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Please enter your information below so we may get in touch with you and help you get out of your lease in as little as 24 hours! Our clients frequently recommend our services to their friends, family and colleagues, so it's vitally important that you are 100% satisfied with the service you receive from Take Over Lease. Our Video Your friendly, full service and surprisingly affordable lease management company, that handles every aspect related to lease transfers from finding top notch tenants ready to take over the remainder of the lease to guiding both parties negotiate for the best move in deals. Recently we conducted a completely unscientific poll on our Facebook page to find out what stores we miss most lately in and around Levittown. Po’ Folks was a restaurant in the Fairless Hill Shopping Center with plenty of southern charm, where Island Sun Tanning is now.
This entry was posted in Around Levittown, Levittown Memories, Uncategorized and tagged levittown, levittown memories, pa, po' folks, roosevelt drive-in, towne theater, two guys, woolworths. ARE YOU IN THE KNOW?Subscribe to our feedburner feed and we will deliver our articles to your inbox!
Since I,ve join the good folks on Buck Chat " Buckmaster White Tail Mag chat line" along with folks on ICQ that hunt & fish have asked me about were I hunt in Texas.
As a start again I live in Waco Texas and the closes place for me to hunt is about 30 miles south of Waco in a place called Gatesville. The lease is good for 1 year in which most folks will let you hunt what is in season for that year or they may just let you hunt only 1 section which means you may only get to hunt deer and if you want to turkey hunt it may cost you depends on the size of the place and how well you know the land owner.

The area in which you want to hunt has to be paid in advance prior to the next season then the owner will take you around the location for you to take your pick in the area in which you want to hunt from. The area above was shot was taken from the ground looking right just below a box stand shown below. All the stands that are on this lease also have propane heaters in them both ground and above ground stands.
Take Over Lease takes away all of the guesswork, time and stress from complicated lease transfers. We’ve collected the almost 200 comments and ranked them according to mentions from our March 26th post.
It was once the most modern theater built in the east and resided in our own Levittown Shop-A-Rama. It was a popular department store where, as a youngster, I remember enjoying a miniature bowling alley in the back of the store that had little brown, kid-friendly bowling balls. Woolworth Company set trends in the modern retail world of its time and had a store in our beloved Shop-A-Rama.
But, like many of our favorite attractions in and around town, it died a slow and unceremonious death. Some of these folks will build stands in remote areas on their land and may also place deer feeders in areas to draw the deer in.

This is were the scotting comes in, talking with the owner to see were the deer have been in the passed, what the kill ratio has been in each are and the size of bucks have been harvested in each area. It has a bed in the left, 2 - 5 gal buckets for bathroom usage and a swivel chair that can turn to look out all sides of the stand. Known as Woolworth’s or the five-and-dime, many of us have fond memories of its diner-style bar where you could get fancy sodas, ice cream and sandwiches. It had a good, 29 year, run as the Roosevelt Flea Market before its lease ran out, eventually becoming a shopping center anchored by a Target store. Depending on this size of the land and the amount of deer that are in the area is how folks decide on charging a person to hunt on his land. The cost depends on how much work the owner puts into his land, for instance if the person has 100 + acres he may divid the area into 4 - 20 acre spots, he may put in a stand for each location and feeders and charge a large some to re-coop his cost for all these things or he may just show you a area in which the deer travel, bed and feed and leave it up to you as to what you may want to do, you may want to bow hunt in which you may want to install a tree stand or a box stand for either bow or gun hunting. In most leases the folks that have been there year after year always get their pick 1st unless you get lucky & they decide to give up their part of the lease in which your the next in line.
The person that took me out to look at this location I work with, the person who had this area gave it up this year and has moved to another lease in fact the person has 2 location that I can pick from and if he can not get the other location sold then he is going to let me have the back portion which is about 30 acres.

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