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So under last year’s tax law, you paid the tax based on the price of the vehicle, so take for instance at my local Chevrolet dealer the MSRP (Manufacturers suggested retail price), on a 2015 Chevrolet Traverse LT SUV (pictured), is $ 33,620.
However now in 2015 you only pay tax on the amount of the lease and the current lease deal from my local Chevrolet dealer on that same Traverse is $279 a month for 36 months.
Remember a lease is basically a long term rental of the car and there is usually a mileage limit on the car and you can make no modifications on the car. But if you like a new car every few years, don’t mind a constant car payment and don’t put on a lot of miles its financially smart because a car is a declining asset. If you are like me and like cars, plan to mile it up, keep it a long time and maybe make a few changes, then a lease is not for you. It used to be a lot of used cars were leases and thus you had number of good cars, well maintained and perfect for resale.
But with the decline in the economy and also in car sales, the number of leases went down too. Add in the factor that gas is at its cheapest in at least 10 years (its $ 1.88 in Lemont as of Thursday night), and that there are a slew of new pickup trucks and SUV models out this year. Don't forget that the Chicago Auto Show is around the corner too (February 14th-22nd), so its a buyers market. I'm a lifelong writer (since I was 8 years old), and have been doing this blog in some form or fashion since 2004. So your trip to the accountant turned out great, and you’re expecting a refund from Uncle Sam? If you’re in the marketplace for a new car, your taxtime windfall can be combined with manufacturer lease and finance deals already available in the month of April to further reduce your monthly payment.
If you choose to lease, check out the leasing options below that already feature down payments from $0 to $2799.
Generally speaking, we don’t encourage putting large amounts of cash ($5000 or more) down on a lease, but for these deals, your tax refund can be just the amount of money you need to get into the car you want to drive. If you decide to purchase, check out these finance deals, which offer a variety of annual percentage rates from 0 to 1.9 percent from 48 to 60 months which add up to immediate monthly savings ranging from 51 to 65 dollars off the payment without the tax refund. Automobile depreciation limit & income inclusion amounts, The irs has released the inflation-adjusted code sec.
Car leasing - carsdirect, Car leasing made easy with carsdirect there has never been a better time to lease a new car with an abundance of attractive lease deals for customers with good credit..
Publication 15-b (2016), employer's tax guide to fringe, A fringe benefit is a form of pay for the performance of services. You can see that you need to look at the combined years to see if it’s better to purchase or lease a business vehicle. Copyright © 2012 Autos Post, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. The equivalent of the AA in the US, announced yesterday that a significant milestone has now been reached, there are now more electric cars on the road than there are petrol stations in the US. Whilst electric cars are getting all the headlines, Mercedes-Benz have been showing off their E Class powered by natural gas. At the time, the credit was intended to encourage people to buy vehicles that weren’t powered by gasoline. He took the average number of miles driven per year, as reported to insurance companies (12,000).
The repeal of the tax credit is expected to have a huge impact on EV sales. Bo Scott of Regal Nissan in Roswell used to sell about 100 LEAFs a month. Well, I’m sure the smart people in the legislature thought of everything when they decided to repeal the tax credit, Art! As Al Gore once said, something that cannot be given a precise monetary value is deemed by the capitalist system to have NO value. Filter: All types Articles Slideshows Videos Sort: Most relevant Most popular Most recent No articles available No slideshows available No videos available How to use car lease payments as a tax deduction Are gifts to family members tax deductible? No this isn’t Crazy Chuck’s Car lot, there are new tax laws to benefit car shoppers looking for a new lease here in the state of Illinois. You paid your local tax based on that which in Cook County is 8.25% (add another lease tax of 8% if you live the city of Chicago), so that sizable.

