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Life Insurance Corporation Of India (LIC India) is one of the leading life insurance companies in India.Insuring our lives is a must for safeguarding the lives of our dependents, financially.
Whether you are looking for details on policies, revivals, maturities, policy lapses or simply looking for directions to locate the doctor in your area, you will find what you need, at the LIC Enterprise portal.You can also track all your policy details on the portal and a few clicks into the website will enable you to access all information you require regarding your policies. Premium calendar – This tool provides a monthly calendar for the policies and the amount of premiums to be paid.
Revival quote – This tool provides you a revival quote, if your policy period is lapsed. Office Locator – using this tool, you can locate the nearest LIC office in India based on where you reside.
Premium Calculator – This is a very useful tool that lets you select a policy and calculate the premium amount.
Insurance selector – This lets You choose a suitable plan from a wide range of Life Insurance policies, based upon your needs.
Apart from the above, you can also view other details like policy maturity, ULIP policies, pension policy, group schemes, group pension and what are you waiting for? But I have not get the receipt of that.Previously I was getting all the receipts on my mail ID. The registration process is fairly straight forward and you can define your own password for your account.Upon registration, the portal provides the following tools to completely manage your life insurance policies online.
As a union territory, the city is ruled directly by the Union Government of India and is not part of either state.

If not, get yourself insured immediately.With the growing user base of Internet users in India, major insurance companies like the Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) has a very comprehensive online portal to cater to the needs of customers, Development Officers, Agents and Employees. The portal also lets you update you profile information, if any,and also intimate any address change. The city of Chandigarh was the first planned city in India post-independence in 1947 and is known internationally for its architecture and urban design.
Through the portal, you can also subscribe to the SMS facility, for intimation of information such as premium due date etc., through mobile. Le Corbusier designed an iconic city, fulfilling not just a utopian agenda, but reflecting concepts of ‘modernism’ movement that arose in Europe but took root here too.The original plan was divided into a grid of 30 sectors with the Capitol Complex as well as the Civic Centre as its focal points. Sector 17 was designed as the Central Business District and a greenbelt at the centre ran north east to south west.
Wide roads planned in a systematic hierarchy provide structure to the city which has well planned facilities.
Creation of the Union Territory of Chandigarh in 70 sq km as Capital City and 26 adjoining villages in 44 sq km. Out of the 1315 sq km extended periphery, 1021 sq km of the Periphery Control Area went to Punjab, 295 sq km to Haryana with remaining area of 114 sq km forming the UT with the Capital City for all its present and future needs. Called the ‘Chandigarh Urban Complex’ (CUC) Plan covering 330 sq km, it comprised of Chandigarh Union Territory (UT), parts of Mohali and its adjoining 27 villages and parts of Panchkula and 23 villages. The area of this plan was entirely within the originally conceptualized 8km radius periphery control belt.

The CUC Plan declared the area north of the Capitol Complex as ‘No Development Zone’.2008-Notification of the ‘GMADA REGIONAL PLAN 2056’ by Punjab covering 1021 sq km , creating 7 Integrated Economic Hubs consisting of a huge agglomeration in absolute continuity to the  Chandigarh  UT  and  containing  major  drivers  of economic  growth . The proposed Chandigarh Master Plan 2031 respects its historical legacy and optimises on its constraints of land.
The plan is an attempt to redeem an efficient circulation network and extensive lung space as well as the scenic backdrop of the Shivalik Hills against which lies the dramatic Capitol Complex given its due place of pride.
The plan provides a useful base for regulating development and building activity in the entire UT of Chandigarh.
This is perhaps due to the rapid pace of urbanization taking place in the neighbouring towns of Mohali, Panchkula, Zirakpur, Kalka, Kharar, etc. Population for the Chandigarh U.T has also been projected based on the holding capacity of the area. Considering the pattern of development followed in Chandigarh, the Existing LandUse Plan is being detailed out in two parts. Part I comprises of planned development included in the original plan (Phase I & II) and the subsequent developments made as part of the extended sectoral grid (Phase III ).
While evolving this landuse plan, care has been taken to preserve the sectors which have already been planned and the landuses which have already been defined in the planning of the sectors.Accordingly, no change is proposed in the landuse already defined in the sectors falling in Phase I, Phase II and Phase III.

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