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With an in-line 4 1.6-liter engine, the Peugeot SR1 is able to generate as much as 313 horsepower with its turbocharged system. According to an exclusive report by Auto Express, performance variants of the Mk8 Volkswagen Golf are set to feature the company’s revolutionary new 10-speed DSG gearbox along with a raft of technological upgrades. The transmission has been designed to accompany Volkswagen’s MQB platform and is to be made available on the GTI, GTD and R variants while the more vanilla models get the seven-speed gearbox. Designed to handle up to 550 Nm of torque, the 10-speed DSG transmission is said to be the same size as the current seven-speed DSG. As for updates on the current variant, a facelift of the Mk7 Golf is due very soon, now that the company has adopted a new five-year life cycle. As such, the Mk8 Golf could make its appearance as early as 2017, with a facelift due only three years into the model’s life cycle as a result of the shortened life span. Just because you are using a car with a gearbox from the stoneage era, doesn’t mean you can mock VW next step in gearbox technology…#sampaibilenakpakaitorqueconverter? You will never know what are going to happen on the next day so please don’t just simply say without any evidence or prove.
Some of you may be aware of the China-only Kia KX3 B-segment SUV, which was first previewed as a concept at the 2014 Guangzhou Motor Show. Despite the heavy camouflage, the front end of the test mule mirrors the upright, slim Tiger Nose grille found on the China-only crossover.
Said concept was powered by a turbocharged, 1.6 litre Gamma mill with 160 hp and was hooked up to a seven-speed dual-clutch unit. These people who bad mouth were the ones those days say Motorola handphones were the best and Samsung handphones were crap.
These are the same pariahs who also went around telling people Pioneer Kuro was the best TV in the world.

It is high time all those sad Toyota salesman and fanboys go online to mudah, carlies and oto and compare each B, C and D segment with Korean cars. If you buy a car only to use for 10 months, then better buy Korean, coz it is cheap, its RV for 10 months can’t drop to anywhere. The Hyundai Kia can shout of any price they want when they wanna sell off their cars, but no one bother to buy.
As expected, the new transmission will help to improve fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions.
With this implemented, the public will get a completely new model every five years as opposed to the industry-standard seven-year cycle.
Following his number one passion (acting was actually number two), he decided to make the jump into the realm of automotive journalism.
They had changed the gearbox oil and update the software as well, so far my car got no problem.
As shown by the popularity of compact crossovers these days, it was only a matter of time before Kia made the next move to produce a KX3 for other markets around the world.
Apart from the name change, Kia’s incoming competitor to the likes of the Honda HR-V, Peugeot 2008 and Ford Ecosport appears to possess an uncanny resemblance to the KX3. At the rear, the tail lamps do differ slightly from the ones on the KX3, but the overall silhouette still has hints of a squashed Sportage rear end – much like the KX3.
A couple of years ago, the Korean automaker exhibited the Kia Niro concept – which presented an ultra-futuristic glimpse into what a compact crossover could look like. That would mean a naturally-aspirated, 1.6 litre mill with 123 hp and 151 Nm of torque, paired to either a six-speed manual or six-speed automatic gearbox.
In term of build quality, Android smoothness, temperature ventilation, system software support, it is still no way close to sushi products (e.g.

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The frame of the car has been expertly designed and engineered to promote superior performance on the streets. He appreciates the simple things in life – a simple car with nothing but back-to-basics mechanical engineering and minimal electronics on board.
VW Germany already said that even 2014 DSG cannot be used in hot countries and countries with traffic jams.
Other gearbox tech like plain old torque converter auto and various CVT techs will be here for a long time to come.
The interior is also well integrated to be able to provide much needed comfort and efficiency for the driver.
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While most concept cars are only able to comfortably accommodate two people, the SR1 provides a third seat that is strategically nestled behind the driver’s and front passenger’s seats. For example, a 10 month old 2014 Toyota Camry 2.5 now selling for RM120,000, down from RM180,000. This car has been expertly designed to be able to meet every consumer’s requirement in terms of performance, comfort and efficiency.
So, Toyota salesman, pls lah, don’t be jealous and come here disguising your names as various people.

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