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One reason why you could be broke is because of the amount of spending done on expensive high ticket items without a careful analysis about the true costs involved, especially when it comes to a seemingly innocuous asset parked right outside your front door. When it comes to spending on an automobile, of course, some do it in the name of fuel efficiency and being green, while others do it because they need bigger, faster, or simply newer cars. These surveys let us know that the average middle class American family is spending up to 20% of their take home pay on car payments alone. So is it the price of the vehicles that’s driving this trend, the average length of the financing contract, interest rates or all of the above? The second driver in the high cost of vehicle ownership is the number of loans that begin with negative equity. I usually try to shoot for about 135K miles to avoid the nickel and diming that can occur later in life (although it does take quite a few nickels and dimes to add up to that amount.
Consider what fuel type you’re buying, you can shun diesel all you like but the fact is I can acheive 60mpg on a highway run and have enough torque to give some more powerful petrol cars a scare because of the torque my car has. I never buy a car new, to be honest I can’t afford it and the depreciation that occurs the second you take ownership genuinely scares me. Love the idea from Silicon Valley Blogger and Kosmo regarding a specific car budget to replace the old car that you nearly drive into the ground.
The only way to escape car loans is to pay them ASAP, and never, but NEVER take them again!! Every time you guys are considering taking a car loan, remember, they sell you the car at the most highest price possible, and they make money on the loan!!
If you’re considering taking a loan out for a car, you may want to consider leasing instead.
One cost to consider is the cost of maintaining the car, especially if it has parts coming from all over the world.
It might seem difficult to make this determination before test-driving a bunch of cars, but it's best to steer clear of the sales floor until you've done your research. If you're buying a new car, the financing with the best interest rate might come from the automaker, available only through the dealer.
To know what kind of rate to expect, and to head off any obstacles you may encounter, you'll need to know your credit rating.
Though the credit rating takes into account much of your credit history, a loan application will ask for more.
An application should request authorization to obtain a credit report and to confirm any information you submit.
We don’t care if you have a court judgement, bankruptcy or any other bad credit problems on your credit report. So, if you live in Minnesota, South Dakota, North Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska or Illinois, give us a call today or visit our web site and fill out your preapproval form! It’s becoming increasingly easier for borrowers to get a car loan, regardless of their credit history.
BHM Financial Group is one of Canada’s top loan providers, able to provide you with that cash boost when you most need it.

Car title loans are generally short term and allow potential clients to get a secured loan by putting their vehicle up as a form of collateral.
A lien is a type of security interest that is placed on an item (in this case, the vehicle). In today’s difficult financial climate, credit history is often a defining factor when financial institutions decide to grant a loan.
We also require a number of other minor factors to be met before approving a car title loan. Owners have to be 18 or older and possess valid licensing for themselves and registration papers for the vehicle. The loan amount, interest rate and monthly repayments are calculated taking various factors into account, including the condition of the vehicle and the income of the lender. Buying a car can be tricky, but doing it smartly is even more vital to your future financial well-being. Car companies and dealerships make it seem like owning a new car is so affordable but there are so many hidden costs.
However this doesn’t mean I am totally stupid and run around throwing my salary at car dealers and buy the fastest thing I can afford. Fixed costs over the 3 years and you can end up paying less than what the car would have depreciated to, had you bought it outright! Affordability isn't just about the car's price; it's about the cost of financing, insuring, fueling and maintaining it. Make sure you know if there's an application fee ahead of time, especially if you're experimenting on the web.Preparing ahead of time doesn't just make the process faster and simpler, it ensures that you'll get the best possible loan and helps prevent complications. We work with a wide variety of banks and lenders so you don’t need to worry about getting financed if you need an auto loan.
Even if you think your credit score is poor, your credit rating may be considered better than someone else with the same credit score – depending on the circumstances. The economy is improving and many previously unavailable finance sources are coming back to the market.
Billion Auto is one of the nation's largest automotive websites where you can browse the details and negotiate over 6000 new & used vehicles online. It has a nasty habit of throwing a crisis in our path at the most inappropriate times, and often when we are strapped for cash.  Luckily, in these moments, our vehicles can actually count as massive assets and can be used to help secure some cash to pull us through our situation. Once the agreement is signed, a lien is placed on the vehicle.  This is only lifted once the contract is paid off. It helps to ensure payment of the outstanding debt agreed upon.  In the case of the loan not being repaid, the lien (the vehicle) may be repossessed and sold to recoup the costs of the loan. At BHM Financial Group, we do not take credit history of the lender into account when they apply for a car title loan. The Law, Behavior and Economics of Title Lending Markets” undertaken by Kathryn Fritzdixon, Paige Marta Skiba (both of Vanderbilt University) and Jim Hawkins (of the University of Houston) found that car title loans are fairly risk free. Regular maintenance has kept it running quite well, even though she lives in Alaska cold weather is tough on cars.

The rest either borrow or lease a car from the real owner: a bank, an automaker's finance arm or a credit union.
Often they're not too good to be true (though the best terms are limited to specific models, loan periods and buyers with the best credit ratings). Expect to be asked for information on your current employer or employers, your income, and how long you've held your job.
Surprises that can be remedied, such as an erroneous credit rating, are best found by you when you have time to correct them, not after you've committed to a more expensive loan because you didn't know better. Billion Auto has a great track record for financing people who’ve had trouble getting a car loan. A car title loan is the perfect way to secure that money in a safe, efficient and risk free manner, allowing piece of mind when you have more important things to focus on. If the car you own is a big money pit, then you may have to consider unloading it for something that’s much more manageable, financially. Shopping for a loan isn't as fun as shopping for the car itself, but it's not as difficult as securing a mortgage, either. You have to start somewhere, though, and it's OK if you don't know exactly what car to buy. Dealers don't always have the best deals, though, and when they're not operating through a captive finance company they get a commission for setting up a loan with a bank you could go to directly. The rating is in the form of a score between 300 and 850, with higher numbers reflecting a better credit history. Perhaps the greatest benefit about this form of lending is that you can keep and use your vehicle for the full duration of the loan. If you're like most shoppers, you have an idea of the type you want and how much car you're likely to get for the amount you've got to spend. After you've negotiated the car's purchase price, the only way to know if the deal you're presented with is a good one is for you to have shopped around beforehand.
Be sure to include one-time charges like taxes, title and license fees, and the destination charge when you're figuring out how much you can spend, as well as factoring in continuing costs such as insurance and gas. You may not be able to shop rates from the captive lenders before actually buying a car, but you can find out what kind of rates are available at banks and credit unions.
Still, the cutoff points can vary from one lender to the next, so comparison shopping is essential. The higher-risk you appear to be to lenders, the more information they're likely to request.
The most detailed application will ask about your assets and expenses, including bank account numbers and if you've filed for bankruptcy within the past seven years.
You may be asked your monthly rent or mortgage payment, and possibly for an estimate of your monthly expenses.Thanks to the Equal Credit Opportunity Act, lenders are prohibited from discriminating based on marriage status, but you might be asked anyway, as a way of uncovering obligations, such as alimony.

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