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Most base models of new cars feel especially impoverished when compared to more expensive models in the range.
Sure, you don’t get a flashy touchscreen, there are four plastic wheel covers fixed to the tires and you start it with this funny metal key. Yet this Civic model probably does the best job at carrying the nameplate forward while keeping the customers who’ve made the Civic a byword for practical and reliable transportation.
For a kickoff, the Civic’s newfound style is truly a success when it works on every version, from this LX to the most expensive models.
But left to your own devices, you can hang out in second and third long after the EPA would recommend to change up for better efficiency. You’re also happy behind the wheel because the driving position and quality of the materials has so greatly improved.

The news about the 2016 Civic may be focused on its slick new looks or the tech available or its fuel efficiency or the lavishly equipped Touring model. Here’s a story that will make all you octane-lovers sob like a kid who dropped his ice cream. This thing has been all over the country at Biker Rallys and Festivals, if only it could talk!! If they didn’t have a Civic, it was probably because they moved to an Accord or CR-V.
There is a refreshing honesty and lack of pretentiousness here that is rare for a new car targeted at young buyers. The tires may squeal in horror, but the Civic’s chassis comes alive more than one might expect.

Again, it’s suddenly 1990 when the Civic was a standout for refinement and grownup-ness that you had to come back for another Civic. Newspaper journalists probably bought most of the stick-shift Civics, and the dwindling number of print reporters is probably why the take rate of an LX manual has dwindled to almost nothing, according to Honda.
Automatic climate control is now standard, along with the obligatory Bluetooth and USB port.
Steering is good and with the ability to get power when you want it by downshifting, the car sort of encourages you to press on.

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