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If a dealer figures your lease payment based on full sticker price rather than the discounted price you negotiated with him, how will you know?
If a dealer doesn’t give you proper credit for your trade-in, even though it’s in your contract, how will you know? If a dealer adds hidden charges and fees to your lease without mentioning them or showing them in your contract, how will you know? If a dealer mistakenly “drops” a zero and gives you credit for only $100 of a $1000 rebate, even though your contract shows the $1000 rebate, how will you know? If a dealer doesn’t account for your $3000 cash down payment in his payment calculation, how will you know? If a dealer “bumps” the interest rate (money factor) that he has quoted you (money factor is not shown in lease contracts), how will you know?
Let’s now look at the lease payment formula — the way that all car leases are calculated. If you don’t particularly like math, our Lease Kit provides easy to use Lease Payment Tables that can be printed and used in place of the formula.
A lease payment is made up of three parts: a Depreciation Fee, a Finance Fee, and Sales Tax — all added together. The depreciation fee portion of your payment simply pays the leasing company for the loss in value of its car, spread over the lease term (number of months), based on the miles you intend to drive and the time you intend to keep the car. Remember, Net Cap Cost is Gross Cap Cost (selling price you negotiate with the dealer) plus any add-on dealer fees and taxes that will not be paid up-front in cash, plus any prior loan balances, minus any Cap Cost Reductions (down payment, trade-in, or rebates). Residual is lease-end resale or residual value (as provided by your dealer), and Term is the length of your lease in months. A good lease deal is when you have the lowest possible Net Cap Cost with the highest possible Residual, along with the lowest possible Money Factor. The finance fee portion of your monthly lease payment is like interest on a loan and pays the leasing company for the use of their money. Also be aware that you’re paying finance charges on both the depreciation and residual (the total of which is the negotiated selling price of the car).
You won’t find your Monthly Finance Fee or Interest Rate or Lease Money Factor shown in your lease contract.
Now, add the Depreciation Fee and the Finance Fee that you calculated above to get your Total Monthly Payment.
Sales tax must also be added in most states, but we’ll hold that discussion until later. The lease payment formula is not complicated and can be used on a common pocket calculator. Or if you’ve already leased and need to know if your deal was fair and honest, use the Lease Inspector in our optional Lease Kit. Lease versus Buy analysis will help you to evaluate and compare cost of buying to cost of leasing. Product DescriptionIf you need a car for only a couple of months you will probably rent or lease it. The payback period represents the number of periods it takes until the cumulative cash flow becomes positive. Investment projects are accepted if the payback period meets some predefined cutoff period. Although inventory turns may vary from product to product, usually company's average inventory turns are used in financial models.
FinanceIsland's tools, assume also that goods become part of inventory at the beginning of the time period before being shipped to customers. Monte Carlo simulation allows to investigate thousands of scenarios in a short period of time.
Product DescriptionIf you need equipment for only a couple of months you will probably rent or lease it. Investors and other users of financial statements consistently grapple with respect to differences in accounting principles and the associated impact both from a balance sheet and income statement perspective. The proposed changes would essentially overhaul the standard set of rules pertaining to financial lease accounting, also known as ASC Topic 840 (formerly known as Financial Accounting Standard 13). These proposed changes will result in a very material impact on the financial statements of many businesses. As illustrated, holding everything constant, EBITDA will increase in the near-term given the elimination of rent expense. Under the proposed regulations, the length of the lease term will have a significant impact on the amount of expense recorded over time. Given the balance sheet impact, the SEC has estimated that the change in accounting policy could add upwards of $1 trillion to balance sheets upon implementation.
Let’s take a closer look now at how to calculate the present value of the minimum lease payments. The asset and liability to be recognised is the lower of the fair value of the leased asset and the present value of minimum lease payments. By fair value, we mean the amount, which an asset could be sold or a liability transferred between knowledgeable, willing parties in an arm’s length transaction. The calculation of fair value using IFRS 13 – Fair Value Measurement does not apply to leases.
The incremental borrowing rate may be used if it’s not possible to determine the interest rate implicit in the lease. This is the amount of interest the entity would have to pay if it were to borrow money to purchase the asset.
Once the leased asset and lease liability has been recognised in the financial statement, it should be depreciated over the period the entity will be using the asset. If it’s reasonably certain the entity will obtain ownership of the asset at the end of the lease period, the asset should be depreciated over its expected useful life.

The leased asset will be included in the statement of financial position at its cost, less any accumulated depreciation.
