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Across the UK there are 6.5 million people caring for a loved one who is older, seriously ill or disabled. Carers Rights Day on Friday 20th November, organised by Carers UK, brings together more than 900 organisations across the UK every year to help carers in local communities to know their rights. If you’re a carer there is financial support out there to help and we’re here to tell you all about the benefits available to you and how to apply for your entitlements. Every day, 6,000 people become carers in the UK and are unexpectedly thrown into a role with no financial or emotional support or advice. Last year Carers UK reported that 10.6 million people will take on a new unpaid caring role for relatives and friends who are sick or disabled over the next five years and they will be left under-equipped to deal with the financial and emotional challenges of caring. Many people who become carers have no choice but to cut down their hours at work or leave work permanently.
When most people suddenly find themselves as carers there isn’t much advice and support readily available and previous studies have shown that ?1.1 billion of Carer’s Allowance goes unclaimed every year and 42 per cent of carers have missed out on financial support as a result of not getting the right information. You might be eligible for Carer’s Credits if you spend more than 20 hours a week caring for someone, you don’t qualify for Carer’s Allowance and aren’t yet getting State Pension. offer a free factsheet on everything you need to know about Carer’s allowance. If you live in England, Wales and Scotland the Department for Work and Pensions encourage online claims and say they are the quickest way of applying for Carer’s Allowance. If you live in Northern Ireland you can request a claim pack from the CA Unit – call 028 9090 6186.
Becoming a carer doesn’t only have an effect on your finances, it can also be a hard time emotionally and can become lonely and depressing for those who don’t have any emotional support.
Carers UK offer support and advice on both the financial and emotional aspects of being a carer.
Not only do they offer a five days a week Carers UK advice line, they also run a warm and welcoming online community forum where you can share what’s on your mind, day and night, with people who understand. Producer and writer Tiggy Walker knows only too well about the struggles of being a carer and being cared for. Tiggy decided to document her journey during her illness and has recently published a book which documents her account of illness, love, loss and starting new. There’s a beginning, middle and end to the process and you have no idea where your journey is going to take you. When my husband Johnnie Walker was diagnosed with Cancer, I became his carer.  Years later I joined the fund raising board of Carers UK.
I was never made aware of any benefits and like many others I missed out on financial support as I didn’t know that I was entitled to anything. Seek advice and support – It’s really important to seek financial help as soon as possible. Talk about your struggles – Make sure you have a support network around you so you don’t become lonely and isolated. Look after yourself – It’s so easy to stop caring about your own needs when you become a carer because you are so busy worrying about someone else.
Please click the link below to leave your details and we will contact you by phone or e mail within 24 hours.
Community Care Grants and Crisis Loans for general living expenses (including rent in advance) will be abolished from April 2013.
From April 2013 Crisis Loan alignment payments and other Crisis loans paid due to issues with benefits will be replaced by a new national scheme of Short Term Advances administered by the Dept Of Work & Pensions. Budgeting Loans will continue to be available until the Universal Credit is fully rolled out.
Our Benefits Calculator will calculate entitlement to some benefits (mainly means-tested ones) and indicate possible eligibility to some other benefits. The Turn2us Benefits Calculator indicates your possible entitlement to the following means-tested benefits and gives you an estimate of the amount you may receive. Disability Living Allowance will end for everyone of working age even if they have an indefinite period award. There are no current plans to replace Disability Living Allowance for children under 16 and people aged 65 and over who are already receiving Disability Living Allowance. April 2013 – Personal Independence Payment will be introduced for new claims in Merseyside, North West England, Cumbria, Cheshire and North East England.
There is no automatic transfer from Disability Living Allowance (DLA) to Personal Independence Payment.
