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Manish Chauhan 1,025 CommentsAre you frustrated because of the delay in your EPF withdrawal or EPF transfer?
I would like to share the success with RTI. I opted for EPF withdrawal about 4 months back, and did not receive my PF amount until I decided to file an RTI Application. Yep RTI does the trick most of the time , I got all my PF issues sorted out with RTI application and have all the written proofs with cheque numbers etc for all my previous transfers.
RTI as we all know is a common man’s tool to get a speedy and clear information from any govt office.
The first step is to go to Post Office and buy a Postal Order for Rs 10.  It should be in favor of Accounts Officer of the Concerned EPFO Office.
The letter should be addressed to Central Public Information Officer, Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation, (Provide Concerned PF office address).
Make sure you mention your Name, Address, Contact telephone number and your Email id along with EPF account number. The final step is to send this RTI letter by Registered post only, as no courier is accepted. Note that in case of EPF withdrawal case , all you need to do is file an RTI query for the concerned EPF office.
You will first have to file an RTI for the Source EPFO office to find out if the transfer has happened from their side or not.
File an RTI application for the Target EPFO and this time, along with all the details also mention about the first RTI and the response you have got from the Source, so that you show them all the proof of what you have done. When you file an RTI application, there are some very important points you should remember, because incase you don’t take care of some very critical points, it would mean rejection of your application and unnecessary work again. Do not address your RTI application to the PIO by his name, just in case he gets transferred or a new PIO is designated in his place, it will be an issue. Can you share your experience about EPF withdrawal or EPF transfer and in case you have used RTI for resolving the issue? I had served my ex company for 10 months apr 2015 to feb 2016.Now i want to withdraw my pf so could you please tell me that am i able to withdraw full amount(my contribution as well pension too or just my contribution? For my next article, will you be able to give me a short writeup on your overall experience of using RTI online?
I need your help in preparing an RTI Application, not for EPF but to other Government office. When I checked my IBM PF statement today , it is only showing interest update up to March 2015. I am not able to transfer my old account to new account since my details like date of birth not updated in PF account.I am working on making the update with IBM. Admission letter is a formal letter which is sent by educational institute’s management to an applicant who applied to get into a class or course to tell him or her that their application has been approved and the management welcomes them it their institution.

Once you have passed your high school, it’s time to apply for a college which is offering your favorite subjects as majors. The key purpose of this letter is just to let the applicant know that he has been selected along with a date to join and dues to pay before starting the classes. It’s necessary to tell the applicant that why the school or college has selected him or her among thousand other applicants.
Although the applicant was all on your mercy but there is no need to show it to the applicant. Also it’s very important to list all the rules and regulations the institution has and you are supposed to obey all of them. We are constantly adding new documents and features to address user requests and the evolving business landscape. Our Business-in-a-Box software gives you unlimited lifetime access to our entire collection of 1,800 business and legal document templates. Are you waiting from many months or years at times to get any kind of clarity on your EPF status? It is only when you personally visit the EPFO offices, you get some clarity, but even that does not help.
After submitting the forms, after around 3 months, the EPFO claimed that they transferred my withdrawal money to my bank account. Supreme Court has clearly mentioned under article 19(1) that Right to Information is a part of Right to Speech & Expression. All you need to do is write a letter on a normal paper (better take a very high quality A4 size paper). Please make sure you keep the acknowledgement receipt carefully for all the future communication (if any). But in case of Transfer of EPF, there are two EPF offices involved, they are Source and Target.
It might be the case that they rejected your application and you don’t even know about it. Now you should get a reply from them again within next 30 days on what is their action and what is the exact status of your EPF transfer. However addressing the Officer by name has its own advantage like when it reaches his desk, by seeing his name, he might see more interest in opening it and that might mean speedy work.
When you want to get into an institute to continue your studies, you have to send an application letter to that school or college.
You can’t just send out an application to a single college and wait for their response but you have to apply for a number of colleges so that at least one of them will approve your application.
The qualities they saw in you, abilities that will help you to study there and your personality which will be compatible with the institution. If it’s not too much also tell the fine or plenty you will face if you violate a rule or misbehave with teachers or management.
These types of news are conveyed through acceptance letters that should be clear, concise and well written. So now if you are fed up with the EPFO office and it’s slow speed of work, what’s the final step you can take? Now, as EPFO comes under the RTI purview, you can file an RTI application and ask anything you want about your EPF.
Though there is no specific format for RTI application letter, still there are some rules of drafting it. They will help you create the RTI letter and then you need to download it, sign it, scan it and send it back to them by courier or ordinary post. They would speed post it to the concerned officer and also enclose the fee. In that letter you ask them to consider you for their institute and you provide a number of elements which may get you an interview.

