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During the Spring Festival only months behind us, European and American department store industry were awed by the purchasing power displayed by the Chinese consumers. As production and sales of these products are very low, they follow a unique survival tactics, that is, be mysterious.
Yacht of this kind is rarely exposed to the general public, but in the posh circles, they are very much being sought after. To do business with the rich, one need to be fully acquainted of their habit and characteristics.
The consumer group of the top luxury is limited to a very tiny number of super-rich people. Diamond enthusiastic pursues only satisfaction— they have their own appreciation and understanding about the design and cut of the diamond. A top diamond flagship store was opened in an old house villa at the former French Concession in Shanghai.
Operating luxury brands often require a great deal of patience over many years to soak in the rich circle.
As they only need to meet the needs of a very limited number of customers, these luxury brands are not interested in public awareness. A 35 cm Bottega Veneta handbag shall be priced up to 20000-30000 yuan, which was far beyond those “notorious” conspicuous brands. Although no LOGO was printed on the bag, the weaving and designing style of the bag is so unique that the experts can recognize it with even one glance, and thus would show admiration to the bearer of the handbag, which is exactly what they need. Hou Mingxiang, manager of Luxury agents Jebsen Group Brand & Communications said that, now when the customers choose watch, they are no longer blindly worshiping those luxury brands.
An industry source told reporters that many urban women engaged in the financial industry do not want others to praise her new Prada handbag.
In order to maintain the independence of their beloved master brand, some designers will design several sub-brand to be the breadwinner. Hiring Madonna or Sophie Marceau to be the brand spokesperson or publishing gleaming advertisement on fashion magazines are common practice among brands like LV and Dior.
Wang Feng in the luxury retail industry told reporters that “designer brands” are also very expensive. As they are unwilling to come under the spotlight, the sales of these niche luxury brands are not large.
Wang Feng finds that in China, not only consumers in the first-tier cities as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen began to wake up from the worshiping of LOGO, consumers from the third or fourth-tier cities began to show interest in those niche designer brands.
European and American fashion magazines and forum is interested in “street shooting” of the stars.
Facing this phenomenon, western media has made the following remark: in Asia, the conspicuous consumption is gaining in the popularity.

In their circles, only those private, customized, low-profile gadgets can prove equal to the name of luxury.
To engage in this trade, a rule must be borne in mind: if the customers find the whole shopping experience satisfactory, they may tell 5 friends in their circle.
Only through establishing long-term relationships with those billionaires, can he sell his yacht. For example, although the rich grow increasingly interested in the yacht, they need to hire the specialized yachtsmen as they cannot drive the yacht themselves. One Malaysia diamond dealer said that to engage in this trade, a rule must be borne in mind: if the customers find the whole shopping experience satisfactory, they may tell 5 friends in their circle. The recognized brands that last for decades or even centuries all experienced a painful process of getting accustomed to all kinds of peculiar tastes and habits of rich people before they could maintain a stable business.
For them, the most embarrassing thing is to dress in a same dress with the others in a party. It is precisely the low-key, private, and unique style of the customized brand that attract the rich and the celebrities, those top-notch persons. What they enjoy doing is to take a beautiful and eye-catching handbag with brand unknown to others. However, In Europe and the United States, there are many designer brands catering to smaller elite consumer groups. However, they are different from traditional luxury brands like LV or Gucci in their marketing ideas. These brands tend to take names after the designer, emphasis on the designer’s personal style and often stick to the design concept for decades.
But these brands tend to have a stable group of enthusiasts who are always in pursuit of being different and unique—-they are bosom friends with those designers. These brands through a variety of ways quietly penetrate into China, and received unexpectedly good result among Chinese consumers.
They adopted friendlier marketing approaches and their profit can also help with the development of the main brand.
Their workmanship is superb, but they stubbornly refused commercialization, and are unwilling to give their own brands to factory abuse. Through purchasing the most famous luxury brand, people are actually showing off to the people around them.? Originated from Europe and the United States, these products find their way to China through non-mainstream channels. However, if they find a single procedure not to their liking, more than 20 friends in their circle would most definitely get the message. Although each year he can manage to sell one yacht only, he still makes a great living as the price of each yacht is as high as tens of millions dollars.

Those jewelry counters in the crowded shopping district are considered to be short of privacy.
He enumerated the features of the handbags that attracts him: natural leather material, strict hand-woven technique, and the most special feature is that no LOGO could be seen on the entire handbag, from top to bottom.
Only after receiving specified orders and requirements from guests, the making of the wristwatch could be started. What they emphasize is that whether the brand culture and meaning is consistent with their own personality. Chief designer though they have, the traditional brands rely on a designer group to design their products, which means not all products are from the chief designer. These designers are often exclusive and conceited in manner; therefore, they do not appreciate the idea of using large LOGO to highlight their own brand. Over the years, they would stick to their classical products, which can be recognized by fans through a single glance. Let the fans take the initiative to find out about the brand not only to achieve the effect of publicity, sustains the low-profile brand style as well. They always maintain a low profile and their reputations are being spread from mouth to mouth.
A German watch brand, though only producing less than 20,000 watches each year, has a unique German flavor. They maintain small-scale sales by opening boutiques in department stores such as the Fifth Avenue , Lane Crawford, as well as Joyce.
And when new products are launched, they would invite some pop stars and celebrities to wear these dresses. Against the backdrop of the financial crisis, many of these brands are having difficulties to support themselves, and eventually they are very like to be acquired or even go bankrupt. Limited edition, plus the customized production, making these brands maintain a high price.
In his familiar circle, luxury brands which could suit to individual needs and do customized services is the most sought after. Although its market activities are not as frequent as those ordinary brands, it enjoys great brand loyalty among a fixed group of enthusiasts. To sell a yacht to them, the seller needs to provide them with all the loan procedures and other matters.

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