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Swift DZire: Features Exteriors — Everything You Desire In The All- New Dzire Be it the bumper or the front grill, the all-new Maruti Suzuki Dzire looks stunning from every angle.
Be it stunning good looks or pampering coziness matched by power & efficiency, anyone who sees it will want to get their hands on it. The black matte-finish around the fog lamps lends a different look.Headlamps with New LookPowerful halogen headlamps, stylishly designed with a fine shape, pierce the darkness like a sharp knife.

You can do it automatically from inside.Reverse Parking SensorYour parking assistant that will get you right in the spot without having to look twice. Just ease in the parking area with this handy new feature.Front Grill- ChromeLike a perfect pout, the signature front grill invites second glances. Useful and safe!Touches of FinesseChrome-finish elements have beenadded to the louvers and door handles while wooden-grain panels extend from the instrument panel to the door, all to give an elegant finish to the interiors.

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