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The redesigned third-generation Mazda3 was introduced for the 2014 model year, and I recently had the chance to get behind the wheel of a Deep Crystal Blue GS sedan for an evaluation.
The best-selling luxury CUV gets some subtle changes for 2015, so find out all the details as well as why this model sells so well year after year. The seatbacks flip down via handy remote releases too, while as mentioned the rear liftgate powers up and down remotely for easy access when your hands are full.
The only reason to look at a different model would be to find something with more than five seats, and word has it Lexus will soon have something in the crossover sector to fill this important seven-passenger category while leaving the RX intact as it is.
This popular compact represents some 35-percent of the company's global sales and over 50-percent of its sales here in Canada.

Using its recently adopted Skyactiv engineering approach, Mazda started off with a clean slate.
Depending on the model, the new car tips the scales between 25 and 45 kilograms less than the previous generation. The Mazda3 takes cues from both, with gracefully flowing lines and a nice sense of motion.
Cargo space is a reasonably generous 350 litres in the sedan, and split-folding seatbacks provide good versatility. The Skyactiv approach pays exceptional attention to detail, eliminating excess weight and friction throughout the vehicle.

I managed to find my way around the system fairly easily, only stopping to scratch my head in puzzlement a couple of times. The 2014 Mazda3 fixes that with all-new materials and a sophisticated style that appears to borrow some of its design aesthetic from the latest BMW 3 Series (especially the freestanding infotainment screen).

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