Keep in mind the depreciation method should also be consistent with the depreciation for the entity’s owned assets.
As you would expect, as the lessee makes lease payments, the amount of the lease liability will decrease. There will be a difference between the amount of the minimum lease payments and the initial liability recorded by the lessee, and this will represent the interest element.
As the lessee makes the lease payments (or rental payments) the payment will be made up of both a repayment of the principal (the lease liability), and an interest cost (finance charge).
The interest must be charged in such a way that a constant period rate of interest applies to the unpaid lease liability. Fixed Assets uses IRS-supplied depreciation tables and support MACRS, ACRS, straight line, sum-of-the-year digits, and declining balance recovery methods.
If you are wanting to make more educated decisions regarding asset purchases and tracking depreciation, consider Fixed Assets for a more streamlined, automated approach.
Since 1983, Lillian has worked with businesses as a business process consultant helping them implement and support leading-edge products that drive efficiency and profitability for diverse clients. In many major markets Nissan is still offering a 2013 Nissan LEAF S for $1,999 initial payment and $199 per month for 36 months. According to the EPA, the average cost to fuel a Nissan LEAF is $550 per year (based on 15,000 miles per year), or less than $50 per month. The cost to insure will be similar to other compact cars with some insurance carriers offering electric car discounts, sometimes classified as hybrids by the insurance company. Finally, when one looks at electric cars in general, maintenance costs are dramatically reduced.
One additional cost will be the acquisition of an item called an EVSE (electric vehicle supply equipment). Acquiring an EV today requires careful examination of your real driving needs and your mindset about owning vs. I’m currently considering the Leaf and a big part of my thought process is the longevity of the batteries. Regarding the second portion of your comment, there is no assurance that a future Nissan LEAF battery pack will fit in the current LEAF. It is for these reasons that the vast majority of LEAF owners lease rather than buy their cars. Ask him to give you exactly the numbers he’s using — and you should be able to exactly match his results, to the penny. Net Cap Cost does not include any lease charges that you will pay in cash at the time of your lease signing. Usually, DSO varies between 30 and 90 days but for some industries and companies it may be outside of this range.
In an ideal case though, you should accept any investment project offering an IRR above the opportunity cost of capital.
Oftentimes, a significant amount of analytical due diligence is required to compare and contrast the financial performance of a business with other companies operating in the same industry. It is obviously critical that preparers of financial statements understand the proposed changes but also that management is informed and considers the accounting and financial consequences of decisions regarding renewing and entering into real property leases. In that regard, rent expense will no longer be recorded in any circumstance and instead depreciation and interest expense will be separately reported.
However, net income will decrease and by a greater magnitude based on the term of the contract. In fact, a shorter lease term will typically result in higher earnings per share as compared to a longer lease term (as longer-term leases become more expensive in early years, resulting in more “debt” added to balance sheets and causing net income to decline). On the left hand side of the balance sheet, a “Right of Use” asset will be capitalized and will be depreciated over time. The resulting impact as illustrated in the table below is that a huge amount of “debt” will now be reflected on the balance sheet as an “obligation to pay rent.” Given the material impact to the balance sheet, it is critical that management consider and plan for the impact from a financial ratio perspective relating to debt covenants associated with existing and future loan agreements. As of the effective date (which is yet to be determined) all leases will be reclassified from that point forward. She understands the challenges they face and the tenacity required to build strong, growing organizations.
Her friendly, one-on-one consulting style helps business owners and managers feel at ease when adopting and learning new technology systems. It is more important to look at the cost of driving the Nissan LEAF, than it is to look at the cost of owning the Nissan LEAF.
Most non-luxury brands today offer a three year or 36,000 mile comprehensive (often called bumper-to-bumper) warranty with a powertrain warranty that extends to five years or 60,000 miles. This rate applies to Tier 1 credit holders and some Nissan competitors have offered similar deals.
Certainly the cost to insure the LEAF will not be higher than a comparably sized gasoline powered vehicle. Many LEAF owners get by easily using only the supplied 120-volt EVSE that comes with the car.
While the next generation of LEAF will undoubtedly drive farther than today, I feel that it is unlikely that the traction batteries will be interchangeable.
With a three year lease, battery life should be fine for most drivers and when new technology appears it is easy to turn in your lease and step up to the newer battery technology. If you have a smartphone and can access our web site on the Internet, you can use the online calculator right in the dealer’s office to check his calculations.