Thousands of applicants apply every year for a single college and it’s not possible to answer their inquiry calls and tell them their status but the colleges have this admission letter process. If it’s possible tell the applicant that management is very happy to have you on board and looking forward to welcome you in the school or college. It does not matter for which reason you are writing acceptance letter but the basic purpose of writing is to confirm that you understand the offer and now you […]Sample Scholarship Letter Scholarships are organized by different educational institutions to sponsor education of poor students.
In this article I will show you how you can use file an RTI application and successfully get lot of information and at times get your work done at a speed which you never imagined. Filing RTI application for EPF information has worked wonders for many people and they claim that it works brilliantly (if you do it right way).
Govt is bound to respond within 30 days to your letter with all the information you had asked. The fees can also be paid by demand draft, but that would be expensive, better go for Postal order as it is commonly used for RTI. If you get a reply that the Transfer has still not happened, then they will let you know by when it will happen or give some pointers on the situation, but in case they say that they have transferred it from their side, then it means that the issue is on Target EPF office and they might not have processed your transfer yet. Once the institute’s administration is interested in you, they send you an interview letter to meet you in person and to make sure that you are what you have described in the application.
Through this letter they contact every of their applicant to let them know if they got selected, got rejected or on a waiting list. In order to apply for the scholarship, students have to write scholarship letters with scholarship applications. I know your eyes are shining, but let’s understand some background before you rush to find out how it works! Each time I got the same answer saying that the money has been transferred and has not been returned back to EPFO, so it must have been deposited to my bank account and I should check my bank account. Around 6 months went in this process with no results.
So if you are unclear about what your EPF status is or if your EPF transfer work has even started? Once you have delivered a successful and impressive interview, they evaluate you among other applicants and if you gain more points, they send you an authorization letter to let you know that you are selected in the course you were interested in and that authorization document is also called an admission letter. If you want to prove yourself a best candidate for the scholarship then it is essential to write scholarship letter to highlight your qualifications.
As a last option, I filed an RTI application and to my surprise, the money got deposited in my bank account in 5 days (with additional interest for 6 months) and also received a reply for my RTI application.If EPF grievance system does not work for you, go for RTI.
Why did your EPF money still not credited in your bank account etc etc… You can ask all these questions and you should be getting the 100% right and clear answers within 30 days.
In order to write a […]Authorization Letter An authorization letter is a legal document which gives permission to a third person to act according to the situation of your behalf. This is a letter by which you transfer your decision making powers to someone else for a short time so that he or she would take decisions when you are not around.
If your query is related to Mumbai office, then your application is automatically sent to Mumbai CPIO. Statuses, influence, ability for signing a legal document like contract or something or […]Sample Permission Letter Permission letter is a widely used letter and it serves as both formal business document and informal family letter. When writing a permission letter, you ask for a person to grand you an authority to do something or take decisions on his behalf or as a reply to a previous letter, you write this letter to accept his request and grant him the permission he wants.
As it’s a routine […]Sample Application Letter It is considered that if you want to search a job then a resume is important but only resume is not enough because lots of people are also applying for the same job. If you want to stand out in the crowd then you should have something special to show your qualifications and credentials. You can do this easily by writing an application letter that is important to enclose your resume.

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