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Ahh, you’re thinking of the Carrera and Carrera S, which switched to turbo power last year.
Well if the common 911s are now turbocharged too, how does the real Turbo assert its identity? Oh, you know, by being so obscenely accelerative there’ll be a time in the future when we look back with incredulity that anyone with merely the money, and not necessarily a shred of driving ability, could legally be let loose in something this rapid.
There are another couple of new functions: ‘dynamic boost’ minimises lag in on-off throttle situations by merely cutting fuelling, but leaving the throttle open to maintain charge pressure, while the Sports Response button on the new steering wheel-mounted driving mode selector primes the engine and transmission for big overtakes, ensuring the right cog is engaged for maximum go. The steering is electrically assisted but not disappointingly over damped, unlike Porsche’s first electric-steer cars, and while there’s still no manual transmission these days, the PDK is a great match. If we worried that the Turbo might struggle to maintain its own character in the face of the newly turbocharged Carrera models at Porsche, we needn’t have.
The new Fiat Panda Cross is a tougher sibling to the already surprisingly tough little Fiat Panda 4x4.
Expect to pay around ?1650 more for a Panda Cross than you would for a regular Panda 4x4 at present. On both petrol and diesel versions the intake ducts have gone up in the world to allow a deeper wading depth, steel underbody shields fend off damage from pointier bits of terrain and the tyres have been swapped for knobblier mud and snow rubber.
Like the regular Panda 4x4, an electronic locking differential helps find traction on loose or slippery surfaces but the Cross also gets a few extra electronic tricks up its sleeve.
A new ‘Terrain Control Selector’ – a rotary dial behind the gearlever – gives you a choice of three driving modes: Auto, Off-Road and Hill Descent Control.
Auto is the default setting, and makes its own decision as to whether the engine’s torque is sent to the front or rear axles.
In Off-Road mode, all four wheels are driven all the time (up to 30mph, anyway – beyond that the car reverts to front-drive mode to save fuel, in case you forget to switch back to Auto mode), the locking diff is engaged and the stability control system brakes slipping wheels to help find traction on uneven or low-grip surfaces. Hill Descent Control safely controls the car’s speed down steep slopes – more on that in a bit.
Both come with manual gearboxes, a five-speed for the diesel and six for the TwinAir, with an extra low first gear for off-road driving. We drove the Cross on the off-road course at Fiat’s Balocco proving ground where it scampered over some fairly severe obstacles.
We also crossed Balocco’s concrete mounds (imagine a sea of giant, solid bubble wrap) diagonally in Off-Road mode, where the microchips kept the car moving by taking power away from the wheels dangling in fresh air and directing it to the ones on terra firma.
Fiat claims the Cross benefits from improved sound-proofing over the regular 4x4, but you wouldn’t think so after a drive in the gruff, boomy diesel. Although the diesel’s pleasant enough to drive with a more progressive, less laggy delivery than some derv motors, the TwinAir suits the Cross’s character better – it’s a fun engine for a fun car. An ordinary Panda 4x4 is cheaper, can manage nearly as well off-road and is more tolerable on it.
With such big shoes to fill, Kia has chosen to ramp up the quality for the fourth-gen version. The ride was on the firm side due to the 19-inch alloys our test car was fitted with, but the damping is exceptional so there’s no issue with secondary vibrations or wallowing – things more likely to unsettle passengers. It’s not feelsome in the way a Porsche Macan is, but it’s closer to that end of the spectrum than it ever has been. There’s a twin-clutch ’box coming to address these issues but for now it’s only available with a new turbocharged petrol 1.6 – also tested on the launch and largely incongruous for most buyers since it has to work so hard to make progress that it’s difficult to drive efficiently.
Certain models are available with part-time all-wheel drive, which can send 40% of torque to the rear axle when the front wheels slip.
