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Let’s face it; a lease is just a glorified rental car with payments spread out over 2-3 years. Of course it is true that there seems to be no repair costs on a lease, but it might surprise you how incidental fees (including repairs) add up to a bad deal. If you commit to leasing a car you had better be very confident that you will not exceed the mileage conditions. On the other hand, if you buy a new car you should intend on owning it for more than 3 years whereby the depreciation becomes less of a factor and you start to gain more and more equity in the car. Look at it this way; after the leasing company gets the car back from you (and charges you for most of the “conditioning”) they turn around and then sell the car at a profit. To maximize your investment on a purchase it is prudent to hire a car-buying specialist who has the ability to negotiate a wholesale purchase and of course use a professional selling service to get a premium on the return on your investment when you need to sell it. Greg Macke is a car blogger and author of “My 7 Secrets to Buying a High Quality Used Car”. Greg Macke is a car buying specialist, author and consumer advocate working closely in the industry to improve the buyer's experience.
Before making a decision on whether buying or leasing is the best option, our team recommends drivers assess all of the things they need in a new car. Buying a car is typically the best option for drivers who want to be in control of every decision that goes into their car.
Leasing is a great option for drivers who prefer switching to the newest vehicles on the market as they launch. The hard part is there are so many variables to consider when deciding, it’s really difficult to make a final choice. While consumers often compare the relative value and costs of renting versus buying, they often don’t make the same considerations when making another major purchase: A new car. The GoBankingRates guide contrasts the costs of buying a car against leasing, and finds that leasing is often the cheaper option, at least in the short-term. For questions about this report or to speak with a GoBankingRates editor, please use the contact information below. Experian Automotive, “Experian Automotive: 30- and 60-day delinquencies and repossessions increase but remain below recession-level highs,” 14 May 2013.

Cars Direct, “Average Car Lease Prices: Reference Points for Judging Good Deals,” 27 January 2013.
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The reasons given for leasing has more to do with the fact that leasing seems easier and has the added benefit of not having to deal with repair cost. However, if you were forced to terminate the lease contract due to a change of job, family emergency or loss of income due to injury, you will get slammed in penalties, as much as 6 monthly payments.
This is the nature of driving and most cars have a normal amount of wear and tear at the end of the lease term. You can have them give you a repair assessment so that you can have the repairs done before you officially turn the car back instead of being forced to pay their top dollar on the repairs that they consider excessive.
The only argument in favor of a lease other than running the car as a pure business deduction, is that leasing has a slightly lower monthly payment compared to financing a new car with the same loan terms. When you buy a car you will be the one with the end profit and not some multi-national corporation who wants you to think that leasing is a better alternative than owning. If you want convenience then that is the prudent way to buy and sell your cars and a far better idea than leasing. He is a professional car buyer and consumer advocate working closely in the industry to improve the buyer’s experience. Whether drivers travel often by car, prefer the newest technology or want the freedom to customize their ride, they should establish those needs first. Car owners are able to make decisions over their cars without having to worry about violating terms on a lease agreement. The personal finance site also provides a flowchart to help shoppers choose the best option for their needs. According to an analysis from CarsDirect, a new car will cost the buyer $11,736 over the first year of the auto loan, while leasing costs nearly $5,000 less annually at $7,000, including interest, tax and other fees.
Its expert editors have been featured and quoted on several premier finance websites like Yahoo! Just go on Craigslist and type in “take over lease” to see how many good people find themselves in this predicament.

It is only then that the light goes on in your head that the reason you were choosing to lease was to avoid all this repair stuff to begin with. If you need access to more cash every month, leasing may be more favorable, but then why would you be opting for a brand new car to begin with instead of buying a slightly used car at a steep discount? In the long run there is a high price to pay for the perceived convenience of leasing. Those who travel a lot for work or leisure may want to consider purchasing a car as most leases put limitations on mileage.
Drivers who prefer more short-term commitments while still having access to the latest technology can choose to lease a vehicle. For more information on leasing or buying a car in San Antonio, contact Ingram Park CDJ today.
The stakes are so high that people are desperate and willing to go through the trouble to re-lease their cars rather than pay the lease company the heavy penalty. Ingram Park CDJ wants to weigh the benefits and disadvantages of buying vs leasing a car in San Antonio, TX so area drivers can feel confident in their search for their next new car. Unless the vehicle was purchased with a loan, drivers also won’t have to deal with the hassle of monthly payments. Leasing a vehicle requires drivers to be mindful of mileage and wear and tear on the vehicle.
For instance I spoke with a woman who returned her Mini Cooper back to the dealership and there were a few tiny scratches on the bumper.
Once a lease is up and drivers have made all of their payments, however, they are no longer responsible for the vehicle. Her tires were not too bad with about 40% life left on them, but they charged her $600 for that. New tires become a necessary (and costly) expense on a leased car that you will incur and yet you do not benefit from that investment like you would if you actually owned the car.

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