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Alberta introduced new rules targeting the payday loan industry Thursday but the industry itself argues the changes will only make things worse for vulnerable Albertans.
Service Alberta Minister Stephanie McLean introduced new legislation that aims to lower the interest rates and fees payday loan companies can charge, as well as forcing them to include financial literacy information and require instalment plans.
McLean said the current fees and interest rates were taking advantage of people and trapping them in cycles of debt.
The new legislation will cap fees on payday loans at $15 per $100 borrowed, down from the current $23 per $100 borrowed.
The government is also working with credit unions and other financial institutions to encourage them to offer bank accounts to those who are currently forced to deal with payday loans companies.
Garth Warner, president and CEO of Servus Credit Union, said Servus is working on setting up details for a payday-type loan that would be available to customers. And he said customers who depend on payday loans to make ends meet may have tough choices in the future.

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