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While the Summer of Audi Event is really not a July 4th only event (it runs for a few weeks), Audi still has great offers that are low enough o compete will all the other makes. At the Cadillac Summers’s Best Sales Event you can get a great deal on a fantastic looking luxury car. No Payments for 90 Days: The Deferred Payment Program means no payments till the end of summer.
The Chrysler Summer Clearance is part of a large push from the automaker brand that includes Jeep, RAM, and Dodge.
With the Dodge Summer Clearance (Part of the Chrysler Group) you can save on some wonderful vehicles including the Challenger and Charger muscle cars, the Durango SUV, and the fuel efficient Dart. The Hyundai Stars and Stripes 4th of July Sales Event has a $1500 Retail Bonus and a $500 Valued Owner Incentive. No Monthly Payments 90-Days: Jeep wants you to enjoy the summer with a 90-Day Deferral Program. Jeep has a bunch of affordable 4×4 SUVs that not only look good but come with fuel efficient engines. No Payments for 3 Months: The Scion July 4th 90-Day Deferral Payment Program means no payments till summers over.

With the Volkswagen Turbocharged Sales Event you can save on any turbo-powered car in the line-up. 5 years Free Maintenance: During this event Volvo is offering 5-years free enrollment into the Safe+Secure Plan. Volvo is a great luxury brand is you want something a bit different than the everyday BMW or Mercedes.
You only have a few hours to cash in on the 0% for 72-months which is the highest Autodealio has seen.
Kia has practically every type under the sun including a loyalty incentive if you currently own a kia, a conquest incentive is you own a competing brand, a military, student, College Grad rebate and more.
This weekend Toyota is offering a Holiday Bonus Cash incentive anywhere from $500-$2500 depending on the vehicle. And the line-up is huge featuring over 20 cars, trucks, SUVs, Crossovers, electric cars, and hybrid cars. How would you like cruising away in this good-looking 2016 Jeep Patriot at a price like this? This fantastic Patriot is the roomy SUV with everything you expect from Jeep, and THEN some.

If they are having a July 4th, Independence Day, or Summer Sales Event; we have all the facts. And practically every model from the E-Class line of luxury sedans, to the SL-Class Convertible, to the ML-Class SUV. And finally there are tons of great lease options on everything from the Sentra, to the Altima, to the 370Z, Titan Truck, or Pathfinder SUV and more. With the low mileage and meticulous upkeep on this Forte, you can count on hearing the purr of its engine for years to come.
Plus, the Bill Jacobs Auto Family has grown into one of the most respected businesses in the Chicagoland Area.

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