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Kindly note that this rate is subject to change depending on your car model, loan amount, loan period and bank’s approval.
Additional REBATE of RM500 from #mybestcardealer WILL BE ADDED to the total rebates for all Toyota models.
Additional rebate of RM 500 from #mybestcardealer has been added to the total rebates for all Toyota models. Compare Bank Car Loans with Interest Rates Online and also check Eligibility Do ents Required Features & Benefits of Auto Loan before apply. Car news reviews malaysia - paul tan' automotive, The latest on the malaysian and world automotive industry. Audi progressive financing plan malaysia, Audi malaysia has revealed a new step-up financing plan. Copyright © 2012 Autos Post, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Somehow I just saw a lot of "tiring+sleepy faces" whenever we took the train to KL Sentral. What I can say is that everyone have their own problem as we shouldn't be so judgmental based on a person's action. During the morning, I received a phone call from Affin Bank staff saying that my car loan has been rejected and need a guarantor to buy the Myvi car.Well, I just Google the "Car Financing Guide" from SaveMoney website stated that for those who do not have a fixed source of income, they have to get a guarantor for the loan (lenders will usually accept parents, guardians etc.

He asked what do for living and what my company do as I just answer marketer and payment related stuff.
Somehow I do understand the reason why he ask such question partly because my income isn't stable since it is different when I go to Penang for the SAP course during April, May and June since the salary is different from July.Seriously I just feel that bank won't really care whether you started to work at 2012, 2013 or 2014 as they just want to know your recent past 3 month financial background.
Moreover, it is useless to say that your EPF have RMXX,XXX because you can't take it out just to buy car.
Frankly speaking, I just can say that everyone have their own reason for doing things.Apparently I did still recall "someone" asked me why I still haven resign when I back to the company during 1st July and being "thick face to eat back old grass" in someway. Somehow I just feel that life is all about building a "backup" especially when you're in my age, 25 year old facing some sort of quarter life crisis. Over time, I admit that I always try to get approval from others and it just make yourself very tiring.
For instance, when people say that my e-commerce degree in UK Sheffield experience is useless, I try to find alternative way to build up my confidence by acquiring new skills such as the SAP certificate.
Then when people say that SAP is overrated, I try to find alternative backup like maybe becoming a Uber driver in someway. If you realize that you have enough, you are truly rich" by Lao Tzu as I suddenly recall Mr Michael Lim who teaches about Critical Thinking lesson back in Penang.
After office hour end, I received a message from the lady and finally know that I need to pay RM200 to fix her car's side mirror.

In deed it is a very good lesson for me to be more careful next time although it had left a scar in my memory forever. Anyways, she said sometimes don't need to think so much, just do only and her current new Myvi just 2 month old after her brother bang her Viva car into a scrap.
She working in the sales line for advertising and have the experience in HSBC data processing job before. From her sharing, she said that sales line is a very challenging job although you might get scold from boss for not getting any sales but you tends to learn more. Overall I really enjoyed the conversation with her from KL Sentral back to my home although the Uber fare cost around RM47 as below. What I can say that I really depend on myself to pay for this car although my brother become my guarantor.

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