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Loan interest rates of state banks was reduced with immediate effect under the directives of President Mahinda Rajapaksa.
The previous interest rates applied was a minimum of 15 percent and a maximum of 22 percent. Deputy Finance Minister Ranjith Siymbalapitiya speaking to the Asian Tribune said that the Government’s aim is to make more opportunities for general public to attend to their day to-day activities with confidence, with the assistance of the state banks. He said that the President has directed all state bank heads to cut down the interest rates applying the new rule even for the loans already issued.
The Deputy Minister further said that the President has also directed to attend to all loan applications submitted by public sector employees before December 10. Media reports quoted Central Bank Governor Nivard Cabraal to have said that  Sri Lanka would have to pay as much as 3.1 percent for the full loan if all the money was drawn down and the island would not be taking the balance money.
So far, Sri Lanka has received seven tranches amounting to US dollars 1.7 billion under the SBA and this is still lower  than 300% of the quota. The economy, under the leadership of Basil R and Cabraal based on MC Idiri Dekama, has grown leaps and bounds, producing an average income far exceeding that of our giant, industrialised neighbour, India.
Our foreign reserves are brimming the edge of the pot; our foreign earnings spurred by our hard working dedicated mothers and daughters in the Middle East are over the hedge.
We are on the right path to glory; the path paved woth gemstones of wisdom from MC Idiri Dekama. You ought to consult with the conscience of the nation ND to get his concurrence, as does AUJ, before making these public utterances.

The prosperity of a nation is not judged by sweet-sounding statistics or adjectives that praise. We must look for prosperity in the kind of meals that ordinary people cook at home, how many times they eat nutritious, wholesome fruit, vegetables, cereals and meats. Can a university graduate get a guaranteed job after studying harder than most of his or her class-mates at secondary school?
I agree with most of what you say, but as an emerging nation since 30 years of destruction by LTTE terrorists, it will take time to rebuild our country.
The amount of money you intend to pay on your own that is not covered by the loan you will be taking from a bank. The coverage type you select determines the level of protection offered by your insurance policy.
This is a discount that is offered by your insurance provider if you have not made a claim on your existing insurance policy for a certain number of years. Rates have been reduced to a minimum of eight percent and a maximum of 12 percent with effect from today. President Rajapaksa had stressed the need of being flexible and caring with the general public’s loan requirements encouraging them to join in the production process. However, if the disbursements exceed 300% of the quota, a surcharge of 2% will be added on top of the present interest rate for the credit outstanding above 300%. Working under the economic principles enunciated in MC Idiri Dekama, SL will soon achieve a growth rate challenging that of World’s leader, China.

What are the health statistics on life expectancy and hope of survival if ill with a threatening disease? At the same time, Hon President is credit worthy for seeking to unify the country, ONE NATION ONE COUNTRY, as per MC Idiri Dekma. All interest rates, amounts and terms are based on a personal simulation by you and your assumptions of same. Comprehensive : Covers damage of your car as a result of fire, theft and damage (inclusive of third party damages). Or are they looking at any which way of escaping to a land of properity on leaking boats or container holds? He totally rejects, quite rightly, what the diaspora Tamils and TNA seek, a sovereign country for the so-called Tamil Nation. It will be at your own peril if you do so as ND will come down on you like a sledge hammer!

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