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What I found amusing was while Nina really thought she was on the cutting edge of sartorial style, she was really just riding the latest fashion wave that has seen the popularity of those venerable basketball shoes rise and fall multiple times since they were first produced way back in 1917. When I told her that dear old Dad used to wear Chucks when he was a kid growing up in the 1970s, she was completely amazed. I get the same reaction from younger people when I remind them that interest rates weren’t always ridiculously low.
True; if my buddy had an acceptable loan-to-value ratio he could secure a 30-year loan right now for four percent or so. If I had a nickel for every person who has complained about the pitiful interest rates that savers are currently earning, I’d be a thousandaire by now. Returns on certificates of deposit, savings accounts, and money market accounts are influenced by the US fed funds rate, which is generally influenced by the inflation rate.
As a teenager, I remember the money in my savings account earning double-digit interest rates in the early 1980s when the fed funds rate peaked at 19.1 percent in response to high inflation.
For a kid with no real financial obligations at the time, those high interest rates were a rich reward that helped reinforce the benefits of saving. While that may be considered good news for folks with savings accounts, for those looking to get a loan … not so much. I don’t believe interest rates will ever return to the levels they were during the 70s and early 80s. All of my real estate investing experience has been in this crazy market of mass foreclosures and cheap money. I still have some Savings Bonds purchased prior to June 1995 that started off at 6%, and still earn a minimum 4% to this day. I’ll be keeping these babies until they either mature or interest rates climb back up to that level, whichever happens first. I remember back in the 90s being asked by my employer to buy savings bonds as part of its annual savings bond drive, and I always passed because I thought the returns were paltry. Considering we are working on a lot of debt right now, the low interest rates are a big benefit. My point is, you won’t need to worry about refinancing (assuming you have a fixed rate loan) because inflation will reduce the real value of your remaining mortgage balance. I’m one of those folks who now expect a significant bout of high inflation down the road, so I no longer make extra principal payments to payoff my mortgage early. I moved to the States in the 70s and inflation, interest, unemployment have gone up and have come down. All this banter is premised on the assumption that cycles always repeat, which is a fallacy – circumstances can and do change to change the nature of or put and end altogether to cyclical events. I have to believe that you are correct and interest rates will increase secondary to inflation.
Given the situation with the monetization of our debt, I see inflation going waaaaaaaay up in the near future.
The anatomy of a housing bubble city – Pasadena California home prices expanded from $220,000 to $662,000 from 2000 to 2007. Your intelligent and informative articles have provided us an economics (re)education that has saved us hundreds of thousands of hard-earned $$$.

Banks have barely started to release some properties on the Werstside of Los Angeles, as we are seeing more short sales and few REOs popping up.
For instance, assuming a $50,000 income, one could currently qualify for 4.25% on a $300,000 loan with 20% down. So that debt of $240,000 on today’s purchase of a $300,000 property will be held against an asset that can be expect to fall to a value of $180,000 or less in the next 3-5 years as things return to equilibrium. I think I finally got confirmation today that the upper middleclass in the south bay is experiencing the recession. 1) a verifiable but relatively small percentage of the population has plenty of cash on hand for a home purchase.
2) there is a much bigger portion of the population trying to live like those in #1 but without substantial savings and using a combination of high income paycheck and debt. I think that SOME zip codes, at a given moment in time, are impervious to ratios and reality..
In the example you show, why does the “household income required to purchase” stay the same when the PITI drops by 30%? By clicking 'register' you are agreeing to our terms of use & giving us expressed written consent to contact you.
And when I told her none of my friends would be caught dead wearing them by the time the 80s rolled around, she couldn’t believe it.
She just couldn’t envision how the colorful canvas high-tops she was wearing would ever go out of style again. In fact, last week a friend of mine was complaining that he couldn’t refinance his 30-year mortgage to a lower rate because he was upside down. With the interest rate on my 30-year $104,000 loan a whopping 10.75 percent, my monthly principal and interest payment was $970. I have a savings account with about $2000 in it that I keep as a special quick-access emergency fund; it earned a whopping $16 in interest last year. I remember when I was looking to buy my first house, I was literally tracking interest rates daily, hoping that they wouldn’t price me out of the market. My grocery bill is proof — and that’s despite manufacturers shrinking package sizes to try and keep the illusion of stable prices! I’m expecting the fed funds rate will be closer to 5% within 24 months and 7% by the end of 2015, Dr. I’m hoping they stay down for another few years to allow us to right our debt and refinance our mortgage one more time before they go too high! I figure why pay my mortgage with more valuable dollars today when I can pay it with much cheaper money down the road?
I talk to a lot of people who make financials decisions today with the assumption that interest rates will be low from now until the day they die. We need to talk to Senate leader Harry Reid (D-Nevada) — he has stopped almost every bill that has originated in the House of Representatives since 2010 from even going to the Senate floor for a vote.
But again, I doubt the median price was 3 times the median income for many cities in CA in the last 40 years. Perhaps, it is the beginning of some property liquidation, as the banks realize the market isn’t coming back.

I’ve been looking to buy in CA, San Fernando Valley but prices on decent properties are still high. Not only should you check lenders for their current interest rate, but you also need to get a good faith estimate of their costs and understand their services to factor into the cost of borrowing from that lender. Finally, if you're ever unhappy with us, or your circumstances change, you can cancel our agreement. If you had told me that I could have had a 30-year loan for 5.5 percent way back then, I would have felt like I had just won the lottery.
I would be making no long-term bets or lock up money in bonds based on low interest rates 5 or 10 years into the future. I saw that house listing that you featured and thought it was an odd price for a bank-owned property. Rents went up too, but they are beginning to go down off as unemployment reduces the amount of people looking to move into the area. I couldn’t have asked for a better Realtor, they answered my countless questions with honesty.
It also forced me to agonize on this tough decision: Whether to lock in my rate, or gamble and hope interest rates would drop before the deal closed, thereby saving me money on my monthly payments.
Ignore what is going on in our country and assume the cycle will simply keep going at your own peril. Looking at Pasadena and adjacent cities, I see such wildly divergent pricing it really gives the impression of a market under stress and ready to give at any moment. Sooner or later, the banks’ hand will be forced, as more and more people stop paying their mortgage to live rent free. People will be given modified interest only loans to keep the banks books clean and people will not mind because the loan mod is cheaper than rent. But as has been seen over the past few years the jobs that have come back primarily have been low wage. Please discuss current bubble status in this area and what to expect in the next few months and next year. However, that item assumed to be true, it is not enough to sustain entire regions and cities, and when you look at income based buys, must be a drop in the cards.
I think this article, particularly Len Penzo is a bit biased and to his own fault wildly optimistic, I would have said it 2 years ago and I am saying it now. Yes the Dr is right that prices will correct in the upper middle class areas but not in this decade. Until this country learns how to pass legislation and move the majority of its citizens forward instead of only being concerned with what they need to say to get elected and stay in office.

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