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Companies, which are, registered as sole proprietorships, partnerships or private limited companies can avail an unsecured business loan. In case advance taxes were paid and other eligibility criteria are met, most banks would consider your application for a business loan. Yes, it is necessary for you to own a house in the same city where you are availing the loan.
Is there a possibility of rejection in case there are inward cheque bounces in the banking account? Yes, there is an increased probability of rejection in case of cheque bounces in the account. Yes, outward bounces can affect the approval of a loan but the weightage given is much lower than that of inward cheque bounces.
It may, as all existing obligations are taken into consideration while calculating the maximum loan amount for a business loan. Yes, most banks allow both these options after the existing loan has run for a specific period of time. Would there be any benefits in going for a business loan from a bank, with which I have an existing relationship?
Banks do not tie a business loan to any specific purpose and so they can be used for any purpose.
Interest rates on business loans vary based on the profile of the customer, the bank being dealt with and the loan amount applied for.Profile of the customer for the purpose of a business loan is determined through the credit history, turn-over of the business, qualification, profession, etcTo get a clear idea about the existing rates on business loans, please refer to the product listing.
Normally the rates quoted on business loans are monthly diminishing in nature, wherein the interest to be paid is calculated based on the outstanding principal for the month.And usually business loans come with fixed diminishing rate schemes only.
The maximum loan amount for a business loan is dependent on multiple parameters related to the financials of the company. Most banks offer tenures ranging from a minimum of 1 year to a maximum of 5 years on business loans. Depending on the bank applied for, profile of the customer and availability of documents with the customer, the turn-around time can vary from a minimum of 3 days to a maximum of even a month in some cases.
Financial institutions insist on cheques to be collected from borrowers for security purposes. Part payments are normally not allowed in case of business loans though there may be some banks which allow the same.
It varies from bank to bank and it may be through a NEFT transfer directly to your account, or a demand draft or manager's cheque delivered to you physically.
The total loan amount approved by the bank and agreed upon by the customer, less the processing fee, service tax where applicable and insurance if opted for, would be the net amount that would be credited to your account. In case the loan and the account from which the loan would be repaid are with the same bank, then a standing instruction would be taken by the bank. Is there flexibility in making payments through my individual account when the loan is availed by my company? With most lenders, for loans availed before the 20th of a particular month, the EMI is payable from the following month.
Depending on the bank, you may be able to get a top-up on the existing loan, subject to their terms and conditions. Get the best rates and a wide choice of products ranging from unsecured loans to overdrafts, letters of credits and cash credits.
Credit history of the borrower.EligibilityBeing unsecured in nature, lenders have stricter norms regarding eligibility and sanctioning of personal loan.
A property with an outstanding home loan is the one that is classified as a mortgaged property.
However, one common problem faced by both buyers and sellers of mortgaged properties is a lack of clarity regarding how to deal with a property mortgaged with the bank.
Because of this deal, Ashvin managed to have the original property documents released from the bank. However, in case of property purchased through a home loan, all original papers are mortgaged with the bank. Fees, charges, and interest rates: The new loan will involve payment of processing fees as well as all relevant legal and administration charges.
If the potential buyer wants to pay for the mortgaged property using his own funds without taking a home loan, the procedure is much simpler.
Letter from the bank: Firstly, the seller will need to obtain a letter from the bank where his property is mortgaged, wherein the bank states that they agree to relinquish the original property documents after the full and final payment has been made on the outstanding home loan. Paying off the outstanding loan: The lender usually specifies a date by which the seller must pay off the outstanding mortgage loan.
Buying a mortgaged property can sometimes be tricky since different rules govern the purchase of different kinds of properties. Comment If A New Comment Is PostedNotify on my comment via mailNotify me when new comments are added.
Typically, banks may finance up to 80% of the property value depending on factors such as location, documentation, deposit of necessary fees, builder repute, among others. Pre-approved housing loan from banks and other financial institutions provide the option to prospective home buyers to understand their loan worth, and invest accordingly. As the name suggests, pre-approved home loan means the sanction given by financial institutions to prospective buyers before they finalise any property. Along with validating these documents, lenders also fetch the CIBIL report in order to verify credit history of the applicant. Post the evaluation process, financial institution issues the approval letter containing the amount sanctioned as loan to the applicant.
Faster loan disbursal: Since most of the verification is done during the pre-approval stage, it becomes quicker to get the loan disbursed once the property is finalised. Focused house hunt: The housing market offers host of options to buyers including apartments, floors, independent houses, villas etc. Better negotiation power: With a sanction letter in hand, you will be in a better position to negotiate with the builders or sellers.

Better planned finances: The most important benefit of a pre-approved loan is that it makes you aware of your financial standing.
Although pre-approved loans inform you of the loan amount that can be disbursed to you, they do not guarantee that the loan will be disbursed. Demand for automatic cars has witnessed a steep rise in India with 1 in every 10 cars sold in the country being an automatic. As compared to 2015 figures, where automatic cars accounted for only 6% of all cars sold in India, this jump to the 10% mark recorded during the January to March quarter of 2016 is unprecedented.