That’s quite a chunk of change but thankfully the build quality seems to stack up with that price point. Unfortunately if you buy a First Edition Sportage, you can’t have one without the graphics (though we were told you could remove them yourself if you have a hairdrier) and you’re limited to black or white paint. If you’re after a car of this size, the Sportage is a great bet and should definitely make your shortlist. Typically, the standard features and towing and recovery equipment included in tow trucks can get the job done, though there are options and add-ons that can further increase the capability of your rollback, wrecker, or tow truck and improve its versatility. To ensure uncompromising quality to our customers, Lynch has partnered with Miller Industries, Inc., the nation's largest manufacturer of towing equipment, offering world-renowned brands including Century, Chevron, Holmes, Challenger, Champion, Vulcan tow trucks and more. Whether it's a wheel-lift or a rollback, our fully equipped new or used tow trucks, rollbacks and wreckers for sale have what it takes to keep your towing operation running at peak performance. Lynch Truck Center in Waterford, WI stocks a wide variety of fully equipped new and used tow trucks, wreckers, and rollbacks, as well as towing equipment built for rugged durability, reliability and exceptional performance.
Both new and used wreckers, medium duty and heavy duty tow trucks & rollbacks for sale at Lynch Truck Center are available in multiple cab configurations and engineered to offer you the flexibility to handle the varied demands of towing and recovery work.
Miller Industries SidePuller is available in several different models with 8,000, 12,000lb and 20,000lb hydraulic planetary winch that can be mounted on wreckers, tow trucks & rollbacks, incorporating manual or hydraulic stiff legs. The SP8000 SidePuller allows your rollback tow truck to perform a wide variety of recovery operations with minimal lane blockage and increases side pulling capabilities when installed on a tow truck. The SP12000 SidePuller is the newest Miller Industries' addition to their SidePuller series.
These are just a few examples of the add-ons and towing equipment we offer at Lynch Truck Center in Waterford, in addition to decades of experience and expertise from our staff who will assist you in buying the new or used tow trucks, rollbacks and wreckers that will meet the specific needs of your towing operation.
Times have been tough and we understand that you need to buy used tow trucks, wreckers & rollbacks that will give you the best value for your money. Equipped with top rated towing equipment and recovery systems, all used tow trucks, wreckers & rollbacks for sale at Lynch Truck Center in Waterford, WI are capable to handle the most difficult towing and recovery jobs with plenty of useful life still ahead. Located at the intersection of Highways 20 and 36 in Waterford, WI, Lynch Truck Center is the place for used tow trucks for sale.
With a fully staffed service center you won't need to look far for wrecker and towing equipment maintenance!

We know that choosing a used rollback or tow truck for sale takes a lot of decision making and we're happy to assist you however we can. Use of this Web site constitutes acceptance of our Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy. Valuable offers on accessories and upfit packages when you purchase or lease a new eligible vehicle. We offer diverse cab types and configurations to fit the job at hand, including standard, extended, double, and crew.
Your Chevrolet or GMC Certified Service dealer can assist with all of your Medium Duty needs.
When it comes to torque, horsepower, towing capacity, and max payload, we have the right trucks for the job, like the Chevy Silverado 3500HD.
From ambulances and snowplows to shuttle vans and dump trucks, make sure your company's work-ready vehicles are operating at their best.
Wea€™re building technology and safety into vehicles to help you work smarter from the road. Our engineers also thoroughly test our trucks to ensure our safety technology performs when you need it. With OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics7, an Advisor can attempt to assess key operating systems in your vehicle and tell you whether you need to visit a dealer for service.