It’s simply a way of calculating the average amount financed without using complicated constant-yield annuity business formulas (for more details, click here).
You should always know your latest credit score before going shopping for a car lease or loan.

One area of significant disparity relates to the accounting treatment associated with real property leases. Over the full term of the lease, the total cash flow impact is the same under both standards, assuming no changes in inflation or interest rates. As a result, management should carefully consider lease term and also the impact relating to renewal options when structuring transactions. Correspondingly, the right hand side of the balance sheet will include an obligation to pay rent which will be reduced as rental payments are made. Then when computing, it provides the depreciating information for each asset and updates General Ledger saving you time, increasing accuracy and providing up-to-date information at a moments notice. Out of pocket repair costs could occur from the fourth year on for vehicle electrical systems (power seats and windows, audio systems, etc), and from the sixth year on for potentially more expensive powertrain repairs.
But the current crop of mass-market electric vehicles (EVs) started arriving in early 2011 for the most part. The Toyota RAV4 EV carries a battery of almost 42 kWh but it is not mass market in either price ($49,800) nor geography (California only). When leasing an EV, the federal $7,500 tax credit does not come into play as the manufacturer takes the credit and reduces the capitalized cost of the lease by the same amount. With fuel being the second-largest cost of ownership over the first five years (according to Consumer Reports) it is easy to see the advantage of an EV as energy costs can be as low as one quarter the cost of gasoline. Especially when you consider the advance in battery technology that will take place over that time frame.
The LEAF traction battery also has a loss of capacity warranty – which is more likely to come into play.
Technically, you’re paying finance charges on half of the depreciation (the average value) and all of the residual value for the term of the lease.
This will dramatically impact financial ratios and thus should be scrutinized closely as it pertains to debt covenants and other areas surrounding financial performance metrics.
Tesla’s Model S totes either a 60 kWh or even larger 85 kWh battery pack around, but owners pay for it in both cost and vehicle weight.
With a purchase, the purchaser must wait until the following year to apply to receive the tax credit. As we have written in another article (found here), the cost of gasoline has risen much more than the cost of electricity over a ten year time frame. In addition, think of your weekly trip to the gas station that you will no longer need to make and add that time saved to your personal account.
Due to the anticipated impact, it is important that accounting, finance, and real property corporate professionals work in tandem on current and future real property investment decisions.
Tesla claimed in 2013 that they would offer a pre-paid battery replacement option – $10,000 for the 60kWh or $12,000 for the 85 kWh. Should you need additional capability, there are now many aftermarket choices to choose from.
But when the next generation LEAF, due in a couple of model years, offers the possibility of more range along with improved features it has the potential of relegating the current model to the equivalent of the iPhone 3. Should the battery lose four capacity bars, Nissan’s warranty will replace one bar (of twelve when new). The convergence of the standards has remained a significant hot topic with respect to financial reporting issues and the respective standard setters have implemented changes over time which has reduced differences in accounting requirements.
If you tend to keep your cars for their entire useful life (perhaps ten years or more), you will likely be better off buying. Paying off your new car including purchase cost, interest, taxes, insurance, maintenance and repairs is typically not something that most new car buyers think of.
This is accomplished by stringing together huge quantities of lithium cells into modules which are then combined to create the battery pack.
Just type 240-volt or Level 2 EVSE into your favorite search engine and you will find many alternatives for less than $1,000, some significantly less.
And when it comes to advances in options my feeling is that most advances will be in software which my phone will likely already have! Because the average new car loan today is five years and three months according to Experian. Lithium based batteries are still being developed and their ultimate potential for use in an EV application is far from perfected. It is this battery development, refinement, and improvement that provides the key reason to lease your next EV. If leased rather than purchased, the battery replacement cost is moot as the replacement burden falls to the manufacturer or the subsequent owner. Given the magnitude of real property from an expense structure standpoint this article highlights various issues associated with this asset class specifically. That said, one third of new car buyers in February opted for new car loans of six years or more according to J.D. Said subsequent owner is acquiring a two to three year old vehicle at a lower cost than new, but is also acquiring a two to three year old battery. You would fetch less than $10,000 at trade-in time. If you want ownership with reduced overall cost, consider buying a low mileage two year old car with the intent to replace it about every four years before expensive repairs start to kick in. If your intent is to truly own a low mileage, low driving distance, city-only vehicle, this may be the way to go. By the time you pay off your loan, and take maintenance and repair costs into consideration, your cost to own per year will start to decline over an extended period of time.

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