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Ukrainian National Federal Credit Union is a dependable source of affordable credit for its members. On all loans, members pay simple interest only on the daily unpaid balance of their loans, with no penalty for partial or full prepayment. Smart property improvements that raise the value of the home make sense for those who have a cushion. A HELOC with an interest rate around five percent that you use to get your card(s) paid off makes a lot of sense.
Moreover, even though the lender loses its secured interest in the house should it go to foreclosure, in some states, it can send debt collectors after you for the balance, and report the loss to credit agencies. Whether you’re in a buyer’s market or a seller’s market, you should feel good about the home you choose, the deal you make, and the courteous way you treated all parties to the transaction.
The interest rates on subsidized Stafford loans doubled from 3.4 percent Monday and could stay doubled unless Congress fulfills its pledge to restore lower rates when it returns from the Fourth of July holiday. Lawmakers from both parties, as well as the White House, vowed to lower that rate before students started signing loan documents this fall. Efforts to keep interest rates from doubling on new subsidized Stafford loans fell apart last week amid partisan wrangling in the Senate.
But if an agreement remains elusive, students could find themselves saddled with higher interest rates this year than last.
A $1,000 subsidized Stafford loan is part of her financial aid package and she said she’s reconsidering how she pays for school.
She — like millions of others who use federal student loans to pay for their education — has some time before she has to make that decision. But that is little consolation for students looking at unexpected costs waiting for them on graduation day if Congress doesn’t take action before it breaks again for the month of August.
Subsidized Stafford loans go to needier students and often are coupled with other types of lending.
Both political parties tried to blame the other for the hike and student groups complained the increase in interest rates would add to student loan debt that already surpasses credit card debt in this country.

Lawmakers knew for a full year the July 1 deadline was coming but were unable to strike a deal to dodge that increase.
But the looming hike lacked sufficient urgency this year and Congress last week left town for the holiday without an agreement.
At the White House, a spokesman predicted a deal could be reached before students return to campus. Even when lawmakers return, there’s no guarantee there will be the votes to restore the lower rates.
Solid increases in single-family starts, still historically low interest rates, and high buyer demand point to healthy sales of new-home construction.
Gain an appreciation for the business of new homes from the perspective of the builder and sales representative.
1 use” of home equity loans and home equity lines of credit (HELOCs), Kelly Kockos, senior vice president of home equity for Wells Fargo in San Francisco, told Bankrate. And if they lose their home, and with a bit of an ironic twist, they may be moving in with their new college grad,” Tilp told Bankrate.
But the rate now stands at 6.8 percent — higher than most loans available from private lenders.
Democratic senators and the White House both predicted a deal would be reached in Congress to bring the rates down again before students return to campus. Congress’ Joint Economic Committee estimated the cost passed to students would be about $2,600.
Subsidized Stafford loans taken before Monday are not affected by the rate hike, nor are federal PLUS, Perkins or unsubsidized Stafford loans slated for the coming year.
Instead, the Democratic-led Senate pledged to revisit the issue as soon as July 10 and retroactively restore the rates for another year — into 2014, when a third of Senate seats and all House seats are up for election. Efforts last week to reach a bipartisan agreement fizzled and there have been few examples of meaningful compromise in Congress. This one-day course provides buyer’s representatives with the product knowledge and increased confidence to make new-home construction a win-win transaction for buyer clients.

Any cancellations received less than 48 hours from class start date will be subject to a $50 cancellation fee.
Curtis Hall co-authored the ABR® course in 1993 and is a full-time real estate practitioner in Phoenix, Arizona.
If you are more than 5 minutes late to class, you will not receive credit for attending the course.
Even if a kitchen remodel or an overhaul of the front-yard landscaping ends up raising the value of your home, you won’t recoup that money until you sell.
A new front door gives your home a fresh look and helps with that all-important curb appeal, and is the one item that pays back the investment at a minimum of 100 percent year after year.
Just be sure to check with a financial professional to make sure this new loan won’t put you in a financially risky position. As such, home equity lenders can be left with nothing if a house sells for less than what’s owed on the first mortgage. The New-Home Construction and Buyer Representation course counts as one REBAC elective course to be applied towards the ABR® Designation.
This ABR® course is a real-world learning experience in which Curtis demonstrates his unique methodologies used in his own active real estate practice to differentiate his services from the competition. Curtis has sat on more than twelve local REALTOR Association and NAR committees and was awarded REALTOR of the Year by his local Association.
As a participant on several Professional Standards committees and with his expertise in all aspects of risk management, Curtis is called upon frequently by the legal community as an expert witness.

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