Alerts from the available Lane Departure Warning and Forward Collision Alert systems can be transmitted to the driver through vibrations in the Safety Alert Driver Seat. It’s the first Turbo to exceed 200mph and, while officially the zero to 62mph time is 2.9sec, pint-sized development bigwig August Achleitner says it’s several tenths quicker in the right conditions. Well, although it sticks with the old 3.8-litre six, there’s the extra 20bhp over the old S. The Turbo S is still a brilliantly engaging car, fearsomely rapid in all weathers and so flattering you’ll be waiting for the postman to deliver your Le Mans call-up letter every day after you’ve taken delivery. In fact the mapping is so well judged, messing with the gearshift paddles or the newly reversed (to match a racer’s push-pull) shift pattern is entirely optional. Yet far from being inert, the Turbo and S will happily indulge your liberty taking, letting you trail brake into corners and edge the rear out of line thanks to the new PSM stability system’s more lenient Sport mode. If that ?19k difference sounds significant, it’s worth remembering that desirable kit like ceramic brakes and the adaptive roll control suspension costs extra on the base car but is standard on the 39bhp more powerful S. Subjectively, it feels much punchier than its little brother at higher speeds and rolls less, though the stock version is hardly a blancmange. It’s not a new idea; just like the previous-generation Panda Cross of 2006, Fiat’s taken the Panda 4x4 and machoed it up with chunkier bumpers, plastic skid plates, red tow hooks and raised fog lights. Ground clearance has been bumped up, the springs are different and those reshaped bumpers make for more accommodating approach and departure angles – gradients as severe as 70% are possible, says Fiat. In normal driving conditions, 98% of torque goes to the front wheels but if the Panda loses traction the system is designed to direct up to 100% to the rear in a tenth of a second if necessary. Both have had a minor boost in power, so the diesel now puts out 89bhp and the TwinAir 79bhp. Climbing’s not a problem, and when you need to get down again Hill Descent Control can take care of things for you. The raised ride height means it sways like a swingometer on election night, and the body roll’s emphasised all the more because you sit so high up. You’re looking at the fourth-gen version of Kia’s most important model, and it’s gone through quite the transformation. Over 96,000 were sold in Europe during 2014, and nearly as many found homes in Britain over the six-year on-sale period.
It employs MacPherson struts up front and a multilink rear, all mounted on new hydro-formed subframes using bushings rather than solid mountings. There’s a bit of bodyroll on turn-in – it’s still an SUV after all – but it’s predictable, manageable and controlled. It’s still electronically assisted (like all its rivals) but Kia has moved the power assistance motor from the column down to the rack, and this alone has prompted significant improvement in the way the Sportage drives. The engine is a lightly revised version of the old Sportage’s 2.0 diesel, and thanks to the well-insulated cabin you can barely hear it working.
Realistically, we found that there’s so much traction available in front-wheel-drive models that it feels unnecessary. That means it’s everything a Sportage can be, and it’s why the list price sits firmly on the wrong side of ?30,000. We found the front seats particularly good – supportive but not too firm – and while there are still a few scratchy plastics around, piano-black trims draw the eye and interior panel gaps are impressive in their uniformity. One spec highlight is the powered tailgate for the 491-litre boot (up 26 litres, still superior to the Qashqai), though we thought it a shame the rear seats don’t fold completely flat. It’ll steer into parking spaces at the touch of a button, the front seats are heated and ventilated, there’s a steering wheel warmer and a raft of driver assistance systems. If you've a suitably specified smartphone it’ll charge your mobile wirelessly – strangely something that’s currently available in more cars than there are compatible phones on sale.
On the one hand the graphics look ten years old already, but on the other the screen is very responsive and clearly the hardware installed is sturdy enough to scroll quickly through the menus and features on offer, which incidentally includes online services such as traffic information.
We carry one of the Midwest's most complete selections of recovery trucks and towing equipment for sale that professional towers have come to rely on.
The power to handle the most difficult towing and recovery jobs in the most demanding situations is what our customers expect and what we put into every new or used Lynch tow truck, wrecker and rollback car carrier. The cab chassis body style provides the flexibility for you to add the body that best meets your needs in a wide choice of materials including carbon or stainless steel, aluminum or composite. Our towing specialists are highly trained and qualified to advise you on all of the available options, helping you choose the towing equipment to meet your unique needs.

While the SP8000 can be used with light duty tow trucks and car carriers, a larger unit, with a 12,000lb or a 20,000lb winch, is also available for larger heavy duty rollback tow trucks or heavy duty wreckers for sale. This towing equipment mounts in front of a standard rollback bed and a removable sheave head allows you to winch on either side of your rollback tow truck. Designed to be a perfect match for medium duty recovery rollback tow trucks, the SP12000 allows you the versatility to perform side recoveries with minimal lane blockage.
Our rigorous used tow truck inspection and reconditioning process ensures our customers will find quality pre-owned rollbacks and used tow trucks for sale on out lot, engineered to deliver durability, capability, and priced right. Choose from Ford used wreckers, GMC used tow trucks, Century pre-owned wreckers, Chevy used rollbacks, Isuzu, Peterbilt, International and more!