In the case of the lease agreement I’m stating from my local Chevrolet dealer you have to go through their bank (General Motors preferred lender is Ally bank), its not like purchasing a vehicle where you can have your own financing or have competing loans via the dealer's finance office. Its common (unless you put a lot of money down), to have a car not worth as much as its loan. There are penalties for over mileage (serious too, like a penny a mile), and for alterations to the vehicle.
Most leased cars are larger cars and SUV’s and not base models, they have nice options, these aren’t rental cars. Here in Illinois leases made up less than 15% of all new car transactions, now of course that was when we had the second highest lease tax in the country (Texas is first), but now that is not the case.
As of last year the average vehicle on the street is 11 years old, so manufactures know people will shop and there are deals to be had. I'm a DePaul University alum, class of 1999 and prior to that Brother Rice class of 1994. According to CNN Money, the average tax refund in 2011 was $2913, down slightly from $3,003 the year before.
It’s easy to see how the savings add up, and regardless of whether you choose to lease or finance your next new car, we’re helping you do the math. Essentially, you can walk into a dealership, apply your $3000 tax refund to the down payment, and get into a lease deal with no cash out of pocket. And in the case of the Chevy Volt, if your commute keeps you within its all-electric cruising range, you may even end up making the lease payment instead of buying gas. You will be able to see what other are paying for the car you want in your local area and connect with Program Certified Dealers. 280f depreciation limits for business autos, light trucks and vans placed in service by the taxpayer in 2014, as. Landrover produce a Defender and a Discovery derived van which are really popular with water and electric companies who genuinely need to go off road. Box Vans, I suppose they are almost a cube, as a result they have a large airy feel to them with the abilty to carry awkward loads. Flat beds and chassis cabs are similar, but a flat bed will have a bed pre fixed to the chassis which can be modified without the complexity of fixing to the chassis. Pick ups,  Available as a single cab or as a double cab and reduced length bed, the pick up has been an extraordinarily successful seller in the UK due to the favourable tax treatment. Effectively, a drop side but with a hydraulic system to tilt the bed and tip waste from it.  In flat use, the van is simply a drop side, perfect for builders who may carry scaffold one day but tip ton of stone the next.
We have delivered site vans with toilet, fridges and water supplies based on crew cabs, which in some cases will rotate the rear seats to make a small office, with heating.   Builders and civil engineers will often arrive on site with such a van, which can carry more people but has the abilty to be an office as well. In fact, the new E200 Natural Gas Drive, will run on either petrol or natural gas and is very close to launch in Germany. He believed the 17-year-old credit had served its purpose by stimulating the electric vehicle market in Georgia. Representative Jay Roberts sponsored the transportation bill that eliminated the tax credit and instituted the $200 a year extra registration fee, which is double the fee any other state imposes. Then he doubled it, because he believes people really drive more like 24,000 miles per year. Next he calculated the fuel taxes someone would pay for driving 24,000 miles per year (about $175 a year, he said). He has been known to drive to Nova Scotia just to see the lupins in bloom or to Watkins Glen for a weekend of historic racing.
And, on some of these deals, you can even see immediate savings in the monthly payment from $28 (for the $1,999 lease deals) to as much as a $125 monthly savings on the offers with a $0 down payment lease deal. Anywhere from 8 to 17 seats, requiring differing licences subject to weight, schools, clubs, travel companies are large buyers of minibuses. Although they look similar at first glance to a car derived van, they are designed around a cubic meter pallet with access from the rear and side. An example of this would be a vehicle transporter.  A chassis cab will be modified to a bespoke product such as a motorhome. The rear tail will drop for loading and sometimes the sides can be dropped as well.  They are robust and cabale off road for uses such as farming or landscaping where multi-use in a single day is requires.
It is a van with fabric curtains to allow access to the load,  the curtains are waterproof and normally fastened with a ratchet fastening system.

Natural GAS is being found worldwide at twice the rate that oil is and alternative supplies such as shale gas will increase supplies further. Instead, it has a $200 per year additional registration fee that applies to all alternative fuel cars.
Listening to many of our nation’s leaders, whatever the cost, it is too high and a threat to profits. The southern states are well known for their anti-union policies, which appeals to lots of manufacturers. There are only two seats so take this into account and sometimes the bulkhead may be blocked off. They are based on a long wheel base panel van and normally factory converted.  Specialist conversions including wheel chair modifications and additional storage on board are available. Claiming a deduction for operational costs associated with charitable, medical or business use is allowable. Side windows are removed for security, making them ideal for business use where tools are carried. At Vanlease, we will take the time to guide you through the options available to you and ensure that you get your ideal product.
Whether the vehicle use is full- or part-time, the cost of its operation can be a tax write-off that reduces your taxable income. The only factory produced unit is the Ford Transit and we are awaiting specification and prices for teh new Transit curtain side. About us Use of this site constitutes acceptance of the Terms of use, Cookie policy, and Privacy policy of eHow. Vehicle costs associated with medical or charitable use are limited to the actual costs, such as gas and oil, that you can allocate to the activity. These deductible expenses do not include any repairs, maintenance, insurance or lease payments. The Internal Revenue Service determines the standard rate each year, and it is subject to change. To find your standard rate deduction for business or personal use, simply multiply the activities miles by the standard rate. The rate is different for medical and charity than for business use, and it is generally lower.
When using the actual cost method, medical and charity expenses are limited to the actual cost associated with the activity. You will need to keep records of your miles used for the activity and allocate the costs of fuel and oil to those miles.
For instance, if you drive 100 miles for charity and your vehicle gets 20 miles per gallon, you will use five gallons of gas. Multiply the five gallons by the current fuel-per-gallon cost to arrive at your deduction for charity. To allocate these costs for business, you will need total miles driven for the year and business miles driven.
Take the business miles for the vehicle, and divide by the total miles driven for the year. Multiply this per cent by the total cost to determine your total business costs for the year. To meet this condition, the taxpayer should keep a written log of miles driven indicating the vehicle use and expenses paid.
Attach to your log, an envelope holding all receipts associated with this vehicle for the year. For the sole proprietor, this return is the 1040 Schedule C, and for the S-Corp, it is Form 1120S.

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