Between October 2010 and March 2014 existing incapacity benefits claimants (those on incapacity benefit, severe disablement allowance and income support on disability grounds) will be reassessed under the employment and support allowance (ESA) Work Capability Assessment (WCA) instead of the Personal Capability Assessment. If you are migrated onto ESA, after April 2012, are placed in the work related activity group and are only entitled to Contributory ESA when you migrate, you will be paid ESA for a year and then this will cease. If you are placed in the support group you will not have your Contributory ESA time limited. We would be interested to know if you think that your benefits claim was dealt with fairly ?. ACO is an umbrella group that supports charities that help people by sharing information and ideas, developing good practice, offering networking opportunities and the chance to discuss mutual problems and share solutions.

Charis Grants exists to facilitate charitable and corporate giving by designing, developing and managing a range of services in support of vulnerable members of society. Information and contact details for thousands of UK charities and non-profit organisations. Charity Choice is a place where charities, donors, volunteers and fundraisers can come together to help the many charities in the UK in a variety of ways. So, whether you are looking to donate to your favourite charity, volunteer your time or specialist skills, give your unwanted goods or leave a gift in your will, you are in the right place! Citizens Advice provide a free and impartial money advice service that offers help to those struggling with financial difficulties. A charity formed in 1991 to increase the quality and availability of free, independent money advice to people with debt problems.
The helpline that provides free confidential and independent advice on how to deal with debt problems.
A charitable company that was formed in June 2006 having previously operated as the Money Advice Association.
Turn2us is a charity set up to help people in financial need access money available to them through welfare benefits, grants and other help.
Some Councils have a welfare rights advice service or have links to an independent local service. Although GPs are able to help most people to manage depression, for some people, particularly those with more severe depression or where treatment is not successful, more specialised care may be needed. The website is aimed at people living with mental health issues, carers and anyone wanting to learn more about mental health.
The website has been commissioned by NHS Cornwall and Isles of Scilly to promote the services available to support the emotional health and wellbeing of the county's residents. Everyone has feelings of anxiety and sadness from time to time, but when these feelings are more constant and affect day-to-day life, it may be time to seek help. Dementia and Parkinson's diseaseOur website also has information about dementia and Parkinson's disease, including diagnosis and treatment. Addressing the fear of crime is a key component of the site, with the ‘Priority Towns’ initiatives featured under ‘making a difference’.
The new web site is designed to improve engagement with the public and we encourage people to use it to help ensure that wherever people live, work or visit in Cornwall, that they are, and they feel, safe.
The ‘contact us’ facility is directed to the Community Safety inbox and this is monitored by the 3 geographic Community Safety Officers, to ensure enquires are dealt with. Many people who have felt suicidal at some point say they were so overwhelmed by negative feelings that they saw no option other than suicide.
However, with the right treatment and support, the same people were able to carry on with their life and the negative feelings passed. Samaritans (08457 90 90 90) operates a 24-hour service that is available every day of the year. In an emergency it is possible to visit your local Accident and Emergency department and ask to see the duty psychiatrist.
It is worth checking to see if the local Community Mental Health Team (CMHT) can provide a crisis support team contact. Half of working age carers live in a household where no-one is in paid work and nearly half of people providing substantial levels of care are struggling to make ends meet. You might be eligible for Carer’s Allowance if you’re looking after someone for 35 hours a week or more. It’s also not a means tested benefit based on you and your partner’s income and savings.
Carer’s Credits are National Insurance credits towards your State Pension while you’re not making any contributions due to your caring role.
They provide Carer volunteers and online support groups to help you connect with other carers in the UK.
The book ‘Unplanned Journey’ aims to help support others who have been through breast cancer and their carers. You have no control which way that journey will go or what lies ahead so the title ‘Unplanned Journey’ seemed fitting. Then when I was diagnosed,  he and I were asked to be patrons of Carers UK.  There aren’t many charities out there supporting carers and we are passionate about how Carers UK provide support and financial guidance to those in need. Carers UK came up with the idea to release a book so it was only right that they would get any money that will be made from sales of the book. No one at the hospital or doctors ever offered me advice or support about becoming a carer. Although the BBC supported Johnnie through his illness there was always an anxious feeling about how long that would last. Families face higher bills such as home utilities, expensive taxis, hospital parking, occasionally home alterations and more. That’s why I am so passionate about spreading the great work Carers UK do because there forum and advice line offers both emotional support as well as financial advice.
