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The features of 3 the Types of EMI calculator available in Excel are comprised of some ordinary features for calculation of EMI on loans, computation of statements of monthly interest payable, statement of monthly loan payment, and statement of unpaid loan amount.
If you are looking for the best solutions in the 3 Types of EMI calculators offered in Excel, look no further.
If you are searching for the best calculator for figuring out how much you will be paying on a new loan, or what you will be attributing above principal over time, the Excel EMI calculator resource is the most reliable tool for configuring your financial plan.
Download of new applications in Excel for EMI calculator functions should precede the undertaking of a major finance accounting task.
This is even better news for First Home Buyers in NSW looking to get into the market before the stamp duty exception is cut 31 Dec.
The care and service you’ll get as an Illawarra Home Loans customer is backed by over 20 years experience from directors David Underhill and Martin Anstee and funding from some of the top lenders in Australia.
12 April 2012 by IHL Customer Service Find Australia's Investment HotspotsIn today’s slow property market, investors are increasingly searching for properties that will put money in their back pocket straight away. You may wish to do this to tide you over until capital growth returns to the Australian property market in earnest, to balance out a portfolio dominated by negatively geared property, to improve your serviceability in the eyes of the banks or simply to boost your monthly earnings. Whatever your reason for seeking out positively geared property, you’re unlikely to find one in your backyard. Here is a shortlist of the country’s top cash flow positive hotspots – putting a dollar figure on how much a median priced property bringing in the suburb’s average weekly rent will put in your back pocket each week.
There are a few suburbs that fulfilled the above criteria but, on closer inspection, the data proved too good to be true. Unsurprisingly it’s the nation’s mining regions that make up the bulk of the list, with eight of the 20 biggest weekly earners being found in Western Australia. It’s well known that the Pilbara’s rich iron ore industry has been pushing up rents and prices in the Hedland vicinity, with the mining industry’s major players providing subsidised rents for their essential workers.
The WA government expects the city’s population to hit between 40,000 and 50,000 by 2015, and its royalties for regions department is already in the process of upgrading the area’s amenities.
In terms of the best yielding properties, it’s new properties that are achieving the best rents. Another coastal Pilbara town, Karratha’s rental market is also driven by a big demand for accommodation from the resources sector and a limited supply of accommodation. One major difference between Karratha and the Hedland region is that the powers that be in Karratha have managed to negotiate native title issues and release more land for new development than their Hedland counterparts. Looking at SQM Research figures, Karratha’s residential vacancy rate rose from well under 1% in July 2011 to 1.9% in October 2011, which was its highest figure since September 2009. Bulgarra, which is close to the ocean on Karratha’s eastern tip, is considered to be one of the most desirable suburbs in town, and has benefitted from recent amenity upgrades. It’s worth noting, however, that with such affordable prices come not so spectacular cash flows.
With the Kalgoorlie Superpit (the largest open cut gold mine in the country) being located right next to the town, its rental market is dominated by mine workers. There are very few properties in Kalgoorlie that are rented directly by the mining companies to house their workers, but 12-month and two-year leases are still sought by tenants in what is a highly competitive rental market. There are seven cash flow hotspots that make the grade in Queensland, with the resources industry once again proving to be the major factor that’s driving up rental yields.
With a median house price of $460,500 and an average gross rental yield of 13.6%, the Bowen Basin coal mining community of Dysart is the nation’s cash flow capital. The price range for three-bedroom homes is at $590,000 to $700,000, while four-bedroom houses can go for as much as $890,000. Another Bowen Basin town, Moranbah’s median gross rental yield for houses of 10.4% puts it right up there as one of the nation’s cash flow hotspots.
One recent development is the Queensland government’s recent ruling that 80% of BMA’s proposed Caval Ridge Mine workforce must now live in the local region – rather than joining the ranks of fly in, fly out workers.
BMA had initially had its plans for a 70% fly-in, fly-out workforce approved but this figure was drastically cut back in line with the state government’s new Major Resource Project Housing Policy amid protests from the Moranbah community that it would miss out on the economic benefits of the region’s booming mining industry.

