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COLD WEATHER PACKAGE, DRIVER ASSISTANCE PACKAGE, DRIVER ASSISTANCE PLUS, DYNAMIC CRUISE CONTROL, HARMAN KARDON SURROUND SOUND, PREMIUM PACKAGE, and TECHNOLOGY PACKAGE. Young Yorkies will have a higher adoption donation since they are the most highly sought after and they help to cover the costs of the older dogs who have a harder time finding a loving home. Save A Yorkie Rescue prefers to adopt only in the PA, NJ, western NY, DE, MD, VA, some CT area's. Yorkies do not usually get along well with small children and can be injured by small children, even ones who love them.

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If you are gone for more than 3 hours at a time, the dog will have to have access to wee wee pads, or need someone to stop in to let him out to potty.

If only a puppy will do, check the Yorkshire Terrier Club of America website for a recommended breeder - never buy over the Internet, or from a newspaper ad or a petstore. WHAT IS THE ADOPTION FEE?Adoption donations generally range from $250-$450 or more, depending on the health, age and size of the dog.

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