Carers UK have a free newsletter which gives you up-to-date information on what you’re entitled to so you don’t miss out.

As people migrate across to Universal Credit they will have access to a new system of Budgeting Advances that will replace Budgeting Loans for all Universal Credit recipients.
By working age we mean everyone who is aged 16 to 64 on the day Personal Independence Payment is introduced.
The new assessment will focus on an individual’s ability to carry out a range of key activities necessary to everyday life.
During this period new claimants in all other parts of the country will continue to claim Disability Living Allowance as now. Between October 2013 and March 2016 we will write to claimants already getting DLA to invite them to make a claim for Personal Independence Payment. If you are migrated before April 2012 you will receive Contributory ESA for a period of 12 months less any time that you were on ESA before April 2012. We will give you help and support all the way through the process of the claim  and advice and assistance should you need to appeal. These accounts come with a debit card which makes it simple to purchase goods on line and to withdraw money from cash machines.
If you owe money for unpaid loans or credit cards or you owe money to utilities such as gas, electricity or water and creditors are contacting you regularly to ask for payments that you simply cannot afford then you need to take action to resolve matters quickly. Working together with Turn2us, ACO also provides a Helpline service for those in need looking for charitable assistance. They do not have a national telephone number because they only deal with people at their local offices. The Money Advice Trust works with its partners to make sure people with debt problems have access to the money advice they need. The IMA is the only professional body acting solely for money advisers in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.
The free, comprehensive website features a benefits calculator and a grants search section to find organisations that may be able to offer financial assistance. You can find leaflets and self help advice on a range of issues, including dealing with stress and anxiety, and where to go for more help. It also enables public feedback, and it demonstrates the joint partnership working that Safer Cornwall is currently engaged in. NHS Direct (0845 46 47) can also provide you with medical advice at any time of the day or night. However, there is a cap on how much you can earn and still be entitled to claim Carer’s Allowance. 10 years later, in a cruel twist of fate, Tiggy was diagnosed with breast cancer and Johnnie became Tiggy’s carer.
Continue doing things that make you happy and take time outside your role as a carer by going for a walk, going to the gym, doing yoga or even booking in a massage. Information will be gathered from the individual, as well as healthcare and other professionals who work with and support them. People who find themselves for the first time having to cope with less money on Jobseekers Allowance only have one month from the date of the decision to appeal.
If you choose to ignore your debts, then your creditors may apply further charges to your unpaid account only making your situation even worse. If you think you may be entitled to these benefits then contact the head office of the local authority in the area in which you reside.
Samaritans (08457 909090) provide 24 hour emotional support and Saneline (0845 767 8000) can provide information and crisis support. Most people will also be asked to a face to face consultation with a trained independent assessor as part of the claim process. There have been cases in many parts of the country where people have been unable to cope with all the changes to benefits. Your best option is to contact the creditor and try and arrange a repayment plan that you can afford to maintain until the debt is paid in full.
The DWP insist that you must have some form of account so that they can pay any money due to you into it. Some people find themselves unable to do this and will need to involve a debt management company to help them. It is sometimes called rent rebate or rent allowance and Local Housing Allowance.It does not cover costs other than rent and other housing costs, for example, mortgage interest. One firm that will only charge you fees that you can afford is DebtSettlers, they will take your details over the phone and then contact you by letter with suitable proposals to clear your outstanding debts by payments to creditors that you can afford. The rates used to work out your Housing Benefit payment are generally the same as the allowance and premiums that make up Income Support, Jobseekers Allowance Income Based, Pension Credit Guarantee or Employment Support Allowance.

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