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The carrying value of a bond is the par value or face value of that bond plus any unamortized premiums or less any unamortized discounts. Download this accounting example in excel to help calculate your own Bond Discount problems.
If you have taken a loan, paying EMI, or planning to get a loan then these free online financial calculators are likely to help you in getting a clearer overview  of the situation. Are you  paying more than the rate of interest which was set at the time of taking the loan?
We have also reviewed MyAmortizationChart amortization schedule calculator, you can click here to know more about it. Complete the form below, and we'll send you an e-mail every now and again with all latest news.
The net amount between the par value and the premium or discount is called the carrying value because it is reported on the balance sheet.

Instead, most bonds are issued at a premium or discount depending on the difference between the market rate of interest and the stated bond interest on the date of issuance. This account equals the difference between the face value of the bond and the actual cash collected from the bond sale. They are  EMI calculator, affordability calculator, online amortization schedule calculator, Effective interest rate calculator, and online calculator for save-up. It helps people in debt to figure out an easy loan-payback program and to get out of liability within specified time period.
In situation, you have a floating rate f interest then the actual EMI is likely to deviate. It can come quite handy in situation where you want to play with other attributes and calculate rate of interest as per the variation. Here, you evaluate the EMIs being paid against the  rate of interest, which was promised to you.

These premiums and discounts are amortized over the life of the bond, so that when the bond matures its book value will equal its face value. On the financial statements, the bond premium or discount account is netted with the bonds payable to arrive at the carrying value of the bond.
To calculate your loan affordability, you will need to enter the desired EMI, Rate if Interest, and duration for which you desire the loan.
As you can see from this bond amortization schedule, column D and column E always add up the the bond par value or face value of $500,000. The carrying value or book value of a bond is the actual amount of money that the bond issuer owes the bondholder at any one point in time.

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