Leading car models that are driving sales of the automatic vehicles in the Indian market include Tata and Tiago, Renault KWID as well as others. Hello buddy I want to know about the Home Loan Emi Calculator of State Bank Of Bikaner And Jaipur SBBJ please tell me ?? In this case, you may choose to either keep the EMI the same and reduce the loan tenure (that is pay off the loan faster) or decrease the EMI and keep the loan tenure the same (that is pay lesser amount every month). It is valuable to keep the EMI constant and reduce the loan tenure as you pay less interest to the bank in this option.
Other Discussions related to this topic Thread Dombivli Nagari Sahakari Bank Home Loan Calculator SBBJ Loan Scheme SBBJ Holiday Home Axis Bank Home Loan Calculator SBI Personal Loan Calculator Syndicate Bank Home Loan Eligibility Calculator Corporation Bank Home Loan Eligibility Calculator Ing Vysya Bank Home Loan Eligibility Calculator SBI home loan interest rate calculator SBI Loan EMI Calculator SBI Loan against Property Calculator Bank of India Home Loan Calculator Union Bank of India Home Loan Calculator IDBI home loan calculator SBI loan calculator personal loan SBI car loan EMI calculator Punjab National Bank Home Loan Calculator Central Bank of India Home Loan Emi Calculator SBI Loan Calculator Punjab National Bank Home Loan Emi Calculator Have a Facebook Account? Maruti-Suzuki Vitara Brezza, the recently introduced compact sports utility vehicle (SUV) from Maruti, has garnered an unprecedented level of interest.
Key competitors of Maruti-Suzuki Vitara Brezza in the Indian market include Mahindra TUV300 and Ford EcoSport.
We also assist in getting finance on all financial products through all other major Private Sector Banks, Non banking Finance Comapnies NBFC's and Nationalised Banks.
Business loans can be availed by both professionals and non-professionals.Secured loans for businesses refer to loans which require collaterals. Also, proprietors of proprietorship firms, professionals (Doctors, CA etc), partners in partnerships and Directors in private limited companies would be able to avail unsecured business loans as individuals. Most banks ask for a proof of continuity in business for a minimum of 3 years before approving a business loan.
But, most banks consider the loan application in case of less than 4 bounces during the last 6 months if there are valid reasons. Floating rate schemes, where the rate of interest changes based on the market conditions are more common in housing loans.
Along with these, there may also be charges for availing a credit shield which most banks offer and the service tax.
Roughly it may vary from 2 to 4 times of the net profit shown in the P & L statement of the company.
These cheques are utilized in case there is a problem with clearance for ECS.The number of cheques required varies depending on the financial institution and ranges from 3 to 7, depending on the tenor of the loan and other parameters.
Closure charges vary from bank to bank and in some cases vary based on the time of closure.
In case of top up loans, the amount credited would be the amount calculated above less the principal outstanding on the previous loan. The kit contains the repayment schedule showing the EMI amount, EMI payment date, ROI, tenor and the loan amount. In case these are at different banks, then the payments can be made either through ECS or through Post Dated Cheques (PDCs).
In case of companies which are not proprietorship firms (Private limited company, Partnership, etc), the same would not be possible.
In case of loans availed between the 20th and the last day of a month, the EMI is payable from the month after the next month. Whether you are a self-employed individual, a proprietor, a partner in a parternship firm or a director at a company, we have a product to suit your need. But some of the basic eligibility criteria the applicant must fulfill are:EMI & RepaymentMost lenders will require borrower to repay the loan within a period of 12 to 60 months maximum. In the following sections we will provide you with key information regarding the procedure.
Based on these documents, Ram got the property registered in his name and he also managed to get a home loan for the balance amount, which was processed within just 10 days.
In case the property has changed hands several times, the prospective buyer has the right to ask for a copy of all previous deeds, so as to confirm the authenticity of the property as well as all previous deals which involved the house. Hence, the seller could provide the buyer with photocopies of the required documents to initiate the deal.
This holds true even if the buyer avails a home loan from the same bank where the seller has mortgaged his property – the bank will still insist on closing the earlier loan first and only then the sale can be completed and a new loan issued for the property.
This makes the overall process faster because the bank already has all the property documents.
Following this, the buyer will need to pay an amount equivalent to is the loan amount outstanding at the time of purchase.
The time that the bank agrees to give the seller for making complete payment of the outstanding home loan can be worked out mutually between the two parties.
The original documents kept with the bank as security are released usually within 5-10 working days after the money is received. Apartments entail different rules as opposed to independent houses, while the rules governing sale of a plot of land involves different buying legalities and procedures.
Purchasing property not only exhausts our current savings, but also has a bearing on our future earnings. Therefore, financial institutions play an indispensable role in building one’s dream home, especially when personal savings are insufficient to make that dream house purchase possible. The procedure for pre-approved loan is almost same as the regular home loan, except that you don’t need to submit property documents just yet.
