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SA Motor Lease is a leasing business and rent-to-own company which specialises in helping people who need vehicles for more than 6 months. With SA Motor Lease you can get the benefits of ownership without having to jump through all the hoops required by the banks but with significant savings over the cost of renting a vehicle.
At SA Motor Lease you let us know the type of vehicle you require and your budget and we will match you with your perfect vehicle. You can lease a vehicle on any of our schemes including options to purchase your vehicle at the end of the rental.
Lease to Buy has never been this easy, at SA Motor Lease, you choose the vehicle you want, add a first option to buy to your contract and pay your lease every month for 48 months. We have gone to great lengths in order to ensure that we have a hassle free rent to own process so that we are in a position to help people that can't buy a car through vehicle finance get the car that they deserve. Salary sacrifice car schemes are typically low-cost or cost-free for an employer to introduce.
Employers can put buffers in place to protect themselves from early termination fees and long-term absence of scheme members.
Knowing how to build a business case, how to implement a scheme successfully and determining how it benefits employees and the organisation, can all boost take-up rates. Paul Hollick, chief commercial officer at provider Alphabet, says: “Employers really need to know what the likely uptake is, the internal costs of implementing a scheme and what their provider will be able to offer in terms of launching the scheme. Before implementing a scheme, employers must understand the facts in order to build a business case. Gary Killeen, fleet services commercial leader at GE Capital, says project plans can run to several hundred pages, so it is essential to make documentation as watertight as possible. As part of building a business case, an employer has to obtain HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) approval for its scheme. The employee will save tax and NI on the sum that has been sacrificed, and the value of the car benefit is subject only to benefit-in-kind (BIK) tax. A salary sacrifice scheme also produces savings for employers, on NI contributions and corporation tax.
When implementing a scheme, the best way for employers to boost take-up is regular communication to staff. Communication methods could include a benefits portal, an intranet, a staff magazine or e-newsletter, email bulletins, text messages, roadshows, forums, posters, payroll communications and open days.
Mike Moore, director at Deloitte Car Consultancy, says constant communication will keep a scheme fresh in employees’ minds. Two major issues often overlooked by employers considering a salary sacrifice car scheme relate to parental leave and the cost of early termination . When an employee goes on maternity or paternity leave, their employer is contractually obliged to continue to provide all the benefits of a salary sacrifice scheme, despite the possibility of an absent employee suffering a significant drop in salary, or even being on unpaid leave. Moore says: “One of the issues organisations are reluctant to put in [to schemes] are conditions for unpaid leave.
Roddy Graham, commercial director at Leasedrive, says that despite the risk of early termination fees, offering a car as a benefit can help employers retain staff, with contracts usually lasting two to three years. Introducing a car salary sacrifice scheme brings extra administration for employers, especially when tax changes occur. Employers should also note current buying trends in car schemes, which lean towards cars that are more fuel-efficient and greener. Electric cars are also becoming more common in salary sacrifice schemes, with a number of providers offering thse as an option. Overall, a salary sacrifice car scheme is straightforward to introduce and offers employers a low-cost option to reward staff.
Leicester City Council introduced a salary sacrifice car scheme in November 2013 for 13,600 eligible employees. The scheme, operated by Tusker, includes motor insurance, servicing and maintenance, roadside assistance, tyres and glass, plus protection against redundancy, resignation and maternity leave . Cory Laywood, HR, pay and benefits manager at Leicester City Council, says: “The first case was to identify a need for the scheme, and we did, because we wanted to reduce benefits costs and come up with something more cost-effective as an alternative for employees. A salary sacrifice car scheme fitted the bill because the council felt it was offering employees more than just a car.
But the stand-out point of the business case was that the scheme improved the authority’s green credentials and kept business local, says Laywood. The main driver for a company car salary sacrifice scheme is the tax savings for the employer and employee.