New government conditions now stipulate that BMA must build 160 homes in Moranbah by 2013, as well as an extra 240 in the Bowen Basin by 2017. The Caval Ridge Mine, for example, which is scheduled for completion in 2014, is expected to bring in 2,000 workers during construction, while 500 will be required to service the mine full-time. Around a three-hour drive south of Dysart, and a four-hour drive south of Moranbah, Blackwater’s median house price of $356,000 makes it a more affordable option than its two better-known Bowen Basin cash flow hotspots.
It’s also an area that has experienced exceptional capital growth in recent times, with RP Data recording 12-month growth for houses of 19% and average annual growth over the last 10 years of 35%. While the median weekly advertised rent for houses in Blackwater is $650, newer properties are achieving the best yields, with weekly rents of $1,200-$1,400 not being out of the question.
Mining companies that accommodate their workers in Blackwater will have certain criteria that a property must fulfil before they’ll sign a lease. Investors who purchase older properties are coming to Blackwater with the mindset that renovations may well be in order before they can offer their property out to the local mining companies. We were already featured on Sunrise the day after the RBA’s November rate decision for having the best interest rate on the market and, this was before we’d cut our rates!
EmailWhen seniors tap the equity in their home through a loan, they're re-leveraging their investment in their personal residence. What if you could get a lump- sum cash payment by signing away part of the home's expected future price appreciation instead of taking on additional debt? While this contract isn't limited to seniors, the average age of people entering into the contract is 58, according to Nash. The calculators also allow for features such as wanted EMI, rounded EMI on loan amounts, and multipurpose activities for setting up loan repayment, loan increases over time and rates according to floating or fixed interest agreements.
There are now eleven features or purposes programmed into the multipurpose EMI calculators in Excel.
Easy computation of changes to agreements with personal loan EMI calculator excel allows you to audit terms and conditions on contract. Excel provides periodic updates so that new features can be added to your existing calculator capabilities. By keeping current on EMI features, it is likely that your financial accounting will be improved. With mortgage interest rates sitting at around the 7% mark at present, your property will most likely need to yield at least 8% to cover your repayments and holding costs. However, in Bellara the median unit price of $110,000 was skewed downwards by holiday park units – creating an unrepresentative median yield.
Six of these are in and around the Pilbara boom towns of Karratha, Port Hedland and South Hedland, while five are in the Kalgoorlie vicinity. Our calculations suggest that weekly pre-tax cash flow of $300-$400 is on offer for median priced properties in these markets. But with median weekly rents now pushing $2,000 for houses in Port Hedland and $1,400 in South Hedland, it’s fair to ask whether the cash flow gravy train can continue to roll on. The entry price for a new one-bedroom apartment is around $600,000, and this type of property will yield 11-12%. Some, however, believe that the slight easing of Karratha’s rental market is a short-term measure, as any new rental stock will met by an increased demand for accommodation as local resource projects go ahead. Baynton, which is further inland to the west of the CBD, is yielding well thanks to the new housing estate in the west of the suburb. These are Boulder (units), Kalgoorlie (units) and houses in the satellite community of Coolgardie (around 40km south-west of Kalgoorlie CBD. The opportunity to buy into a cash flow positive market for a median unit price of $178,000 (Boulder) or $225,000 (Kalgoorlie) is certainly nothing to be sniffed at. According to our calculations, a median priced unit in Kalgoorlie that achieved the median rent would bring in just over $14 per week before tax, for example. Couples and young families, in particular, need rental accommodation and the majority of units will suit this demographic.

The coal mining region of the Bowen Basin scores particularly well, with four of its communities making the top 20 (Dysart, Moranbah, Blackwater and Emerald). According to our calculations, a median priced house, bringing in the median weekly rent could create as much as $550 per week in pre-tax income.
Increasing employment and Dysart’s housing shortage have created plenty of competition amongst employers who are keen to find accommodation for their workforce. Investors may choose to stick to the lower end of the scale to reduce the risk associated with buying in a town that’s reliant on the resources sector, but the continued strength of the local economy, combined with a shortage of land in Dysart, will keep the property market strong. In fact, based on our calculations, a median priced house bringing in the median rent for the town could add $150 to your pre-tax income each week. In normal circumstances, such an increase in property numbers might dampen the rental market of an area with just over 7,000 residents (7,133 according to 2006 Census data), but Moranbah has a miniscule vacancy rate of 0.2% according to SQM Research’s October figures and Exposito notes that the local mines are expecting to recruit 5,000 new workers this year. The property may need to have security doors, security screens and air conditioning in all bedrooms, for example.
While a reverse mortgage doesn't have a monthly payment, the monthly interest expense is capitalized, meaning it is added to the outstanding loan balance. It's the change in the index over time that determines the amount of home price appreciation paid by the homeowners to EquityKey, not the actual sales price or appraised value of their home. You select the amount of future appreciation that you are comfortable selling, which determines the amount the firm is willing to pay. If home prices in your area go down over time, the company shoulders that risk up to the amount of money it paid you.
It's not going to be right for everyone and doesn't come with the mandatory counseling required for a reverse mortgage. We ask that you stay on topic, respect other people's opinions, and avoid profanity, offensive statements, and illegal content. Please refer to Bankrate's privacy policy for more information regarding Bankrate's privacy practices. Bankrate may be compensated in exchange for featured placement of certain sponsored products and services, or your clicking on certain links posted on this website.
In Carrickalinga, median advertised weekly rents were pushed up significantly by short-term holiday lets, and the average yield was therefore not representative of the regular residential housing market.
As in Dysart, a shed will also push up demand from tenants: we estimate that 80% of tenants in Moranbah are tradespeople who will need storage space for tools.
To date, most contracts have been written in California and Florida, but Equity Key plans to roll out underwriting in other major cities.
Homeowners can buy back the contract if they want to stop sharing future appreciation, but if they do it before 6 years, it triggers an early termination clause. Unlike a reverse mortgage, there aren't triggering life events that make the agreement come due, and the home doesn't have to be your primary residence. If you're in a market that the firm serves, and you're interested in the product, I'd suggest hiring a fee-based financial planner to discuss the implications of the contract in your overall financial plan. Please keep in mind that we reserve the right to (but are not obligated to) edit or delete your comments. Uses for the different EMI calculator types include: home loan eligibility, floating loan rates, fixed rates, vehicle EMI, accelerated repayment of loan, lump sum repayment scheduling and even reverse EMI computation. Please avoid posting private or confidential information, and also keep in mind that anything you post may be disclosed, published, transmitted or reused. Everything you need to manage your outstanding loan accounts is available in the Excel EMI calculator options.

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