With a 20-bay service center, Lynch Truck Center's ASE-certified mechanics provide top-notch service on maintenance and repair needs on virtually all used tow trucks, wreckers or rollbacks.
For over 50 years Lynch Truck Center in Waterford, WI has been serving local and national customers alike with one of the most complete selections of pre-owned rollbacks, tow trucks & used wreckers for sale with quality service, great pricing and unbeatable customer care. Our versatile truck lineup offers outstanding performance, pulling power, payload, fuel options, innovation, safety, and capability a€” all designed with your success in mind.
Plus, they run on a wide range of alternative fuels, providing you with the value and versatility necessary to meet your business needs.
They come in as many configurations and trim levels as there are jobs you need them to complete.
Plus, we offer a wide range of engine types, transmissions, and cab configurations to meet your specific needs.
Let a GM Authorized Service Center provide the care and maintenance your work trucks require. If you subscribe after your trial period, subscriptions are continuous until you call SiriusXM to cancel.
Except on the rear badge, confusingly, where Porsche typography convention means a lower-case one.
That means a total of 572bhp, courtesy of revised inlet ports, higher fuel pressures and bigger variable geometry turbos. The ceramic brakes did get grumbly after sustained hard-lapping at the Kayalami launch track in South Africa but there was never any suggestion of real fade. You wouldn’t call it pretty, but it’s got character by the bagful and a certain Tonka Toy appeal. Stick it in neutral, keep your feet off the pedals and it’ll inch its way down the slope by itself.
Thing is, you often feel you’re travelling faster than you are anyway as the mud and snow tyres squeal like you’re on a qualifying lap when in reality you’re meandering gently around a roundabout.
It’s genuinely capable off-road, great in the city (no speed bump too big, no multi-storey too steep, no parking space too small) but in all honesty a bit rubbish on the open road. Kia's UK product people think there’s such a buzz about owning a Sportage now that the public is now prepared to go full fanboi and order them with First Edition plastered down the sides. It accounts for nearly a third (29%) of all Kias sold in the UK and the Sportage is rapidly becoming as well known as the ubiquitous Qashqai in the mid-sized SUV market. Our test car was fitted with a slow-shifting automatic that actually seems to suit the car marginally better than the manual on offer, even though it’s slightly worse on fuel and tax. Lower trims offer far better value for money, with only the second of six levels (known as ‘2’) getting sat-nav, a reversing camera, cruise control and parking sensors. The SidePuller is an ideal option to add to your wrecker, tow truck or rollback carrier for tough side pull recoveries on narrow roads or where the lanes of traffic can't be blocked.
With the SP8000 and the SP20000 covering the small and the heavy duty tow trucks, wreckers & rollbacks, there was a gap that needed to be filled for medium duty wreckers and carriers and the SP12000 was developed to meet that need. Our lineup of used tow trucks & rollbacks for sale are from names you can trust, known to provide years of dependable service to get the job done.
Lynch Truck Center works with a number of financial institutions and our representatives will present you with each of the financing options that are available.
And we also stock a wide variety of towing equipment, superior quality tow truck & wrecker parts and accessories built for extraordinary durability and performance. Our commitment to our customers is unwavering and that's just how we do business the Lynch way. And all the pulling power, safety, and alternative fuels that are essential to keep your workload covered and your bottom line in check.
The S recently lapped the Nurburgring in 7min 18sec, which makes it 2sec quicker than even the track-biased GT3 RS and a whole 9sec faster than the old Turbo S. The 20in centre-lock wheels are also half an inch wider and the four-wheel drive system gets a faster-acting electro-hydraulically operated clutch pack to shuffle the torque about more promptly.
They drop via a lever on the side of the rear seat bases, meaning you have to open both back doors to fold them down, unlocking the maximum 1480 litres of luggage room.
With a 12,000lb winch it's the perfect size for medium duty tow trucks, wreckers and carriers. If there's a unique tow truck part or accessory that we don't carry in stock, rest assured we can order out exactly what's needed. Please consult your device manufacturer for information regarding the WPA2 security protocol and Wi-Fi device compatibility.

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