The major saving arises for the employee because they no longer pay tax and national insurance (NI) on the earnings that are being sacrificed. Savings for the employer relate to the NI on the earnings sacrificed and the Class 1A NI arising on the benefit in kind. Also, it is often overlooked that the employer can enjoy a saving on mileage allowances paid, depending on their policies, because the employee is no longer using their own car for business travel. The employee cannot enjoy the approved mileage allowance payment, currently 45p per mile up to 10,000 miles in a tax year and 25p per mile thereafter, but instead get reimbursed at the advisory fuel rate, the amount of which varies according to the car’s engine capacity. The employer can make another saving by recovering 50% of the VAT on lease and maintenance costs. Sign up for the leading independent source of news and expert analysis delivered straight to your inbox. Big Question Pay strategyJackie Kinsey: What lessons can organisations learn from the Hollywood gender pay debate?
Big Question Pay strategyLucy Rees: What lessons can organisations learn from the Hollywood gender pay debate? Big Question Pay strategyPetra Wilton: What lessons can organisations learn from the Hollywood gender pay debate? The 2016 Nissan Juke should be looked at as a blank canvas, the opportunities to make this vehicle your own masterpiece are endless. Being a truly unique car the Nissan Juke comes jam-packed with technology to make your ride the smoothest and safest it can be.
Certain specifications, prices and equipment data have been provided under license from Chrome Data Solutions ("Chrome Data"). Passengers in the first two rows will have plenty of space while third row seating is more squished. A new study reveals the cars most likely to speed and the ones that wouldn't dare, do you have one of these cars? Commencing in 2014, Intelligent Car Leasing launched a brand new partnership with the charitable arm of Celtic FC. Intelligent Car Leasing is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (reference number 673209), not all types of business undertaken are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.
The engine unit of the 2016 Toyota Auris Hybrid is a carry on from the third-generation Prius. The key to such a great fuel consumption is the fact, that to run at a high pace, good power systems are often run on electricity or inertia, so the fuel is used only when it is absolutely necessary. The weight of the batteries placed on the flooring, has lowered the center of gravity of the vehicle, and due to the bigger mass the new Auris is well built for fast driving through curves. As far as the exterior of the 2016 Auris Hybrid is concerned, it has suffered some redesigning and a couple of new features have been added in the front and the back end. When you take a look at the inside of the new Auris, you will notice that some new features have been added, but the overall design remains more or less unchanged. The trunk size has been also increased to 530 l, and when the back seats have been folded down, more than 1600 l of space is available. It would be nice to see the levers (lights, turn signal, high beam, wipers, etc.) on the steering column go away and replaced by buttons on the steering wheel.
This rent to buy or lease option can be purchased at the start of the rental and exercised at a future date to give you ownership should you wish. After the 48 months (if you made all the necessary payments), you can expect ownership of the vehicle transferred to you. Most providers can manage all aspects of car maintenance, including servicing, breakdown cover and insurance, and handle ongoing communications about, for example, driver and car safety. Although the employer still has to pay NI contributions on the provision of the car, this will normally be much less than the employer NI contributions that would have been due on the portion of salary sacrificed.
Employers can build things into their policy, such as pots of money to cover any costs incurred. Employee contracts will need to be updated in relation to any increase in VAT or NI contributions.
Dennis Dugan, car fleet manager at consulting engineers WSP, says: “Most of this can be auto-piloted by providers. The attractions of an electric car include a government grant of up to ?5,000, low recharging costs and no BIK tax, rising to 5% in 2015-16.
Alphabet’s Hollick adds: “It makes sense to introduce and it works, but there is scepticism that it is too good to be true and hard to communicate.

So if an employee is selective over the car they take , there are savings that can be achieved. Fitted with features specifically designed to keep you in control at all times, adapting to the conditions is no difficult task. With exceptional comfort and premium leather seats riding inside the 2016 Nissan Juke is an enjoyable ride for all. Equipped with Nissan’s Torque Vectoring system the Juke is constantly monitoring and adjusting each wheel accordingly to keep you in control of your vehicle at all times.
Nissan has strived to make the Juke the most unique vehicle on the road today and with seemingly endless color schemes available it’s hard to dispute that. Credit reports are divided into identifying personal information, credit history, public records and requests for your credit information.
Prices subject to change & metallic paint may cost more, see terms and conditions for full details.
The multifunction steering wheel is equipped with all the infotainment and stereo controls for easy hands-on use.
The boot capacity is generous and the cabin has an abundance of nook-and-cranny storage for oddments.
FlexRide and a re-vamped chassis mean that the ride is smoother with both bumps and noise levels significantly reduced. The Toyota company will release a new addition to its hatchback lineup, which is already reaching the point where it is in need of a refreshment. Headlights and backlights have also been redesigned and a number of new exterior colors have been added. The high grade materials and the new color schemes give a new and refreshing look to the interior, while the back part of the cabin now has more space and provides more comfort. Some new technology is also expected to be offered, but the details are still not available.
Speaking of the exterior the Juke boasts the most customizable body on the market today, with what seems like endless color schemes Nissan presents you with the opportunity to create an appearance that has never been seen before. The interior was designed to be customized with numerous color schemes available for the car’s interior, and a diverse selection of accessories just waiting to be fitted to the Juke the cabin of the vehicle has the potential to be jaw-droppingly unique.
The Nissan Juke is fitted with a 1.6L Direct Injection Turbo which puts the power of sports car at your feet at all times, providing the extra kick when needed. When it comes to the Juke just about every part of the exterior can be customized to the color of your choosing, from the color of the door handles to the accents of the rims the personalization options are countless.
All vehicles include free UK delivery; for full details on all deals please see our terms & conditions. The new Auris hybrid is ready for the tough competition in this class, with totally new features and design improvements. It behaves best in a moderate ride and then you can enjoy an almost noiseless ride and low fuel consumption.
The front end of the car is slightly improved, with a few changes in the grill and front fascia design, while the new swept back headlights are a giving the new Auris a more aggressive look. Furthermore, the 2016 Auris Hybrid will come in the 4 trims, the base Active, Icon, Icon Plus and Excel. Every facet of the Juke’s exterior is open to customization removing any doubt of who this vehicle could belong too. The Nissan Juke is equipped with a 1.6L Direct Injection Turbo helping it to create space from the pack of competitors trailing behind! The 2016 Nissan Juke packs all the utility and functionality of a four-door vehicle but comes in a two-door body style, giving you the best of both worlds; the versatility of a four-door vehicle and the sleekness that a two-door car offers.
The 1.4T Exclusiv has plenty of standard kit and can be augmented with even more optional equipment. Maybe even more worth mentioning is the Toyotaa€™s quality and reliability, which is justified by the performance of every model that came out of their factory, and the best results were achieved with the hybrid models. Come in to Quirk Nissan located in Quincy, MA today and schedule a test drive and find some of the lowest Juke Lease offers and best prices!

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