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An antique merchant buys and sells a variety of things like books, furniture, jewelry, or any other items that are unique and vintage.
An antique dealer buys and sells art work or antiques mainly specializing in ceramics, glass, sculpture, books etc. American Pickers co-host Mike Wolfe knew he was on to something good when he was given a tip as to the whereabouts of a very custom Von Dutch creation. When he got to the bike the owner even had the pink slip in hand with Ed "Big Daddy" Roth's name as former owner! Looking at these photos you can see the XAVW is surrounded by many other interesting VonDutch creations and a few that honor the man all on display at the National Motorcycle Museum.
They come from a variety of back ground whose success is measured through the number of antique works or pieces they own. Their role varies depending upon the size of the company, while a majority of dealers work in small groups.

Madness Photography - Onno "Berserk" Wieringa, brengt nieuws op gebied van custom bikes, cruisers, choppers en bobbers. Now on display at the National Motorcycle Museum, Mike Wolfe's Antique Archeology owns a Von Dutch original, and an amazing machine it is!
The dealers antiques are responsible for representing the artist whose work they sell in the primary market, buying actions, and private sale from the secondary market, establishing and maintaining the connection groups, visiting sales area and auction houses. Fork and fenders came from a 1951 Moto-Guzzi and the tank is from a mid-1960's Honda 450, the "Black Bomber" model. In order to become an antique dealer, significant capital is essential, while large profits can be made once established a successful dealer.Antique Buyers - Work ModelAntique buyers get a wide variety of stock or unique items and sell them in auctions private sales or even at their own stores. Before buying any antiques, you must have a firm knowledge about your market, and should be able to recognize lucrative deals. The business is typically small or self employed, and profit depends on expertise, and a sizeable customer base for substantial returns.

He has a role of providing his customers with a wide range of collectibles which can be home furnishings etc.
Antique buyer can also be an individual who is passionate about collecting unique things in his antique's library. Antiques Auctions - OnlineOnline antique auctions have drastically reduced the need to move to distant countries or even towns, to obtain the antiques.
Purchase begins by looking through the online auction catalog and selecting the items that you choose to buy. The antique auctions through the internet, save valuable time and a lot of energy while giving you an easy search for your product using the search engines.

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