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If the answer is yes than they understand the importance of keeping repairs on budget and making sure any decision made is to protect or enhance the asset. How long has your repair staff been with you and can you handle any emergency that may arise? A busted pipe over the weekend or a tree that has fallen on the house needs action immediately and by a staff that can handle it.  A good property management company has seen these types of emergencies and knows who to call and what to do.
How do you screen your tenants and Do you have a strict policy in place and deny unqualified applicants? In most cases building owners are more lucrative clients for commercial real estate firms since they typically own more than one building, AND there are also property management opportunities for that firm which means even more upside.  If your agents commercial real estate company is also representing a building owner (landlord) how far is your agent willing to push during negotiations?  Are they willing to fight for every dollar?  Is it possible for you to get the best deal if your agents company is negotiating on both sides of the table?

Filed Under: Commercial Lease Tips, Office Space Lease Tips, Retail Space Lease Tips, Warehouse Space Lease Tips About Nathan SmithAbout Nathan K Smith is an Austin commercial real estate advisor that specializes in helping companies and business owners find the best deals on Austin office, retail, and other commercial real estate properties. We don’t add anything to the repairs and all of our owners are free to contact our contractors to ask any questions. Keeping a good paying tenant in place will always save the owner money and increase his bottom line. When she's not helping property owners & buyers, you can find her spending time with her family or doing yoga.
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