2 hours max., exhausted. Brendan wondered whether it was actually an international flight with a layover in Halifax.
I thought of a thunderstorm but I didn’t see any forecast when I did a quick check before our flight.
I was thinking maybe Prince Edward Island or New Brunswick but apparently, Montreal is the only one with an airport that could accommodate the number of passengers in our plane. The first connecting flight to Halifax had been cancelled and they sent us new e-mail confirmations of the booking for the 10am flight.

We planned on renting a car to get to the waterfront that night to start exploring and to eat proper dinner. Curious and with nothing else to do, we walked towards its direction to find out what was going on. We were able to extend our stay for a day without additional booking cost either (just the fare difference). Of course you’ll visit Niagara Falls, but why not spend the rest of the day touring the world famous (and highly underrated) vineyards of the Niagara Valley?
Located in an alley near the Chateau in the old part of town it is populated with local artisans and a whole slew of galleries and shops dedicated to the high brow, the down right funky and everything in between. Whether you’d like to cycle along the river or head inland through the verdant hills, the well-signed cycle paths will make your dreams an easy going reality. Take a walk through the history and culture or New Brunswick at the New Brunswick Museum on Market Street in downtown St.
Take home a bag of potatoes, a cooler full of lobster, or art created by a local artist and support the livelihoods of the good people who have made this island home for generations.
Spend your last moments in the province eating fish and chips on the wharf before walking the harbor and soaking in the unique sound Maritime Canadian English.
Everyone on board pretty much were connected to it I guess but Snaps could get away pretty fast. I asked her what was the condition specifically and she said that it was too foggy and the pilot did not want to waste fuel by being on standby for who knew how long. The morning airport staff started arriving (we finished check-in at around 4:00am) and chatted with each other rather cheerfully. Drive east along the river to Quebec City, a historical and cultural center and the province’s real European style gem. Check out Velo Quebec for all the information you’ll need to plan your route, find accommodation and even hire a guide, if you need one! Visit local farmer’s markets, or explore the rugged coast line dotted with fishing villages. I was thinking they’d check us in a nearby hotel and PEI’s or New Brunswick’s would take more logistical efforts in getting everyone transferred. It turned out they arrived an hour late, went to the wrong entrance and decided they’d rather just go home than pay for parking. We obviously accepted the ticket and enjoyed our very first Nitro Circus Live show.
Regulations have changed in the past year and now Americans, who previously could travel between countries on a driver’s license or birth certificate, need a passport. It was smaller than the plane which we ended up taking the following day (described above) but still big enough.
Rent a car and trade the 401 for the lesser-traveled highway 2 that runs along the shore of Lake Ontario as it joins the mighty St. The Master has walk in closets as well as another full ensuite with Jacuzzi tub and stand up shower. Another update, in less than 10 minutes this time, we would be heading back to Montreal because landing in such condition was impossible. I could hear everyone groan behind me (I was seated a couple of rows behind the first class cabin). Various heat sources including electric baseboards, heat pump and oil fired furnace and enjoy the central air conditioning in the summer.
We weren’t sitting together on this flight but we weren’t so far from each other anyway which was fine.

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