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Weekly student Nadine Geller, and artist friends Frank Strazzula and Kamille Corry came by the museum while I was starting in my copy, their photo below. After spending a couple of days with the painting, I could really sense Diego’s ambivalence towards the young king and caring for the little person I spent time copying. I would have liked to spend one more day refining the copy, as it is it’s a bit rough, but as an educational study I already feel like I gained a lot. There are few things simultaneously more humbling and educational than doing this sort of thing. And since we are on the topic of copying paintings, below is an Antonio Mancini copy I did back in 2010 or so- I don’t think I ever posted this one on my blog.
Diego Martinez-Moncada was the 3rd team member to join the Daily Infographic while he attended the University of Texas earning a degree in Political Science. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Still being in college, with loans, and remaining a dependent of my parents I have little to no credit. However one of the aspects that effects me the most, personal finance, I know almost nothing about. However, I know that soon enough I will need to start building up my credit if want any chance at having any sort of affordable interest rates in the future.
In today’s world, credit rules the market place, even though it is at fault for our financial crisis.
The following infographic provides us with a board-like layout on how to keep a good credit score. Starting with obtaining a credit report, to how to keep it up, as well as remaining interesting to lenders, this infographic leads you through the steps. People find it interesting and refreshing to search the tumblr pictures and quotes to pass the time.

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