The banks will also look at any existing loan that the applicant has taken and will deduct that amount while calculating the approval limit. An important point to note here is that the sanction letter of pre-approved loan is usually valid for a maximum of 6 months and varies for different banks or financial institutions.

Knowing one’s loan eligibility helps the applicant to limit the search and focus on the property falling under that budget category. With a pre-approved loan, the seller will take you more seriously vis-a-vis other prospective buyers. The final loan disbursal is subject to such factors as the property and related documents, and due diligence guidelines of the bank.
According to a report published by Nielsen and Frost & Sullivan, with automatic cars already accounting for 10% of all cars sold in India and even more automatic car launches planned in the near future, this percentage is expected to continue increasing. In fact, subsequent to this report, automatic car sales volumes are expected to touch the 2 lakh level by the end of 2016. Among car makers, Maruti Suzuki, the pioneer of AMT tech in India (called AGS – automatic gear shift) seems to be best positioned to reap the benefits of this rapidly increasing demand. The vehicle’s booking numbers since launch have already exceeded 40,000 units with new booking wait times of 3 to 5 months.
Due to its lighter body and compact design, this SUV delivers mileage of up to 25 kms per litre. However as the new vehicle is being manufactured with a large degree of localisation, the Vitara has an edge over the competition in terms of pricing.
This varies from bank to bank and normally ranges around 2 to 3 months.It would be wise to resolve any problems which lead to the rejection of the current loan, before applying again.
In any case, it would be prudent on your part to get in touch with the bank to discuss the possible course of action to ensure a clean credit history. Your dedicated RupeeZone expert will tailor specific solutions to meet your needs and guide you through the complex process and make it absolutely hassle-free.
Firstly, the buyer has the benefit of getting a ready house in a good and established location with ready facilities. This was a classic win-win situation, where, Ram got a good deal on the house, Ashvin managed to sell his property with its outstanding mortgage loan to Ram at a decent price while using part of the proceeds to pay off his outstanding home loan. Based on the type of ownership and property, additional documents may be required such as a no-objection certificate (NoC) from the housing society and a documented consent if the property from the co-owners in case the property is jointly owned. In essence, this means that that the buyer purchases a mortgage-free property, because the process for the buyer getting his home loan is initiated only after the previous loan has been paid off in full. Therefore, all the relevant document submissions, verifications, evaluations and approvals will also take place as in case of a fresh loan. In case the money is not paid by the due date, the bank, at its discretion, may extend the date. Hence, it is always better to take legal guidance before proceeding to purchase a mortgaged property.
The decision to buy a property depends on your savings as well as the amount you can loan out from various sources such as banks and family. It is definitely wise to opt for a home loan, and even wiser to get a fair idea of your loan amount eligibility before investing in property.
Lenders  ask applicants to furnish mandatory documents, including income tax returns, pan card, address proof, bank account statement and salary slips. If the pre-approved loan is not utilised in that time period, the applicant will have to repeat the process again for loan approval. This helps buyers in case of properties that have a shorter window of transaction and have a time limit attached to their transaction.
This saves effort and time as the properties falling out of the scope will not be considered.
Further, you can then plan how much more money you need to save if you wish make a higher down payment and take lesser loan.
Further, the final loan application should be made within the time period stipulated in the sanction letter. One of the key reasons for the increased sales of automatic transmission vehicles is the introduction of AMT (automatic manual transmission), which is much cheaper than the traditional automatic transmission technology. The key Maruti Suzuki models that feature its AGS technology include Dzire, WagonR, Celerio and Alto, while the more expensive CVT (continuously variable transmission) technology is featured in Maruti Suzuki’s Baleno and Ciaz. First showcased by Maruti in the 2016 Auto Expo, this compact SUV was launched at a starting price of Rs.
Apart from the current manual diesel version, Maruti has also voiced intentions of introducing an automatic version as well as a petrol variant of the Vitara Brezza, which is expected to feature a cutting-edge 1 litre Boosterjet engine.
Secondly, the buyer deals with an individual seller rather than a sales team trying to hard sell a property.
But if you manage to pull it off, chances are you will have made one of the most lucrative and hassle-free investments of your life.
A processing fee is also levied on the pre-approved loan which is adjusted during the final loan disbursal. Also, once the sanction for pre-approved loan is over, your processing fee will neither be returned nor adjusted in a later home loan application. For instance, person with an eligibility of 50 lakhs will look for property under the Rs 45-55 lakh range and ignore all others. Generally the processing fee for personal loan is not taken upfront, but is deducted from the loan amount disbursed by the lender.DocumentsDocumentary proofs required may vary from customer to customer and the financial institute may ask for more documents, if required. But the biggest advantage by far is that the lending bank or NBFC has already conducted the necessary evaluations and verifications about the property in question. But these factors apart, pre-approved home loans give you a head start that a regular home loan doesn’t. You can start planning for your home well in advance and be ready to purchase it at the right time without having to deal with a last-minute loan rejection.

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