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People are visiting their GP, rather than their dentist, with dental problems, according to a recent survey by ComRes.
The report found that 86 per cent of GPs in the UK had experienced patients coming in with toothaches and ulcers, conditions that should be treated by a dentist. David Worskett, chair of the Association of Dental Groups, said: "People often think that dentists focus purely on teeth and gums, but actually, they are specialists in most aspects of oral health and we often find GPs refer patients back to their dentist if there is any treatment required. We also offer a range of additional financial services, such as Lease, Lease Purchase and many more. Navig8 Product Tankers intends to use a portion of the proceeds to repay existing loans used to finance the vessels’ newbuilding contracts under the multi-bank loan facility announced by in October 2014.

The sale and leaseback agreements will see the LR2 tankers sold and delivered to BoComm for 10-year bareboat charters. Navig8 Product Tankers has purchase options to re-acquire the vessels during the charter period. Posted on August 5, 2016 with tags LR2 Tankers, Navig8 Product Tankers, sale-and-leaseback.
In mid-May 2016, Arklow Valiant left the harbour of Delfzijl, in The Netherlands, for her sea trials. Many had suggested that with waiting times being very long for dentists, many people do not bother hanging around if they are in pain.

Within this tough economic climate, with limited accessibility to business loans, many dental firms up and down the country are failing to grow organically.
November is Mouth Cancer Action Month and the British Dental Health Foundation is urging the public to visit their dentist, because they are best placed to spot dangerous problems, such as mouth cancer or the human papillomavirus. And with mouth cancer rates rising to over 7,500 new cases every year, this is not something that should be gambled with.

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