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Before you call your mortgage broker and start the paperwork, I want you to consider the negatives as well. Using our example, where the homeowner borrowed $320,000 at 4.5 percent, after three years, you would still owe about $304,000 on your loan. Some people think that the three additional years is immaterial, but delaying your payoff date makes it harder for you to have your loan fully paid off by the time you retire.
Refinancing once or twice early on in your loan may not be too detrimental to your long term plans, but some people are serial refinancers.
I like the idea of lowering your monthly fixed expenses, but here are two alternative approaches.
By simply continuing to make the same monthly payment you will save almost $50,000 over the life of the loan and shorten the loan by 7 years. Your specific situation will be different, but this illustrates the savings that you might see. The 15-year fixed-rate mortgage is a popular choice for homeowners and home buyers for many reasons. There are many reasons why people are choosing the Quicken Loans 15-year fixed-rate mortgage.
The 15-year fixed is a great option for anyone who’s looking to buy a home for the very first time, or if someone’s looking to refinance their existing mortgage. Other than the length of the loan, there are other differences between 15-year fixed and 30-year fixed mortgages. If the interest rate drops by one percent or more, you can probably save money by refinancing your loan. Since that peak, mortgage rates have been on a steady decline and have fallen back to those levels not seen since early 2013. Now, with interest rates a full point lower, you could save a fair amount of money on your mortgage each month. If you continually refinance your home to a new 30-year loan, you will almost certainly still have a mortgage payment after your reach your retirement age.
One option would be to refinance your loan to a new 30-year loan, but continue making that same payment from the original loan. The rates on 15-year loans have come down as well, but your monthly payments on a 15-year loan will likely be higher. Ideally you would make those prepayments each month to help you pay off the loan more quickly. One of those considerations is knowing current interest rates and how they affect most of what you do financially.Finding the most current interest rates is not as complicated as most would think. You’ll save thousands of dollars in interest compared to a 30-year fixed mortgage, and you’ll pay off your home in half the time. This loan option gives home buyers the opportunity to save thousands in interest compared to a 30-year fixed-rate loan. With a 15-year fixed, first-time home buyers could pay as little as 5% of the total home cost on their down payment.

A 15-year fixed loan comes with the expectation that monthly payments will be at a higher rate.
Here’s a chart depicting the movement of the 30-year mortgage interest rate since the beginning of 2012.
So if you secured a mortgage late in 2013 and are paying around 4.5 percent, you could probably save money by refinancing your loan now as interest rates have fallen about one percent. Imagine trying to continue making mortgage payments when you don’t have an income any longer, except for Social Security.
That in-and-of-itself may be the primary reason that you need to continue working past your retirement age. Again, using the same example, your new 30-year loan would decrease the monthly required payment from $1,621 to $1,379. Of course, you would have the flexibility to pass a little if times are tight, but if you can continue to make those higher payments, you should try to continue doing that each month.
The process is as simple as checking the most popular online finance websites, which constantly keep the interest rates updated. The 15-year fixed is amortized over 15 years, meaning you’ll have 15 years of monthly mortgage payments at a rate and payment that will never change. Homeowners will pay their loan off in half the time, which allows them to build equity in their home faster. For those who are looking to refinance, a 15-year fixed allows home buyers to refinance up to 95% of their primary home’s value.
Homeowners can also expect to pay less interest over the life of the loan because the time is cut in half.
My suggestion would be that instead of taking that $245 each month and spending it frivolously, why not continue making that same $1,621 payment. If you just keep paying that $1,623 from your original loan on your new loan, you could have that loan paid off by 2039.
Below is an overview of interest rates, where to find them, and how they can affect your finances.Overview of Interest RatesAccording to Benefits Online, current interest rates do not only affect the economy at large, but they also play a significant role in your finances.
The 15-year fixed is a conventional loan that’s also available in an FHA loan and a VA loan. One of the most attractive components of a 15-year fixed is that payments are amortized over the duration of the loan, meaning there are scheduled monthly payments of both principal and interest throughout the 15-year life of the loan.
The Quicken Loans 15-year fixed is a conventional loan, which means it’s backed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. On the other end of the spectrum, 30-year fixed loans have lower, more affordable fixed monthly payments, but throughout the life of the loan, the borrower ends up paying more in interest. For the individual consumer, current interest rates determine the prime rate that you’ll need to pay banks when you take out a loan or a credit card. This allows the homeowner to avoid experiencing “payment shock,” and it gives them the assurance of a consistent rate over the duration of the loan.
However, if someone is in need of additional assistance and they like the benefits of a 15-year fixed, Quicken Loans also offers this loan as an FHA and VA loan.

Here’s an example of the difference between a 15-year fixed and a 30-year fixed based on today’s rates. Depending on what the current interest rates are, your payments may also fluctuate for the better or the worse. In addition to this, interest rates also determine how much you will need to pay back on car loans, home mortgages, or even business loans.Therefore, understanding current interest rates and knowing what the current rates are can help you tremendously. To help you keep up with current interest rates, there are fortunately a number of resources availableMarket WatchPerhaps one of the most reliable resources to find the current interest rates is Market Watch. In addition to this, Market Watch also provides information about whether the interest rate is falling or rising, and how it has fluctuated over time. All of the interest rates on Market Watch are provided by Bank Rate, which is another highly reliable resource for financial information regarding interest rates.BloombergMarket Watch is not the only reliable resource for interest rates. Another great place to look is Bloomberg, which is also a reliable resource for financial information. The rates that Bloomberg provides are nearly identical to that of Market Watch, but because Bloomberg does not operate on real time, the interest rates do not directly correspond to the exact rate at the moment. Furthermore, the main difference between Market Watch and Bloomberg is that Bloomberg includes more information. Therefore, Market Watch is a much more general resource.Federal Interest Rates There are many different types of rates to look at, but if you are a student that is taking out loans, the federal government has separate interest rates for your loan.
As a student, knowing these rates can help you prepare for the future by perhaps inclining you to pay off the interest while still in school.
To review the current federal interest rates for student loans, the USDA FSA has a webpage that you can look at. The page details the different federal loan types and their corresponding interest rates.Overall, understanding interest rates and knowing what the current interest rates are can have some major advantages for your finances.
First, whenever you take out a loan or mortgage, you can be better prepared for the repayment period. Second, if you are a student, understanding the interest rates can allow you to better protect your finances and prepare for your future when it comes to paying off your debt.
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