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I have worked in the mortgage business for over 30 years and am a life time resident of the Illinois Quad Cities.
This entry was posted in Buying on Contract, Home Mortgage, Rent-to-Own and tagged Business, Conventional Financing, Federal Housing Administration, FHA, Investing, Investor, Payment, Professionals, Quad Cities, Real Estate, VA. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Connecticut No Cost refinance home loans are exactly what the name implies…refinance loans that do not require the borrower to pay any closing fees. It is important to note that getting a Connecticut No Cost refinance home loan does not guarantee that you will not need funds for closing.
The Brisbane rental market continues to be effected by an oversupply of rental properties and a shrinking tenant pool. Investors need to reassess their expectations with regard to rental price & start budgeting for a time vacant between tenants. Brisbane’s vacancy rate currently sits at 2.69% with an average time on market of over 30 days, being a substantial increase on the longer term averages.
We do not expect the supply side of the equation to shrink for another 12 – 18 months, as the planned construction starts to taper off. When assessing the rental market both Agents & Investors need to ensure that the property appeals to the broadest pool of tenants and is priced right. Maintaining returns is not just about maintaining rental values, it is about reducing vacancy, minimising unnecessary expenses, increasing capital growth and ensuring that all income avenues are explored including property depreciation tax benefits and water consumption reimbursements. Your Agent will be able to provide you with advice on how to attract the right tenant and maintain your overall investment returns.

At TMG The Mortgage Group in Nova Scotia, we simplify the whole process by finding the mortgage that’s right for you. We act in your best interest, assess what you can afford to borrow, do the research, shop around on your behalf, and filter through hundreds of loans and products offered by Nova Scotia mortgage lenders. It’s fast, efficient and unlike banks offering only their own mortgage products, TMG can offer an array of Nova Scotia mortgage options. An award-winning leader in residential and commercial mortgages for over 20 years, TMG has built a reputation on expertise and integrity with over 700 Mortgage Professionals across Canada. From daily mortgage interest rates, industry news, and informative introductory videos to Client Surveys that help us keep raising the bar, consider TMG your up-to-the-minute mortgage education resource. New Homes & Renovations is a consumer publication dedicated to the home building, renovating and decorating industries of Nova Scotia, Canada.
In addition to closing costs, funds are also needed for prepaid interest and to fund your new escrow account (typically for property taxes and homeowner’s insurance). The interest rate cut yesterday will continue to encourage tenants to move to home owners and for more investors to access the market. Some suburbs which are seeing new stock come on the market in volume are seeing vacancy rates of 5% or over. Whether you’re looking for a mortgage for your new home, investment property or refinancing an existing property, our team of Nova Scotia Mortgage Brokers will not only find you the best financing solutions and mortgage rates, we will take a personalised approach to your unique needs.
More choice means a better fit which means with our guidance, you can make an educated financial decision.
And in the majority of cases, we are paid by lending institutions so there’s no cost to you and no surprises. We call it our No Sweat Mortgage Guarantee and it’s a brand promise we deliver on every day.

Loan consolidation companies often don’t pay your bills, trash your credit, and then months later negotiate on your behalf.
Even if you can’t pay the whole payment, call them and ask them to lower the payment amount. Then, go through the below table which consists of basic information of various banks and the interest rates offered by them on your savings. This additional amount often can be financed into the loan amount for no out-of-pocket expense at all! Poor photography & not advertising on the right platforms add weeks to a properties time on market.
Call your lender and ask for a different payment plan if you can’t afford the monthly payment. When looking at improving your property consider what would be on your tick list if you were a tenant and prioritise the improvements. On a 10-15 year note it makes a difference when there’s a history of regular payment.
Many of them will work with you on a year-to-year basis to lower interest rates and set a payment plan that works with your income, depending on your financial situation. The forbearance has given you breathing room from due dates, but that interest keeps on ticking no matter what.

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