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Try our FREE Home Loan Comparison Widget (no registration or verification needed) and access to the lowest housing loan packages instantly.
The average Singaporean has to handle a car loan, a housing loan, daily expenses, conservancy charges, and a host of many other money draining avenues.
My Mum pays up to 3 times as much each month on Whole Life, yet she refuses to buy me a new Ipad? We all know the benefit of purchasing Whole Life Insurance includes the very revered and sought after cash value.
Term Insurance is a great way to get terrific cover at a low cost, and is in fact the most cost efficient type of insurance you can ever purchase. Make sure, however, that the term insurance is renewable so that if you will still need to take up another term, you can do that without any complications.
So your friend Rebecca took up this vaunted retirement policy that is set to take care of her in her old age and she advises that you do the same. This is why it is absolutely important that you look at a number of options so that you can see what other companies and policies offer. The differences in premiums across different insurers can be vastly different, so you can easily save a good couple of thousand dollars just by shopping around.

By now you know that some health conditions attract higher insurance rates that will of course make your insurance more expensive compared to that of everyone else. If you fall in either (or both) of these 2 categories, you should seriously consider getting back in shape or cutting back on your puffing ways. It may take a while, but aside from saving money via insurance premiums, you will enjoy a greater quality of life – isn’t that a win-win situation?
We all want to make a little extra and save as much as we can since this will definitely make life easier. Not only I can also see my monthly installment amount, I can also see how much interest and principal I am paying for the next 3 years.
This is very easy thanks to this fantastic site where you can look at all the policies offered by all the different insurers, then make your own decision. Apparently Courts and the other retailers know it well too, and it evident in the extensive amount of installment advertisement they do. When you are able to do this, do not shy from making this known to your insurance company and request a reevaluation of your rates.

SOR rate represents the cost of borrowing SGD synthetically through borrowing USD and swap out in return for SGD for the same tenor.
Its no surprise that we are always on the lookout to either earn more or save more, often times both.
Term Insurance gets you nothing back!” This is all so rosy until you realize the comparatively high premiums  are not a very good option if you have tons of other responsibilities to take care of.
Any bank that charges 3% interest on a housing loan would simply get laughed out of the market. Your financial situation can be a little different, your needs not exactly the same as his.

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