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You can use this loan calculator to work out what your monthly repayments might be for various loan amounts, repayment periods and annual interest rates. An amortization schedule reveals the specific dollar amount put towards interest, as well as the specific put towards the Principal balance, with each payment.
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UML structural diagrams are categorized as follows: class diagram, object diagram, component diagram, and deployment diagram. From the class Account, two classes have inherited, namely, Savings Account and Current Account. Example : The following figure shows an object diagram of a portion of the class diagram of the Banking System.
The following figure shows a component diagram to model a system’s source code that is developed using C++. A deployment diagram puts emphasis on the configuration of runtime processing nodes and their components that live on them. Get advice for managing credit cards, building your credit history and improving your credit score. Now we’ll look at the other side of the balance sheet, which has liabilities and stockholder equity, and initially we’ll focus on liabilities.
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It comprises of the classes, interfaces, and collaborations of a system; and the relationships between them.
In each zone, one branch is designated as the zonal head office that supervises the other branches in that zone.
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A balance sheet is a statement of the financial position of a company at a specific point in time. The first thing you will notice is that it is as of December 31, 2011, so it shows the amounts on that specific date, and again, it’s in thousands of dollars. These are items that have value but are not expected to be turned into cash during the next year in the normal course of operations. Just as with assets, there are current liabilities, those items that need to be paid within the next twelve months, and long term liabilities, or those items that aren’t due for more than a year.

Remember, you can download the Financial Statement Analysis eBook, which includes over 50 definitions and ratio calculations.  It also includes an excel spreadsheet that will calculate key ratios when you input financial data. Current assets are cash, cash equivalents, and any asset that is expected to be turned into cash in the next twelve months.
In this case we have first, the fixed assets: the company’s investment in property, plant, and equipment.
Typical current items would be accounts payable, the bills from vendors that have not yet been paid, and the current portion of long-term debt.
If you need debt collection assistance, we are specialists in large business to business claims and we can refer you to other agencies if your needs do not fit with our expertise. Connected to the server are the client nodes, where each node represents a terminal device such as workstation, laptop, scanner, or printer. Typically they are reported at the same time as an income statement, so at the end of a month, the end of a quarter, or the end of a year.
On the left side is assets and on the right side there are two major categories with bolded titles: liabilities and stockholder equity. That is what makes an asset a current asset – that it will become cash during the normal course of operations in the coming year. It is called book value because it is an accounting measure, and not necessarily what the business would actually sell for. Please avoid posting private or confidential information, and also keep in mind that anything you post may be disclosed, published, transmitted or reused. But it is for a specific point in time whereas the income statement is for a period of time.
The balance sheet needs to balance, and that means the value of total assets, which in this case is $8,374,000, needs to equal the value of total liabilities and equity, which we see is also $8,374,000.
Cash equivalents are financial instruments that can easily be turned in to cash such as certificates of deposits or CDs. The cumulative amount originally spent to purchase fixed assets is shown as the Gross Value, which for this company totaled just over $2 million.
Current liabilities will also include any taxes that aren’t paid or other expenses that we know we have to pay but we don’t actually have an invoice for yet.
Shareholders Equity is made up of two components: the amount of money that was invested in the company by shareholders by purchasing stock and then the retained earnings over the course of the operation of the company.
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Sometimes the balance sheet is referred to as the statement of net worth, because it does show the equity value or net worth of the business. If a balance sheet doesn’t balance, that means there is something wrong with the financial statements.
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Depreciation expense is determined by accounting rules to expense the cost of fixed assets over their useful life. An example of accrued expenses is when you use a law firm, and you know by the end of the month that you owe them money but they haven’t sent their invoice yet, so you estimate the amount owed and show that as an accrued liability. It is reduced when dividends are given to shareholders, since those earnings are no longer retained but are being distributed. We offer a huge inventory of new, Lexus certified pre-owned, and professionally inspected non-Lexus vehicles. These are assumed to have very short terms, typically net 30 or net 60 days, and therefore they can be turned into cash within a year and that’s why they are a current asset. For example the computer on your desk may have cost the company $1,000 when purchased and this $1,000 is included in the gross value. Adding up all these current liabilities, also known as short-term liabilities, shows a total of $1,839,000 for this company.
Inventory includes raw materials, work in process and finished goods and the expectation is that the inventory on a specific date will be sold during the next year and will be replaced with new inventory.
The company will have depreciation expense of $200 a year for 5 years if that is the expected useful life of the computer, and after three years of $200 depreciation expense annually, the accumulated depreciation would be $600. This company also had some long-term debt that does not have to be paid back in the next 12 months, so that’s recorded as a long-term liability.
So for this company the amount of investment was relatively small—only $194,000—but over the years they have accumulated over $4 million in net income as shown in the value of retained earnings. The net value of property, plant, and equipment is calculated by subtracting the accumulated depreciation from the gross value.
We add the long-term liabilities to the current liabilities and we get the total liabilities of $4,171,000.
Not until much later payments into the loan does the payment allocation towards principal and interest even out and subsequently tip the majority of the monthly payment toward Principal balance pay down. For example, if you pay your insurance bill at the beginning of the year and it’s good for 12 months, most of payment is a prepaid expense for insurance coverage to be provided throughout the year, not just the day the bill was paid.
Another long-term asset is a note receivable for $349,000 that is not due in the next 12 months.
Now as we said before, the balance sheet needs to balance, so we add total liabilities and total shareholder’s equity together, which $8,374,000, and as we saw, this is the same amount as total assets. Deposits with utility companies or for short-term leases are also included in other current assets. If some of the note receivable was due in the next 12 months, that portion would be shown in the current assets category. We take the total of these non-current assets, including the fixed assets, and we add that to the current asset, and that gives us a total value of assets of $8,374,000.

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