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One of the largest and nationalized sectors in terms of insurance is none other than Life Insurance Corporation of India.
Amongst various companies which are associated with Housing finance, it is lic housing finance, which is the largest association in India providing lic housing loan  across. Lic housing finance  seem to have gained possession as the most widespread and extensive network build for marketing In India. To make your home loan journey a smooth sail, in this article we will help you to know eligibility criteria, rates of interest, process, necessary documents, emi. Best place find home loans india, nri loans, housing finance companies, housing loan interest rates, home finance , property finance.
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Not only is the organization largest insurance sector but it is also the largest investor throughout India. After being incorporated on 19th June, 1989 affiliated by companies Act, 1956, the promotion of company was labeled as LIC of India which became public in 1994. The company is also making efforts in providing loan and finance for availing property as per business needs along with personal needs as well. The marketing network widens in terms of six regional offices along with back offices which are in total 13 in number and its head office which is set in Mumbai also including 181 marketing zones. In concern of people who are connecting with lic housing loan, there are sale agents (773), home loan agents (3400) and that of customer relationship associates total 615 in number for extending the marketing of lic housing. From within the expenses generated by Indian Government, approximately 24.6 percent of the amount is funded by LIC.

Activities like construction for nursing homes along with clinics and diagnostic centers are also provided loans. Found in 1956, LIC was established along with amalgamation of about 243 companies along with societies.

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