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Lower interest rates are causing many commentators to worry about both a new housing bubble and over heating in the banking system.
Subscribe to the Personal Super Investor weekly email to keep abreast of developments in SMSF law and investment markets. People who want to apply for job have to write a cover letter with a resume, but it is never the only important thing to be noted in this respect.
Job seekers should look for an employment posting, tip or advertisement that they qualify for. The first place where the job notice was mentioned to the subset should be stated in the premier paragraph. A report by Macquarie Private wealth opines that the big beneficiary in the mortgage wars appears to be Commonwealth Bank.
The company has aggressively restructured, but analysts believe there is still a way to go.
But then it struggled to survive the GFC and has found the environment much tougher for doing the kind of leveraged deals in which it specialises. So while housing remains out of reach for many owner occupiers, investors are hunting around. SMSF investors looking to improve investment returns from shares, property, cash or other specialised investments, will find the PSI weekly newsletter an invaluable resource.

To create a first time impression to potential employers, a cover letter is as well crucial. The letterhead style and paper that will be used should match the cover letter of the resume.
Also, another important thing is to mention the reason that prompted the interest for the application position.
The second and third paragraphs should show the professional qualification that the job seeker have in-stock. The "war" for new customers is centred on the broker channel (brokers selling mortgages rather than the bank's own staff). We estimate asset repricing is likely to be a drag of 1-2bp (including ongoing drag from above system broker growth).
Moreover, the recent increase in prices is mainly a recovery after the effects of the GFC, according to one economist. But Australia's experience has been quite different and now SMSF investors are eyeing off houses, which is causing the Reserve Bank to worry. Macquarie notes that the CBA's broker channel is growing at 60% faster than the overall growth for the system. Funding costs could swing either way with wholesale continuing to moderate although deposit costs may offset this.

That means a lot more revenue for CBA, but it is coming at the cost of tighter margins and more lending to higher risk customers.
Following the enumerated points below will enable to confidently write a good cover letter. This leaves the margin outlook squarely skewed to the downside in our view."It is something of a warning about what CBA is doing. This is consistent with our thesis that CBA is pushing in to the broker channel aggressively.
It has an earnings multiple of 15 times and a total dividend yield of 5.2% (fully franked). But if the bank starts to overdo poorer quality lending, those fundamentals could deteriorate.

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