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New car prices & used car values - nadaguides, New car pricing and used car values research the latest new car prices and used car book values. New car buying guide - the best car buying advice and tips, The most comprehensive guide to saving money when buying a new car. Negotiating to buy a new car (updated june 27, 2016) (for used cars go to negotiating to buy a used car) .. In the final part of our series on how to get a used car bargain, we give you tips on negotiating and closing the deal on your used car purchase.. Copyright © 2012 Autos Weblog, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. NADA tends to have high valuations while Kelly Blue Book overprices late model vehicles and underprices older ones.
The reason is that sellers will then get stuck on an unrealistic price if there are major maintenance issues. Most sellers will get stuck on that ?perfect? number and reject any substantial adjustments.
Begin by declaring your intention to buy the car? so long as the repair costs are addressed in the price. If these repairs are minor and you?re not interested in a long negotiation, immediately offer to split the difference for the repair costs and call it good.

Ask your mechanic to fax the used car?s inspection report to the seller before you speak with them. I like to start negotiations for cars with repair ?issues? by giving the seller an opportunity to do the right thing.
If the first offers by both parties aren?t getting any traction, it?s time to go through the inspection report? and the probable costs of repair? line by line. In particular, oil changes, tune-ups and replacing filters that aren?t necessary right now should be removed from your list.
If the seller claims the cost of repair listed in your inspection is too high, ask them if they know of another mechanic who?d be willing to do it for less, and the type of guarantee they will offer.
Finally, if you have experience repairing minor automotive issues, use that skill to create some wiggle room to help close the deal. To get a great deal: research diligently, test drive patiently, let an expert figure out the unknowns, and negotiate in good faith. Contrary to reality, you can?t find many good $1000 cars regardless of what the Blue Book says. If, however, mission critical repairs run into the high hundreds to thousands of dollars, you have an ?opportunity? ahead of you. However, with a little constructive conversation, even the most alarming repair costs should not kill the possibility of an amicable agreement.

Unless it involves a major repair (timing belt, water pump, adjusting the valves, etc.), upcoming maintenance regimens are always down to you. I?ve seen $450 repairs with 30-day guarantees turn into $200 repairs with a full year guarantee. Leaving a copy of the inspection report as a ?gift? and telling them my final price, should they reconsider.
Do this and you?ll save unnecessary test drives and thousands of dollars in future repair costs. Nor should you get a 2000 Mercury Grand Marquis with over 200k+ for the NADA pie in the sky price of $5000. If the car is worth it to you, it pays to explore alternatives that will benefit both of you. So, karma lovers, here?s some tips for negotiating the purchase of a used car by observing the Golden Rule. Stick with Edmunds private party values or, the ?completed items? section on Ebay if a comparable vehicle was sold there at ?No Reserve?.

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